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The Law Of Safe Shelter

On March 05, 2011, in Leadership Laws, by Neculai Fantanaru

The one who does not develop the sense of congruence in people's consciousness, will never find a well protected shelter in their hearts.

I always associate the concept of leadership to life events or situations, to some stories or characters, moments, actions or experiences once lived by other people. Hence it is that, wanting to expand my knowledge and understanding of what it means to be a leader, I reread yesterday the biography of the famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde, whose works traveled around the world.

Wilde was a much respected person in the high society, a person whose influence was exerted on all those whom he came in contact with, winning their sympathy with his fine manners and his elegant personality. His works have been admired, he won many literary awards. At the age of 30, he became so popular, that all the London circles had heard the name "Wilde". People's attitude toward him was very positive, so he got to call himself "The king of life" or "The symbol of arts and culture of his time".

But the genius who boasted his own ingenuity finally loses his fortune and reputation. Accused of immorality, "The king of life" has fallen into disgrace as easily as he previously won everybody's sympathy. Success provoked him too much, the inner joy he felt while fulfilling his desires one by one, increasingly pushed him to the bottom of the abyss. Because of his exaggerated individualism and selfishness, which he displayed more and more often, people got away from him more and more.

During his imprisonment, Wilde gave birth to his last creation, "De profundis" (The voice deep within), in which he recognized, tormented by a vicious inner war: "Tired of being on the heights, I deliberately went to the depths in the search for new sensations. I grew careless regarding the lives of others. I took pleasure where it pleased me, and passed on. I was no longer the captain of my soul; I allowed pleasure to dominate me. I ended in horrible disgrace."

Deficient leadership is very similar to a large, one storey house, but where the sun doesn't penetrate more than a few times a year, and only two human beings live in it: you and yourself. It's like you were in an isolated land, at night, thrown away from the world.

Quality leadership isn't a house with a single tenant. Success or failure largely depends on your ability to build strong relationships with others and maintain them well-conditioned. Quality leadership means to host others in your soul, to project into their consciousness a feeling of perfect fit for you, at your turn, to find a well-protected shelter in their soul. Only the warm friendship that binds you to other people will give value to your leadership.

Leadership: Do you manifest yourself as an echo that spreads a state of reconciliation with the soul in trying to experience the essence of your own consciousness?

Just as a painter masterly observes the natural attitude of its models, alike, people easily see your characteristic features, your inclinations, the feeling you nourish for life, them and your own person. Anchor your thinking in a way to understand people's feelings, perspectives and values, providing a valid and serious example.

A thinking based on the denial of the principles of others will turn you into an absolute individualist: You will no longer be interested in the opinion of others and you will treat everybody with indifference, as Oscar Wilde did. What a waste for virtue !

The conceptions that you make about your role in society, your attitude towards yourself and others around you, the goal appropriate for you to have and the means to realize it draw you away from or near to others. In the absence of a thinking based on sound principles, as the principle of honor, mutual respect and trust, in the absence of common values with those of others, your success, as a leader, is impossible to achieve.

Leadership is the focus on creating and externalizing experiences that do not exceed others’ power to join them.

Being a determinant factor of dignity means to charge yourself with the value of the intelligence to convey to all the people you meet that "here" in the present and "there" in the future you are ready to accept the causes and effects of faulty feelings that are not allowed to exist outside of you.

Conclusion: Those who bear in their souls the sense of congruence, especially with their leader, will line up with him, will break the ranks and thus "create" a safe shelter for all, one which will withstand major storms.

Transform your leadership in a shelter for the benefit of both you and the rest of the world.


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