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The Hour Of The Last Sin

On August 23, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Open your own way to performance and success, without disconnecting your protective field against negative influences.

John Milton. Aware that his law firm „Milton, Chadwick & Waters” could not develop if they will not develop the leaders within it, decided to find a "successor". And, the most appropriate, the most able to take a position so high in this top company was Kevin Lomax - a very ambitious young man.

Milton instructs Kevin, teaches him all the ins and outs of the lawyer’s profession, by helping understand the necessary changes that he needs to do in order to achieve the expected high performance.

In spite of that, Kevin in the new ring that he was spinning, no longer felt safe. Although he seemed to move more and more from the professional point of view, emotionally, he fell increasingly. He has disjoined of his conscience, of those solid principles which fall within the perceptions about him and people around him, about life and reality.

A change has produced within him. Nobody could comprehend his tenseness that almost exhausted and separated him from the old beliefs and attitudes. He fought with an unseen force, and did not want to give up. For, he expected more from himself.

Can you remember the movie "The Devil's Advocate (1997)"? Kevin refused to get inside „the devil” and decided to follow the call of the heart, to return to his true values ​​and beliefs. He did not want to have on with all the dirty and devilish things. That meant his release from his own incarceration.

Leadership: Do you fulfill the attributions of fully depicting the dependence between the discontinuity that characterizes the phenomenon of expansion of the inclination towards diligence and the intensity of the phenomenon called “spiritual transfiguration”?

A diligence worthy of a good cause passed through the filter of adhering to the most realistic version of the role you are forced to deploy in the closed space of the necessity of affirming yourself. How? By appealing to the facts which fall within the criteria of good and evil, building only what can endure, creating only for pleasure, the pleasure of going beyond self-imposed borders.

The need to assert yourself is often a confined space because it is carried out only under outside supervision, within the terms of giving the guarantee of performance in an account meant for someone else.

Everything is permissible for the good ones, less the sin. Sin is the act that alienates you from your own clear conscience, that conscience fighting for something noble, which is based on truth and honesty that feels, thinks and defend yourself in whatever you do. If you do not listen to your inner voice, you will never find peace of heart, you will sink into the sin to change yourself to the will of others.

The phenomenon of spiritual transfiguration is applied in the case of overcoming yourself, when you give up on conforming to rules that do not characterize you, imposed by a rigid authority in what regards your efforts of building the foundations of a fulfilled life.

Thinking and sensitivity to what’s happening to you must always be in a waking state. They are called upon to embody THE NEW MAN as perfectly as possible only if they are adapted to a new concept of your role in the world – which forces you to always be more evolved than others in terms of the costs you are willing to endure in the case of a loss of faith.

Leadership: Are you witness of your own patient's suicide?

If you do not start from the consideration that your moral and spiritual health is the most important pawn in the prevention and controlling the landslides to the bleak zone of leadership that someone may attract you, it means that you are a nature that cannot impose itself, a being that is easy to separate from the values ​​that he had built his life, from the values ​​which opened his own way to performance and success.

Your inner structure is the one that makes the difference between "light and darkness" between sin and virtue. Your self is like a patient of whom you need to take good care, but that first of all you must understand and accept him as a friend. Then, you must maintain your stability, and prevent him from slipping into that infectious disease, which is called "negative influence" which is transmitted mainly by the emotional and rational way, which is contrary to ethics and morals but, which brings prosperity for the present.

To obey a negative influence is to be witness to your own patient’s suicide – your self. If your inner potential is "infected" of the excess of negative influence of others, you will destabilize your values that ​​guide your path in life. In leadership, all it increases and diminishes depending on your tolerance to the influence of others.

Deliverance from the bondage of sin resembles the deliverance from the willful imprisonment in which you have been cast almost despairingly: first, you choose an inevitable destiny living the experience of noncompliance, then you find your point in the world anticipating the need for a change of heart.

The hour of the last sin designates the moment when you decided to get away from your true values ​​and beliefs, when you stubbornly deny your essence and transform yourself into someone else, at the urging and insistence of others. The biggest sin you can do as a future leader, is to accept deliberately those negative influences by those who put themselves in the service of petty and obscure purposes.

Just as the blood, that although you do not feel it, is all for you, because of it you can live and breathe - so your inner essence, even if you do not feel it, is all for you, because of it you can increase or diminish your protecting field against negative influences.

Conclusion: There will always be people who are not driven by the best intentions, people who want to obtain only material benefits regardless of the paths followed. They use all means to attract by their side the ones weak in character, whose beliefs are not fixed, namely those who have not activated their "protective field".

Create a field that protects you against negative influences which you will not disable at any price, even if around you are acting people driven by the apparent good intentions. Remember that hell is also paved with good intentions...


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