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No Old Suffering In Twilights

On January 06, 2017
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop a strong feature of objectivizing existence, creating a new position for your old feelings and attitudes that can be redeployed at any time.

I was a bit mad, with an addiction for the things that were close to me as an experience and as a breakthrough as a discovery, in a solid loyalty only to the suggestions of meaning for which I really deserve to sell my soul. What remained for me to dilate in this reality was, in a symbolic form, an extension of the lucid dream that called me back to myself, at the time I wasted by not knowing who I belong to, to the joys I did not experience around everyone. Requirements for the development of imaginary deceits, which later became haunting.

Existence is the symbolic form of a reality that you cannot manipulate, or rather it is the attempt to manipulate a reality that has become a symbol through the way you represent your being as a Creator. And a narrator who is part of a wider reality, relying on the form of an egocentric attitude, can himself become the symbol of a new philosophy about the world and life in an attempt to manipulate the way of reality to declare itself “more real” than the world fabricated in the work of art.

And as many times I tried to convince myself that I do not need myself, so many times I tried to give a blow to the fate full of "if" and "maybe if it was not so", with all my opposition for all surprises of the unreal which struggle to capture, in a weather good only for twilights, from the distant heavens, only the bonuses of detachment from similar or different situations.

Measurements of the magnetic field of my brain, made with precision still untouched, showed a strong concentration of subjectivity in the sense of aspirations for returning to what matters, to what is authentic and true. Only in this way could I foresee the meaning of a self-experience related to the reality of an indefinite individuality, that is, through a direct or indirect connection with the feelings and turmoil of a world that is too ambiguous to be understood by ordinary minds.

Leadership: Are you ready to run away from a reality that you know and experience, but that you want to interpret differently through the prism of a superior understanding attributed to the symbols from which you can fabricate a different identity and a different consciousness?

And what I understood about myself in the world of my own consciousness is exactly what writer Aldous Huxley finds about himself in one of his novels: “Suddenly, I felt that things were going too far. Too far, even if I was entering an even more intense beauty, with an even deeper meaning. Looking back and analyzing, I was afraid of being overwhelmed, of not disintegrating under the pressure of a greater reality than an ordinary mind could bear to live more and more in the comfortable world of symbols.”

Often a higher understanding is generated within the cause of confusion and not from outside. And when destiny applies to the man a low visibility, then a temporarily rescuing from the routine of the faith that comes from an error of one’s own conscience, by falsifying the reality produced around a detachment of the self, only then he raises the wings of unspoken thoughts and flies into a new trailer: "I want to save myself from abolition ! "

He does not escape into the heavens of an inner beginning of life, only retrospectively, but begins to bear new realities in the universe that is not anti-human, anti-himself. As you can easily guess, I am under pressure of not being able to adjust to the characters and appearances of this world, but only to the simplest feelings resulting from the experience of telling a story without black and white, without heroes. A story with many mirrors, with many facets, of which only one is my life, on another level of perception of things.

Leadership: Can you engage in changing the reality from which your words absorb their lives, without performing several repetitions of your previous states and experiences?

And I had so much to learn from the story of the old husband who, nervous and eternally concerned with personal wealth, changed his will every week. At one point, he stumbled and drowned in the hot water pool in his room before anyone could see or help him.

What matters for making change, accessible not only to those virtuous but also to those who experience the mysterious nuances of the feeling of kneading, life-consuming, is the very recognition that you are leading a "colossal struggle" that exceeds your powers.

The struggle that tests you, from the primitive tones of the habit of staying loyal to self-loss, to the refined compliment of creating new states of motivation, in the phase of full reflection on existence, is precisely the extraordinary tool of definition and creation of a new position to old feelings and attitudes that can be redeployed at any time.

The reality from which your words suck their life is the struggle you lead in search of a new idea for yourself, wrapped in a canvas of “spectacular” with the feeling of a story that invites reflection on free will, or on the freedom to be anyone you want.

On the other hand, a reality manifested as a stringent necessity of reformulating a unique and all-encompassing conception of what it means to seek a new idea to yourself – which facilitates an extension of the meaning of "identity", is necessary for the purpose of differentiating those phenomena that at the level of self-acceptance have the potential to become the main ones in your sphere of existence.

Within the great container of leadership are produced the individuals who have realized, ever since the first attempt at overcoming existential turmoil, that it does not matter how you perceive glancing back over destiny: "maybe if it was not so". But rather the way you can interpret and respond to all your previous, memorized and updated events. Do you stay loyal to them?

Leadership is the fidelity you owe to the other YOU in a creation whose reality does not belong to one, but to all.

No Old Suffering in Twilights highlights that self-improvement caused by old spiritual manifestations, inscribed between shortcomings, which is based on a fullness of all that is good and positive even in the face of a hostile destiny.

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