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The DNA Of Your Leadership

On March 14, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Concentrate your attention to your own character structure for keeping in safe your own system of values ​​and aspirations.

There was no danger than the evil which he caused by himself. When he realized this, Kevin Lomax was about to resign in the posture of a man tempted in every way. He was the main culprit of his moral and spiritual decay. He knew he was not able to master a situation in that he was in. The impact of sudden changes that he had suffered was so deeply, that he had no time to react in any way. Problems undermined his will to meet the challenges of his work and forced him to give up his personal life.

All he knew, was different now, all he felt, was questioned. Not everyday things, but important things, like the raison d'être. It was strange, how he had left himself so easily involved in the various complications of these people who ran the company that hired him. He felt like a mouse caught in a race with no chance of escape, in the race full of challenges and dangers that John Milton, the manager of the company, by himself, framed him. The interaction between the two realities - his, and Milton’s, was harder to bear.

Although, the confidence in his own mind was shaken, Kevin still had a deep vision on his own "ego", which was the center of his existence. He was at the crossroads between two realities: one was of Milton’s and his associates, the other, was his one. He had to free all by himself, and as quickly from the bondage imposed on him, he had to separate with all that was connected with them, by using his own internal mechanism of "self-defense".

Leadership: In order to weigh your Ego, do you have to experience the fact that yes, you can bear the consequences without suffering because of a leap forward for which you haven’t taken responsibility beforehand?

Can you walk on high wire? If you remember the movie "The Devil's Advocate (1997) " then you know that the dropping of Kevin Lomax from the clutches of "evil" was due to his skill of understanding and overcoming all forms of coercion of Milton, who wanted at all costs to induce him to give up his values based on a solid foundation and to adopt his own rules of action or thinking.

Your power of leading starts and ends with what you think about yourself, and it is conditioned on how you approach and control the influence of others. Trying to fight with foreign influences, it is like walking on the high wire. If you have doubts about yourself, you can always unbalance both physically and emotionally, and to decay, first, in front of your own self, and of the principles by which you have guided your life. The "command line" that guides your leadership development will shrink so much, will become so fragile if you do not weigh well your forces and balance, that you will sabotage by yourself and will fail.

To suffer because of a leap forward for which you haven’t taken responsibility beforehand actually involves acknowledging that you are an easy-to-manipulate person who, even if advancing toward a lofty goal desired by others, is not able to support himself as he should, and is unable to resist and completely clear his mind of foreign thoughts. Just as the human body has a defense mechanism against bacteria, so you must have a defense mechanism, well-formed, against the leadership based on a "dirty" ethic of those with corrupt interests.

Leadership is the result of an Ego devoid of plurality that does not jeopardize the status quo of man, taking into account the fact that what man is already in himself arises in his soul before he can be detached from his master.

The DNA Of Leadership emphasizes your ability to support your „internal” progress. It is the cornerstone that supports your moral and spiritual progress. As a leader, you will always have to fight with a negative force that can push you back, or if you know how to approach it, and if you get to master it, can push you forward.

Conclusion: It depends on your DNA, that is your personality structure to permanently maintain your inner balance, and to comply with external challenges and negative influences of others that want you as an instrument easy to handle in order to achieve illegally benefits. In leadership, any oscillation, any deviation from the normal accepted by society, at some point has adverse consequences.

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