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The Most Profitable Investment

On January 22, 2009, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Let yourself led by a higher self-conscience, relentlessly pursuing the pulse of your own integrity.

A friend recently told me the story of a great businessman, let’s tell him Marius, that embezzled from the company where he was assistant manager a huge amount of money, which he then invested in his personal business. In other words, Marius became owner with the money of the company where he worked. And, because he was very clever, he managed not to be discovered for a long period. But the investment he made in his own interest didn’t bring the expected results and, finally, he woke up full of debts.

The company’s manager finally noticed the lack of large amounts of money, which were stolen from the company funds and, by a mere accident, arrived in the assistant manager’s accounts. Not long after, Marius was fired and charged with aggravated theft.

It is very important what the company’s manager said after firing the assistant manager:

"- Marius was in a difficult financial situation, he was full of debt and that is why he used my company’s money. He never came to consult with me or ask for my help. So I finally lost my confidence in him and I had no choice than immediately fire him and lay information against him with the police."

Leadership: Do you use external reality only as a pretext to achieve your own deformities?

Somebody noticed: "If the mirror of conscience is twisted in its structure, the world appears in it as a deformed, disfigured reality, just like in poor quality mirrors or in those especially build twisted, like in some views. There are also mirrors that cannot reflect and use external reality only as a pretext to make their own deformities."

Too many of those who own important positions forget about their own conscience, committing antisocial acts. They do not keep their heart free of the temptation of their own desires and egos – but continue to perceive themselves in a good and positive light, being under the impression that they represent much more and that they can afford just about anything.

Their conscience is twisted, distorted, determined by uncontrollable lust. They cannot guide themselves by rules or guidelines complying with a well-defined ethics, based on respect and integrity and focused on professionalism. Their conscience uses external reality only as an excuse to make their own deformities.

The deformations that result from an erroneous reception of the image of a man devoted to "ethics and equity" so that it does not seem to be broken by a suspicion at the address of everything that means "abuse", have as a point of reference forms of despair, extreme arrogance, failure or lack of perspective.

When you try to be more than what you think you are, you risk not thinking reactively to what is happening around you and you create a false consciousness in line with your own interests, meaning, maintaining power under the wing of a twisted and dark destiny.

Letting yourself led by a self conscience and respecting the moral duties you must fulfill to society is like being in charge of a pursuit mission: you must follow the pulse of your own integrity and watch yourself and everything you do as long as necessary. If you take the twisted path, the pulse of your integrity will diminish – and the negative effects will appear by default.

In leadership, are worth only those values and beliefs whose "perfect crystal" reflects your inner world as it is, and not distorted by the defects and deficiencies of your own conscience.

Leadership: Do you follow your most daring goals, while always keeping your consciousness identified with a double self?

The avalanche of gods comes and goes. Some people create for themselves an embarrassing impression that they are much more than they actually are, meaning small gods on Earth that will never fail and therefore they never moderate their desire to do whatever they want without regard for anyone and anything, completely forgetting their responsibilities. But this impression is severely shaken when things take an unfavorable turn. Finally, their ambition to rise above their condition and achieve increasing benefits (often illegally) – abusing their position can turn into tears and regrets.

Just as the owl cannot see during daytime and the raven cannot see during nighttime, nor we won’t be able to accomplish more than it is given to us. We cannot fool divine laws and forces. We are not gods and we do not have the right to avoid the ethics of fair measure – manipulating everyone for our own benefit, abusing the position that we hold.

Failure in the mirror of consciousness has as an end an isolation into an empty self, losing interest in life, or in a self-exhausted body of so many values ​​and landmarks that seem utterly overturned. Trusting a double self is tied to immanence, related to happiness, completeness and perfection, and another tied to sensitivity, vulnerable and fragile.

Being responsible for a captive self in the face of multiplicity means accepting the present situation irrespective of the obstacle you face and at the same time rejecting what you think you cannot go through under the conditions of life restrictions.

A leader’s most profitable investment. Certainly, honesty is the safest way to keep the relationship with others intact, either bosses, work fellows or friends. If you are always honest, serious and balanced, things will move in a positive direction and you will come off a winner. And if you hold a leadership position, you cannot betray the trust of those who have invested in you. Instead, prove them all that you are trustworthy, that you give more than you receive – that, by your cooperation, you contribute to a great extent to mutual success.

You will never be able to build secure relationships if you betray the trust of other people, if you do not treat them with respect and if you do not prove to them, first and foremost, that you are honest and serious. Let yourself led by a higher self-conscience, relentlessly pursuing the pulse of your own integrity.

Self-isolation occurs when you assume a success that imprints a lasting character of failure.


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