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The Distance In The Eyes That Seek Closeness

On August 28, 2021
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To outline a vision for yourself is to support a cross-perception: of a falsely perceived event, with the truth that you will only come to know later.

A dot appears in front of my eyes in the distance. It is a man at sea, of which I can’t tell if he’s swimming or drowning. And as I do not notice any lifeguard or any lifeboat, I would say that the most appropriate and wisest thing is for the man to move his arms and legs, otherwise no prayer will bring him back to shore. Unless he intends to swim to Bulgaria. You never know…

The intelligible character that this observation can have cannot deprive it at all of the following truth: when you look closely at what is happening around you, you realize that everything manifests as a whole, and the whole itself can be the prerogative of a single individual.

Wilhelm Hauff said it well, it is easier to write about what you see, than to imagine an interesting fact that you can then integrate into a story. But Wilhelm Hauff did not write about art, nor the sea.

For to speak of art and the sea means to capture their common element, the organic matter from which everything is born: the idea of infinity and the relation to destiny, by virtue of reality. Everything is matter in infinity, especially when we talk about the birth of a reality that involves relating to an idea entered the artistic field, by virtue of a vision plan that reveals a unique destiny.

For any destiny belongs, first of all to a symbolic framework, and in the other case to the whole figure. At other times, in art you have to capture the totality of the real by a corresponding modification of the particularity that an imaginary representation gives.

Leadership: Could your vision invite a clear perception of a causal relationship if it possessed a degree of coherence superior to reality?

When man reaches the sea, either swimming or being pushed by the sea currents, he is governed by the need to be in the center of attention, precisely in order to be saved in case of danger. It is no longer an ordinary element, but a very important fact. It is no longer a silent and contextual language, but a body of persuasion that almost ostentatiously reveals its presence.

In art, this can be translated as follows: where there is an empty space, nature fills it. Where we notice only the visible part of an action without perspective, the very deep expression of a great expectation suddenly appears. An excessive expectation, in nothing at all. This explains the fact that when we talk about causality, we are talking about a reality that cannot simply be stopped, but a reality that can transform man from any kind of circumstances.

So, in this case, we could have two parallel, intertwined lives trapped in each other: a professional swimmer and a man on the verge of drowning. We can also have two equivalent environments: an environment of courage in the fight against water, or an environment of despair and desolation. It depends on your claim to turn a relative into an absolute, which has a significant share in art.

Suddenly, an event becomes significant because deep at sea the “individual” who is becoming more and more noticeable, predominates by eluding everything that is vast and unlimited. So, in art, the surprising element is given by that point which becomes much more important than the whole. The finite becomes more important than the infinite.

Immediately, if you want to call yourself an artist, you have to find a way to symbolize one through the other.

And if you want to understand leadership through the prism of art, you need to develop a vision that contributes to a deeper understanding of a situation for which there is no spontaneous interest.

The Distance In The Eyes That Seek Closeness refers to that measure of sight that you usually expect from an artist who can approach any dimension of creation, merging the elements that animate the being, poetry and photography. Through this way of seeing, he has the possibility to look beyond matter, of what is believed to be “banality”, highlighting a new form of expression – artistic creation.

Or, as the writer Mircea Opriță rightly said, for this you have to discover new meanings of the vague fragments of reality, with a consistency almost painfully denied by the fact that nothing is linked in a complete image or in a series of coherent representations.

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