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Lost In A Book

On February 19, 2016, in Alpha Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Conceive a new personality while maintaining the parallelism between spiritual movements and the way in which you relate to the hypotheses of forecasting a long journey along the "acceptable."

I had lost in the context of an endless prose. I wanted to get away as fast as possible from the gap of concealments filled with the traces of questions that even to this day seek their answers, from all that is overcome by diminishing the certainty induced by a significant and imagined "Lost in a book". One which the habits of the mind, trapped in the fear of losing themselves in the bustle of everyday life, led me to more carefully observe my actions, because there was a likelihood to doubt them.

Putting my imagination to work, in a suggestive sphere called "awakening", whose wave surface was the reflection in the mirror of social dynamics, I could’ve somehow compensated the lack of insight in identifying passages that constituted indirect means of exposing ideas estranged to me. Conversely, I risked becoming a sort of Don Quixote battling windmills, against the toppling of subjective preferences related to what is called survival through culture.

With each interruption of the rhythm dictated by the voice of the mind among the book’s lines, poorly highlighted by reflections and urges, that I couldn’t see any help in orientation within them, I was getting more and more deep into a fictitious existence with intrigues and twists. A dagger full of doubt seemed to stick into the middle of the acceptable. A rush of unfamiliar landmarks would fill my imagination. I was the owner of the book, and I was also its main character. Did anyone read this book?

The words transforming themselves into an effect of multiplication of meanings from which my mind alight, easily concocting various images, ensured the clamping effect in the magnetic flux of varieties of the reproductive-applicative type. The stake was the change of the way of calculating a new profile of a writer through the interaction of two fields: one of inducing the state of boundlessness, the other of determining the effect of totality.

Leadership: Can you create a new profile through the interaction of two fields: one of inducing a state of boundlessness and the other of determining the effect of totality?

Continuing on the line of a thinking that cannot be content with the facultative, so one resulting in the idea of integrating into an area of extended knowledge, we can follow the acceptances of a particularity of content of the personality which, being subjected to certain imaginings and revelations, seems to be born for a second time.

This type of personality is conceived through the parallelism between spiritual movements and the way in which it relates to the hypotheses of forecasting a long journey along a territory called the "acceptable." This territory separates the fact of being the subject of a book of fiction of the chance to be the hero of escaping from it, with the conscience of not being affected by the vulnerabilities of a subjectivity that can easily get out of control.

Regarding leadership, the issue alleged by the instances of an acceptable that eliminates the doubts of a world without perspectives relates, in the chapter of a creation that denotes another possible reality, to the dimension of crystalizing a false personal profile, but one that is much more performant. It is the case of writers who insert their presence in their own work, through a key character, to facilitate a type of experience and communication that cannot be experienced in real life.

To make yourself a rare picture of a story you must first compare the acceptability of using a false identity by trying to escape the real world, with the traits of a character drawing its essence from the memory of a real-life experience.

This type of approach, through the content of a work that points out the unwritten facts in the context of the dimension of a new profile, is based on an a priori function of knowledge, on the one hand. And, on the other hand, on the contrast between the expansion of a consciousness found in a continuous discovery of the real and the expansion of those states that are tangible after ascension, determining the effect of totality.

The state of boundlessness is reached when you feel that you can act as an authority on determining a new transmissible horizon of references, when you have all the funds at your disposal from the discovering of authenticity, all the answers to the question "Who am I through someone else?", and in this way, you manage to be yourself.

Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell discovered electromagnetic waves and light pressure, mathematically formulating the laws of electricity. He came to formulate various hypotheses not because his predictions were based on known structures, but because he treated the ideas as being fantasies.

The mind of the genius, as an upside-down pyramid, is based on the presence of a whole from which you understand nothing, but from which always arise integral solutions to an absurd, but probable, mathematic.

Leadership has to simultaneously cope with the requirements of a double subordination: to be a leading thread of a creation that amazes the whole world through its very theme and to remain faithful to that inner calling that has constantly urged you to face reality by rethinking subjectivity from the perspective of its temporal dimension.

Lost In A Book is the living presence through an unknown medium from which is revived an abstract prototype, a unique personality.

If the world is headed towards an unpredictable that never ceases to come up with new offers, through the indications given by the restrictions of a so-called acting in series of the puzzles born from the lines of books that demand their right to base new broad horizons of knowledge, then enlightened minds are left with nothing else to do than complete them with new creations.


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