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The Harsh Law Of The Elders (II)

On January 04, 2013, in Leadership Laws, by Neculai Fantanaru

Find the right way to express your winning attitude without losing your sense of finitude.

Almost everything changes and disappears in this fierce storm at the crossroads of time. Only one person remains, always at the same point, in all the actions that he carries out, and with all the beliefs that he has: Tom Bell. And the assassin, Anton Chigurh, continues to kill and is not to be found.

The whole world seems to be collapsing, it is clear that life in those places meant more and more a fast way towards death. Bell remains, and consistently continues to draw new horizons to his ambition. Only he, due to his refined responsible attitude and his bravery to be entirely worthy of his call, of his job, seems to gets along with his destiny.

He was always clinging to another chimera, to a new very fine thread of hope. He does not want to quit. An infinite shudder crosses his being. He was whipping his demon more and more to remind him about his purpose, to give the necessary impetus for victory. However, he could not catch Chigurh; he is always left behind, more and more behind him.

The old age does not pull the faith from him, like tearing from the calendar the sheet of the passed day; on the contrary, strengthens his goals, and hardens his will to achieve them. But until when? Until the demon by itself will favor to leave his body.

As if out of respect for his immense will, the fate threw him, but out of pity, a bait, one clue - and that one confusing, but just to separate him further from the true reality. The reality, which barely in the end, he fully accepted it. Defeat. Recognition of helplessness. Abandoning the false identity. The death of the hero inside him. Returning to that universal value: the measure.

"I always knew you must be willing to die to do your duty. However, I do not want to risk anymore, and to meet something I do not understand. I am overwhelmed. "

Leadership: Is it time to free yourself from your opponent by defining a test variable to represent you in a realistic picture of yourself?

The French writer, Anatole France, pulled a warning signal for today's and tomorrow's leaders: "The elders hold too much on their ideas. Therefore, the natives from Fiji Islands kill their parents as they get older. In this way, they facilitate the course of evolution."

Do you have the wisdom to take the decision of renunciation? Can you restrain your impulses and excesses, or you continue to whip the devil within you to achieve the impossible? Are you feeding with the illusion that you could go back to the status of a hero that you were? How do you assess your progress - by sorrows and disappointments that are racing around you?

The opponent within you is the illusion of achieving a success that will strengthen your authority when you are past your prime. The evolve does not mean to devalue your identity through a boundless enthusiasm towards the sensational successes. But, it means to rediscover yourself, to really open up towards change, to be wiser. A road that has its purpose, even if this means abandoning all the others. The road of withdrawal, the acceptance of truth: "I do not wanna risk anymore, and to meet something I do not understand. I am overwhelmed."

Even retreat is a virtue. And as a variable of testing the reasoning that stands behind the real motive of avoiding action with negative consequences, restraint becomes a sort of identifier of your own resources to stay on the world stage or in the backstage. Retreating is the free expression of the truth that frees you from any pressure, from any hesitation, from any psychic pressure that can force you worse into the terrible things that would happen to you before.

Leadership is a well-deserved retreat from the superior world of the absolute ideal, from which you gain the image of your own physical and moral constitution.

Leadership: What happens when you shoot a few bullets in your own image?

Paraphrasing a famous writer, to keep yourself hanging by the illusion of perfection, through a forced tension of your potential is like you shoot a few bullets in your own image reflected in the mirror: in this case it disappears only the threatening image, but not your opponent, who continues to lie in wait within you.

The seductive momentum towards the new heights, all your impulses towards the actions that apparently lead to success, but actually narrow or amplify the horizon up to the absurd, preventing your steps, outlines that reflection opposite to the true direction that you must follow. That mirror reflection, which may contrast with your personality if you were not what you have already accepted to become - a slave of the "demon".

The factor that helps you to prevent an eventual wandering – that fine disconnection from the reality, the element that comes to essentially define your identity, is the control, the temperance of the demon within you, this triumph over your own limits.

Confront the demon within you, without keeping yourself anchored in the illusion of the evolution that he persistently imposes to you. In leadership, the winning attitude sometimes occurs through a retreat from the "hallway of champions" to make way for honor and self-esteem to place itself on the pedestal of triumph.

The image you take in a phase of life seen from the perspective of fatality suggests your desire to escape from reality and to take refuge in a world that is constantly trying to make you become someone more than you are capable of being.

The Harsh Law Of The Elders can be enunciated as follows: "Find the right way to express your winning attitude without losing your sense of finesse."

* Note: "No Country for Old Men (2007)"


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