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The Oneiric Work Of The Light

On December 25, 2010, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

A man of high quality makes of his very life of a masterpiece, the most sublime one that he has ever created.

Great talent? An excess of intelligence? I didn't know too well what it was. But it was a certain fact that I loved being around him, in his studio, the threshold of which was crossed only by those who understood that being a painter was a special craft.

Until then, I hadn't met anyone with such an optimistic vision of the future and who devotes himself with such intensity to his passion. The master had the soul of an artist; he was in love with colors, shapes, symmetry, lines, points, shadows, but especially with light. He created an ideal from the aesthetic of forms.

The thing he appreciated the most was beauty. That outer, pure, never-aging beauty, which does not know death, which arises intense passions and takes your breath away; that beauty which is never forgotten, which keeps you locked in its spell like in a prison you can't escape from. He often told me that beauty is what impresses in his paintings.

Leadership: Is the essential meaning of your art the reproduction of what is an example of an ideal that requires an extreme amount of "height"?

A work is not perfect if it doesn't pass over a beauty ideal. And this example of an ideal requires an extreme amount of "height" when the form of art that the artist outlines generates a unique, hypnotic vibration, through which he manages to catch you in the story and keep you there until the end of the stage of training.

"Height" means the degree of involvement of the artist in creating an image that determines the way in which his art reaches the viewer and one he considers to be a classification of the aesthetic links created between beauty and ugliness, between appearance and essence, purpose and means, perfection and kitsch.

As the two great painters, Hieronymus Bosch or Salvador Dali, the master had devoted much space to his fantasies – fantastic lights, visual games, bright and empathic faces captured with the utmost acuteness of the senses. He knew everything only through his work, colors, effects and the significance he gave to each of his painting. I'll never forget what he said to me: beauty is the ray of perfection that is in every great artist.

The craft of painting is only given to the accomplished ones, with unsuspected powers in their souls. When the master used to lift up the brush and drew it near to the canvas with that great finesse and precision, it was like he lived on his own bonhomie and good humor. It was something, I don't know what, that urged you to look at him and admire him. Those movements full of grace with which he rendered his painting revealed his state of mind, the way he perceived the world, his tastes. In one word, the facet of his personality. The passion and dedication he put into his work made you discover in him a happy artist. And the master was a happy artist, because his paintings brought forward his beauty ideal.

Leadership: Are you blocked in a series of reforming conceptions of visions about yourself?

If you are blocked in a series of reforming conceptions of visions about yourself, if you have a limited understanding of the number of alternative ways of producing performance and spiritual life, then you display less flexibility in your answer to change, but you also ensure yourself that advantageous feeding option of your inner potential, that additional source of enlivening – catalyst type – capital, which contributes to personal transformation, resulting in the acceleration of the need for capitalization of your willingness to accept yourself and be yourself.

If the painting suggests new combinations, not only of form and color, but also existential experiences, then leadership somehow widens the individual’s sphere of responses and existential clarifications, making possible new ways of continuous moral improvement, caused by varied attitudes that come to characterize him as a man who loves his identity, who sees his ideal of perfection in the triumph over his own being, over his own training, reason, perspectives, behaviors and tendencies, especially over his own emotional and intellectual maturation. Painting, like leadership, sensitizes man.

The passion and dedication that you put into your work makes you discover a happy artist within yourself, while giving you an idea of your current level of self-awareness, the deepening of your emotional, affective and spiritual experiences, which can greatly contribute to leadership development, to explain the fact that there is a huge surge of interest in the art of self-retrieval before becoming what you’re meant to be, even if, sometimes, this interest is not named as such.

It’s something pressing you to look at and admire the man who explores and evaluates all his personality facets and manages to express that well-integrated facet on the support called "life". Before experiencing leadership, consider what someone once said on a website page: "The important thing is for everyone to discover their tendencies and facets of those experiments to which his own soul is going."

Leadership: Do you opt for the creative reproduction of reality in an art of confirmation of your own concept of self as a different possibility for obtaining a new perspective on life?

Are you a man of high quality? Do you make from your life a work of art? Just like a skillful painter inspires later artists by the world he creates in his works, so does a leader inspire to his supporters that state of harmony, of supreme communion with his own spirit, a state of free access on the realm of imagination, where everything is possible through improvisation and fantasy.

And, just like a painter, a leader turns his own life into a masterpiece, the most sublime of those he had ever created. Dedicating himself wholeheartedly to create an aesthetic, unique and firm ideal, he gives meaning to his life, maintaining his well-being both mentally and emotionally. The evolution toward his well-being is personally and it starts from his heart. A man with a full and fiery who manages to materialize his ideals, is a satisfied and happy man.

The way in which the leader perceives life certainly reflects on his "work". It's something personal that affects his activity, his efficiency and good relationships with others. If the life he lives and which he devotes to with great passion is one full of light, vision, color, then he will be able to attract the sympathy of others.

He will be all the more happy as his "creation" will emphasize more his ideal life. And the expression he gives to his ideal is the ray of perfection which propels him higher (or lower) in the hierarchy and helps him play his role better.

The concept of the self is the core attitude arising from the process of transition from the phase of creation to the perfection of life.

It connects the living conditions and modes of expression. It indicates a certain state of mind that can contribute to an effective account of "stories" about art. It is a unity of thought, an idea or mental image formed by combining aspects which make you complete and form the satisfaction of fulfillment, used to organize knowledge and perception of the world around you.

The oneiric work of light is your evolution, as a leader, to well-being and happiness, and also to a higher level of performance. It's something personal, which starts from your heart, which can be a goal – the desire to achieve an extremely high professional ideal. It is that one thing which radiates in your being, which contains all the colors of that personal "painting" that defines your leadership style and gives meaning and intensity to your life. It is that thing which radiates admiration around you and brightens up your soul. Is the dream that makes you enthusiastic you and gives shape to your ideas.

« The oneiric work of light » is the materialization of a leader's dream of perfection, who has set out to achieve his ideals. Are you a man of high quality?


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