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Ordinary World (II)

On November 04, 2017
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to accept yourself from the perspective of an abstract force, in the way that the possibility of seeing a new face of reality becomes possible.

My life seemed to follow a mysterious internal scenario, an isolation from the rest of the world, an effect of the moment of illusionism that made sense only in the closed world where the trajectory of an imaginary story inhabits the little history of an arrow that nothing and no one can stop.

A connection with the closest relation between the definition of my superior power as being decisive, the struggle for an exceptional achievement and the aesthetic experience of the sublime, necessarily implies a value of "sacred fire" that God has transmitted from His Heart to mine.

I understood all too well the challenge emanating from the sublime demonstration of faith, the exemplarity of a life lived in honor of a magic circle from a world of magicians, a clear symptom of an isolation that betrays the condition of human being in the consciousness of a higher and wider reality, which must only be deciphered.

The apparent impossibility I have penetrated through the demands of a compromise with the sky that often opens its abundance of powers and zeal, a combination of psychology, art and faith equating to a view of nowhere, abstract and embedded in a spiritual science, in the unity between idea and image, it was just a matter of fact: "I’ve been waiting for you ! " Of course, in prolonging the melancholy of an intense, but unreciprocated love.

What contributes to confirming your divine essence is the passing moment of the present you experience in a world that exists only in the imaginary plane, but with an impact on reality.

When you suddenly wake up seduced by the unbelievable wonders gathered by the most unpredictable thoughts and feelings in a single stone trunk of the crypts specially arranged in the depth of an immaculate exigency to the holy ones, only betting on a playlist of the proposed music for a mood of due solemnity , you are thinking of Aladdin and the enchanted lamp, or the sheikh of an all-powerful Arabian tribe, completely different from the original stories.

I felt I could intelligently co-ordinate everything through a virtual reality from which I could only escape by crushing what was simply brilliant.

A movement on the trajectory of a sacred geometry. I was rather programmed to endure it with stoicism in a setting intimidatingly called "the presence of God", against the laws accepted by the condition of analyzing a work of symbolic art, called the creative mood, a transfer of thoughts full of nuances, sometimes absurd, between Tolstoy or Faulkner.

For beyond what seemed to me to be my work, besides those of the sympathetic magic arsenal, the desolate tendency to conceal the truths of the phenomenon was forming: "Chill, is it something real."

Leadership: Can you show off the authenticity you are experiencing when you are in a position to accept a narrative challenge whose referential plan is symbolized by an unseen mystery?

By comparison, I felt like an instance of an executed program of another special generic unit, usually called a wake-up, but one prepared beforehand and mixed with the reflex of a reduction from more to less, like in a mirror labyrinth which masks the output of an unused logical gate: Pars Pro Toto.

The effort to understand my purpose, to build and model myself, to evolve and define myself, was deduced from the desire to towards things hidden that are delegated through the eyes of a future without a past, the significance given to the representation of an invisible presence constituted as a whole, based on imagination.

Romanian literary critic, Ion Negoițescu, tried to understand the mystery of the profoundly revolutionary change in the way of thinking, feeling, and life of the divine man, referring to Dostoevsky’s horizon:

"Why does Prince Mishkin feel alien to existence? Because he is constantly confronted with the problematic nature of existence. The epileptic enlightenment does not belong to either psychology or mystical ecstasy, but to confronting the void. But everywhere, here, psychology cancels itself out, for the feelings and actions answer to what mathematicians call a point of escape.

Like Mitia Karamazov, like Raskolnikov, he must always respond to something tied to a mysterious "beyond", something from beyond a gulf that man can not traverse. Mishkin does not symbolize Christ, but somehow announces Him, his words and deeds hinting indescribably towards the meaning of existence, towards the divine."

To acknowledge the limits of having a purpose in a divine order means to always answer to something tied to a mysterious "beyond" the edges of a gulf you cannot traverse.

If I wanted to be prepared for a situation of being as consciousness registers, no matter how exalted I was in the face of trying to connect to the Divine Source, to eliminate the negative aspects of thoughts, deeds, actions, I had to expect the risk of confrontation with nothingness, the pain of knowing myself far away from myself, my soul feeling the need to reflect in a result of inadequacy in the direction of a destiny devoid of brilliance.

Still I can’t escape the ghost of who I am and who I used to be to a great extent of God’s intervention.

The final decision that basically involves choosing an alternative to exploiting your own autonomy from several possible alternatives in terms of how to fulfill a commitment to something greater than yourself can be seen through the perspective of what you become when you feel that you are in the presence of a Higher Authority, before which you are responsible.

This decision gives coherence to a mind that thinks in the rhythm of a perceived world from the height of the view of an almost fantastic journey, initiative in an imaginary of ascension and one of descent, synonymous with a path to the edges of the horizon surrounded by an endless abyss. A horizon called "Faith" and a gulf called Waiting."

To listen to the guidance of life engaging in a dialogue with God means to collect the pieces of a true puzzle, until you come face to face with a reality you would not have had the courage to recognize before.

Ordinary World is a life without victories. The greatest victory you can make in this world has as its main feature the power of removal from a certain context of your existence by untangling or breaking the link with everything that is measurable and predictable in order to shape a new relationship with a new reality.

* Note: Duran Duran - Ordinary World

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