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The Journey Beyond You

On March 15, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to have control over the future, not putting into question your sense of orientation.

He no longer expected help from nowhere, knew that nobody could not extend a hand to him, that he had no relatives or friends or strangers, as if he was condemned to be alone. Between him and the other ones was an empty litter. It did not sound like reconciliation with fate; it was just accepting the situation as it was.

It was following to pave the way for a new life; he could not be filled with a thrill over this important step. He felt that had a little choice. The perspective overwhelmed and thrilled him. He had never been so isolated from others until then, and had never been confronted with unknown things. However, he should discover on his own all aspects of his future.

There was no landmark, nothing to help him find the way to his great dream: the one to fly in space. He was living in an unknown present, and full of pitfalls, but in a way that aroused emotion, not in one to make him feel threatened in any way. However, his instinct, on which he relied so much, cautioned him to be prudent.

Leadership: Do the disadvantages that disarm you when you try to enter a success story give you the opportunity to express your soul in a unique and spectacular way, to do things that you thought were unattainable?

If you watched the movie „Gattaca (1997) ” perhaps you remember about Vincent Freeman whose travel, slow and sinuous, to fulfill dreams helped him find himself. Despite his disability, he realized that he was much better than all the other aspiring for space flight. At the end of the movie, Vincent confessed with great faith: “I was as good as any and better than most.“

Someone said: “Before becoming a great man, you must first become a man.” That is, before becoming a man of value, learn to find you, to find the best in you, especially your ability to take risks and responsibilities. Trust in yourself comes from the total trust in what you think you are that is fueled by beliefs root-bound in the subconscious.

To express your soul in a unique and spectacular way means not to question what is fundamental to you: the way you feel in the presence of a vision that Divine Providence has inspired in you.

In the depths of the mind of Vincent, there was the idea that he must succeed, even if he was gaining momentum in an unknown direction. He had not a clear picture of what he will find in his journey. However, somehow he managed to find what he wanted. His success was due to his skill to overcome difficulties, and to make things to spin at his will. He challenged the ability to act together and in harmony with all his resources to create a future for him. He created opportunities by himself of that he had absolute need to succeed. He learned to have control over the future, not putting into question his sense of orientation.

If you want to head to your highest point of perfection as a leader, you must first put to the test your ability to control your own destiny with absolute confidence in the future. This is the ultimate test that the great leaders of all time, from Hannibal to Napoleon Bonaparte and to Bill Gates, have had in the past. This journey that has the effect of recognizing your own abilities, it is the foundation on which is based your future. It represents a big step toward maturity. How can you lead others, if you do not know, which is the best way that you should follow by yourself?

Vision is what comes to you in the form of chance, in relation to an image of the perfection that you build in relation to Providence.

Journey Beyond You designates the passage to the highest level of self-improvement. It is the only way by which you can recognize the value of your own individuality, and your own ability to promote yourself, in time, in the midst of “elite” Remember what I said in the last article: You may fell by yourself, or you may ascend by yourself” What do you choose?

If you are familiar with Nikon Coolpix P7000 camera, then you should know that you can set Auto-ISO to a maximum value, only by adjusting manually the white balance by using the color temperature.

Similarly, it is with your ability to control future. You have to set the guidance system to your chosen destination, adjusting your balance of confidence and ambition through your personal beliefs and values that determines your performance. Moreover, just as someone stated on a blog on the Internet, it is important to realize and accept that to achieve far-reaching plans it takes determination, patience and concentration of creative potential in the respective direction.

Conclusion: Journey beyond you it is actually the way to self-improvement of every human, especially a leader. The desire and the consistently operation towards continuous improvement and achieving the proposed goals, represents a modality of detaining control over your future. You must have permanent confidence in your forces, to persevere, to fight for your future, and especially do not ever give up. This thing will allow you to occupy a leading position in the scale of values.

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