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Master Of The World

On May 15, 2010, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Accept the realistic thinking, so that you could see the consequences of your actions.

For a man who always aims, with perseverance, what really fulfills him, this thing means everything. Nevertheless, when his greatest passion, the one obsessing him, which he day after day, in every moment, maintains by himself through an exuberant enthusiasm and a total dedication, is to be a master over the whole earth and all the people, then nobody and nothing can stand in his way. Besides his unmeasured vanity. Which can even lead him to death.

The phenomena of the Great-Eyry, an inaccessible point of the Blue Mountains range, on which the alpinists had always neglected, caused anxiety within the whole world. Was Great-Eyry the crater of a volcano issued from the entrails of the mountain range? For the earthquakes were intensifying, and sometimes flames could be seen at the top of the mountains. John Strock, the police inspector, who was often given difficult missions, received the mission from his bosses to start an investigation. Rushing all alone in an incredible adventure, he succeeds into finally discover the inscrutable enigma.

Great-Eyry was actually the stone hole of a giant and powerful bird, namely of a flying, eagle shaped machine, Épouvante, built by an extraordinary inventor, named Robur. He found a way of underground communication with the outside, which allowed him to leave Great-Eyry, leaving there his mysterious machine, a machine which could reach an amazing speed both on land and water, therefore, being a plane, a ship and a car at the same time.

Leadership: Does the significance give to you by the world have as a key determinant the importance you give yourself in the absence of exclusion factors from the world?

Even so, Robur, the temerarious inventor, who was for some time in the attention of the whole world, on which extraordinary machine had been offered huge sums of money, instead of raising the profile of his invention like any other inventor, he proclaimed himself "The Master of the World". He was not afraid to fight against all humankind. Himself against everybody. He could use at any time his highly efficient device in order to get rid of any enemies or to harm anyone. There was nobody who could catch, find or touch him. However, he could bear down anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Who can stop such a man? A genius cannot be defeated by a single obstacle. Only one force could finally defeat Robur the Conqueror, the one animated by hostile feelings towards humanity, the one gifted with an amazing creative mind, whose unlimited confidence in his own genius gave him an absolute safety: his great vanity.

He could rise above all people, but could not hold in his impulses and attitude of superiority. Finally, the machine in which was the "fool inventor" was hit by lightning and ripped to pieces, when, driven by vanity, tried to fly during a storm.

Because of his pathological thinking (excessive and unrealistic) he could not see the consequences of his actions.

Leadership: In the reserve of your individual revaluation is recorded a sum of perspectives that eliminates the excesses of power?

The entire value of the leader’s depreciation, analyzing all those characteristics actively manifested during time, unrestricted by the virtues that are the ornament of your personality, is basically due to his approach to the access point towards the fight with himself. In which, in particular, his elements of continuity, altered by his boundless ego, competes alongside the reality accepted by other people, process that complements the hypotheses on his unlikely evolution.

The fall of the leader in a bad extreme, in an excess of authority that turns the unusable stock of virtues into a stream of income in the form of incentives that do not exactly correspond to human dignity and solidarity, leads to two changes: moral and credibility. Attracting a life of toil and infirmities more of an inner nature than an outside nature, ending in the slow death of one's own identity.

The identity you undertake in a battle stance is related to the great variety of revolt reactions that you experience in a life that lacks the consciousness of precariousness, the consciousness of fragility or that of your own mediocrity.

Through its implication, the identity is the result of intensive development of your own Ego, which has become too demanding, because you cannot conceive that anyone, no foreign mentality to interpose over the dark shadow of your plans and possibly restrict your access to the great science of management.

If there isn’t recorded any sum of perspectives, lined to the virtues of following high ideals, to eliminate any excess of power, in the reserve of your individual revaluation, then the interests of leadership and quantitative accumulation of experiences and knowledge, which prepare the qualitative lead for the emergence of "positive feedback" type of effects will prove to be unprofitable and without prospects of recovery.

Leadership: A ruler is only afraid of one thing: that someone else would take his place !

Nevertheless, what would a Master of the World, a consummate leader be afraid of? Of his unmeasured pride? Of course not. Such a person can be warned many times of the traps which could be laid by his selfish attitude and thinking, he would never or very seldom take into consideration the warnings he receives. Because, beyond all doubt, a master is only afraid of one thing: that someone else would take his place. And only that. This is his greatest fear.

He will always want the first place, to perfection, "the crown", he will always want to rule over everyone and everything, and he will follow his interests with an immovable obstinacy. And the one willing to be in his good grace, will certainly be put to the test, preparing him countless difficulties, and if he does not raise to HIS expectations, or at the first evidence of disobedience, he will be severely punished.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that if there were a Master of the World, he would have, as Robur, a bronze heart. Having only one objective – that of ruling, he would never let himself be persuaded, he would never be frightened by anyone and anything, he would never retire in the fight for the "title", that once won, he would like to keep forever after. With his dual instinct, that of a fighter and that of a leader, being both judge and lawgiver at the same time, he will always try to impose his supremacy, cutting and haltering as he pleases, always weaving intricate machinations against those wanting to rise to his rank, of the master of the World.

But however powerful he would be, a master of the World will always have an unseen, terrible enemy, who will always insistently hunt him, trying to lead him into making a fatal mistake: his own ego.

Take into account your values and what motivates you to change in the world with the intervention of the power that governs you, when you produce content of the type "access closed for good".

Conclusion: Any success, any praise is nicely tickling your vanity. However, this vanity must carefully be controlled because it can bring you trouble and it can even cause your collapse. A hypertrophied ego can create you a fake image upon your own activities. That is why it is important for you to be honest with yourself, to honestly self-assess your own strengths and under no circumstances you must think you are or may become "The Master of the World", that you own absolute truth or the key to great mysteries.

Accept the realistic thinking, so that you could see the consequences of your actions.

* Note: Master of the world, Editura Corint, 2001.


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