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The Road To True Performance

On March 09, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Reveal to people the nature of your own self, without faking the most sincere emotions which you want to express.

At the end of the movie „ Meet Joe Black (1998) ”, Susan Parrish, daughter of billionaire Willian Parrish, reaches the bridge which connected with her father’s property, where she once again meets Joe Black.

Looking at Joe with piercing eyes, trying to collect the most profound and mysterious core of his personality, Susan remembers how she met him: “The coffee house…”, she said with a gentle voice.

What prevailed at Joe was his conscience perceptible by his senses, internalized in his soul and recognized with the mind. He replies to Susan:

- Forgive me for saying this, but I never forgot… You told me you liked me.

- No… Susan responds with her eyes almost in tears, sensing his true feelings… I said that I liked you so much…

Is your leadership more guided by the visual impact of the image you seek to capture as being “unique and sensational” through the soul’s extraordinary property of feeling a strong emotion?

A man without a sense of self, a man where no trace of spirit is found, a man who hasn’t developed his emotional part so as to bring others into his sphere of influence will never be able to facilitate their transformation. The emotional connection between Joe and Susan was made only by the sequence of spiritual, vivid, intense and extremely pure “colors”. He folded to her feelings, subordinated his entire emotional beauty to her own sensibility and was precisely enough not to betray the quality and nature of this sensitivity, making her to accept him in her life for eternity.

Entering the hidden corners of the human character, realizing its true value and emphasizing its good side is a quality rarely seen in leadership, even in the greatest leaders. Susan transmitted to Joe Black, with a deep sincerity, what she really felt for him, thus revealing the nature of her own being, her own “self” – like an emotional release. Here is the evidence of a spiritual consistency on which the connection between people builds.

Leadership is sometimes similar to fireworks, without vital substance and inner balance – they storm briefly, charm and fascinate everyone, transforming the moment in a vivid and glamorous memory, and then they fade. This kind of leadership doesn’t last because these leaders turn their backs on people’s true spiritual feelings, and therefore they fail to penetrate the essence of their personality.

Leadership: Does the area that corresponds to the image you attach to through strong emotions actually illustrate how your personal experience is the best life lesson?

In order to understand reality, to realize the true face of people, their true value, don’t establish your leadership in an emotional perseverance with no resonance, but seek moderately their key-qualities, the composition of their beings, the bright and acceptable parts on which they constructed their emotional and affective intelligence, through the feelings that they hold and subtly transmit.

Just as the Internet is an extension of the general revolution generated by the emergence of electricity and computers, which determines profound changes and transformations in our everyday lives – so your power of relating to people is an extension of your art of adapting to the real values which they build their lives on – as a natural consequence of a superior capacity of understanding of their inner structure, resulting in profound transformations during their existence.

In terms of leadership, the best life lesson is this: “The image you feel most attracted to is the image your Ego has attached to in an attempt to change for the better.”

The Road To True Performance always starts from the verb “to feel”. If you aren’t receptive to people's feelings, then they will never follow your example. Relating to the real spiritual feelings of people is the only way to understand them in the deepest core of their personality. True performance is knowing how to make yourself seen, know how to make yourself heard, know how to make yourself understood through an image that arouses strong emotions.

The road to true performance is correlated with the leader’s ability to penetrate the core of things, including the essence of human personality, appreciating what doesn’t work and what doesn’t fit with the objective analysis of causes and effects.

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