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The Struggle For A Reason To Doubt

On March 28, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop your leadership skills, supporting the road of others to your level of performance.

Who is that bold, cold-blooded person, endowed with a penetrating and creative mind, who manages to impose his authority and rise above all men? Who is he who, by his enviable powers, can decide the fate of each person after his own will? Perhaps, as Jules Verne once said, such a man can only be “The Master of the World”.

Endowed with some exceptional qualities of genius, thanks to his formidable ability to invent and build super-sophisticated equipment, such a man would have every reason to consider himself the absolute master. Who wouldn’t follow that man superior in every way who, with a strong self-confidence and a safety which arouses more fear than respect, can deliberately destroy anyone? Faced with such a man, you have no power, you must obey him without criticizing.

Leadership: Do you have the power to give up the struggle to gain and demonstrate your own superiority, accepting the need for the efforts of others to make you believe that a part of their world is better than yours?

Anyone who has read the book “Robur the Conqueror” knows that, in the end, humans did not allow themselves to be ruled by Robur’s authority, even though he was a splendid scientist and could easily rule the world only through the power of his invention, the Albatross . Rather, Robur realized that there was no point in leading the world as long as people were not open to change. Here are the last words Robur addresses to mankind:

"Citizens of the United States, my experiment is finished; but my advice to those present is to be premature in nothing, not even in progress. It is evolution and not revolution that we should seek. In a word, we must not be before our time. I have come too soon today to withstand such contradictory and divided interests as yours. Nations are not yet fit for union.

I go, then; and I take my secret with me. But it will not be lost to humanity. It will belong to you the day you are educated enough to profit by it and wise enough not to abuse it. Citizens of the United States, Good-by !

Leadership: Is your superiority the culmination of an evolution started from a direct ignorance of the world and continued with the vigorous attempt to deny its return, even if you force yourself to resist the current imposed by a reality that cannot be interrupted because it is disturbed?

Let’s imagine that, by absurd, in the distant future, one man, meaning you, will have absolute power – what would happen in this case? Will anyone manage to change your absolutist thoughts and actions? Your leadership potential will continue to grow and flourish? Will you be a changing agent who creates an appropriate climate for others to grow, or a restrictive climate, which will force them to remain small and undeveloped? Will you focus only on your personal powers, ignoring the leadership of others?

The truth is that you won’t be able to ask of others what you don’t ask of yourself. If you don’t create an environment where the success of others becomes easy to achieve, if you don’t influence them positively through your power and don’t lead them to that high point of performance that you already reached, and if you don’t allow them to evolve towards lasting development, your future won’t look bright at all.

Leading people in a way, by your own will, without giving them the opportunity to develop, will decrease your leadership potential. It’s like being in a car on a one-way road, and you’re caught by torrential rain, with lightning and thunder. You will always be under threat of being struck by lightning.

A leader never accepts his position as a spectator to the drama of the world of being left behind. The world around him becomes a reality that he cannot deny and that he has an obligation to change, even if the movement of the world is not accidental, but decided by a competent judge, that being God.

Can you asses “the state of weather” before continuing your ascent to perfection? Do you look first to integrate your leadership in the development of people before guiding them? If they don’t get good results, you will never be able to occupy a special place in their hearts.

Just as plants can’t grow without water, so you don’t have the opportunity to grow if you restrict other’s people right to performance. If their progress stagnates, so will your leading ability. Robur found the strength to sacrifice his precious time for the enlightenment of others, of ordinary “mortals”, striving so hard to achieve an ideal that is almost impossible, an ideal that transcends the present.

Napoleon Bonaparte is known to have been one of the greatest leaders in history. However, he failed lamentably because, in the last part of his life, he turned into an absolutist leader, a tyrant. His leadership abilities developed while those of others diminished. He couldn’t fade the effect of adverse reactions that had emerged. His betrayal and, finally, his exile were a consequence of his decayed mentality and lack of a positive partnership attitude among citizens. He should have developed his leadership skills, supporting the road of others towards the same high level of performance and success as his.

Leadership is the price you pay for generating a totally unpredictable version of the world, sometimes by sacrificing reputation or personal well-being.

The orientation towards the future of knowledge and educational action is not only possible, but also absolutely necessary. In this case, the leader is exercised as a voluntary act of free decision, but especially as a collective consciousness that already experiences the future.

The Struggle For A Reason To Doubt is the reality you face when you are above other people. Are you a big-hearted person or a tyrant? Do you cultivate the most common sin in leadership – to measure yourself only with yourself and create opportunities for development only for yourself? If you find yourself in such a point, you are about to lose your value.

You are blind until you see that, on the humane plan, nothing is worth doing if you don’t do it in such a way that others be better than you. Does your art to lead supposes also receptivity, not only resistance?

Conclusion: As a leader, you must know when things stagnate and seek reasons and causes for this stagnation. You must be able to analyze and reassess the situation whenever things stagnate. When there are reasons to doubt, you must change your tactic and leadership methods. You, as a leader, develop in parallel with your team. When it stagnates, you must redirect your forces to come in between, in order for it to become as evolved as you, and the performance of both must be far superior compared to other competitors.

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