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Thoughts In The Corners Of Memory (II)

On July 01, 2022
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Science and art are the keys that open the door of time to your ancestors. Only science and art will help you find your afterlife in this life.

Never make decisions in unexpected moments. Such moments have the gift of teaching you something about yourself. To forgive. And get over it.

Be honest. With you, with the others. Every moment you are not you, you become someone else who does not resonate with you or with others.

There is no modesty for those performers who fall into the category: "The best in the world". Let everyone else be modest.

Until I know how to kiss a girl, I don't even know how to dream of her.

To create a strong Brand before becoming the symbol of a high science.

1+1=2; 2+2=4; 4+4=8; etc... For some, science adds and multiplies values ​​endlessly. In others it has absolutely nothing to add or multiply.

A rose placed next to a wise man forms a divine symbol.

Because you write without feeling...and you don't feel when someone else feels something about your content.

Whoever did nothing for science, did nothing for God either.

When everyone goes down, someone always goes up. And it climbs so high and with such force that no one and nothing can bring it down.

Happiness is the support of courage in faith.

Beyond perfection lies imperfection, just as God was not perfect when he incarnated in man.

Don't try to read a book without getting lost in the lines others have written about themselves.

Time is on the side of those who know how to use it. The same with regard to science.

Be irreplaceable ! Even this is an art that needs an artist !

A song must inspire the right people at the right time.

For a confirmation of your fragility, it is enough to reject this world and its Creator.

Look around without taking your eyes off yourself.

Knead the clay you have at hand before kneading words springing from the precipitation of an unforgiving time.

Try to understand each meaning assigned to an art that begins with the recognition of a man trapped in a cage of fragility.

Learn to be yourself through the image of a character who is different from you, but who lives a story similar to your life.

Whenever you want to say something, think your words through a mirror that increases their importance and life span.

To choose your words just as the painter mixes colors to get others.

Because of pride you will never understand the word "love" which is the foundation of the universe.

Whatever you do, do it with art, so that you find in it that power that deeply moves and captivates all attention.

If you are a true artist, promote your artistic skills tactfully and take your art to the end.

The rose is specific to arid areas. In the place where a rose grows with roots from another world, everything around blooms profusely.

Everything is closely related to Ancient Egypt. It all started from there.

It took me about 20 years to understand that a trivial point can be a continuous line in a circle that endlessly increases its circumference.

Some imagine that they have a bigger role than they can assume, really.

Everyone has their role. Otherwise we would have no term of comparison.

The man who has something to change, let him change ! The man who has nothing to change, let him change !

Here is the difference between the small and the large.

A statue remains still because it is made to be patient. Even patience is made of stone.

A patch of grass. You wonder: why is it green in color? Because green has the quality of making you feel good in any situation.

Weigh the intelligence of your gaze through the admirable eloquence of eyes that do not change over time.

Everything is revealed to you in due time. You just have to know how to interpret, just like in a dream. To see in two worlds, through two realities.

Be good at everything, but be exceptional at only one thing. And this exceptionality becomes more and more obvious as you practice patience.

Learn to highlight your gaze away from the proud eye area.

Big Science is the core of a star that never reaches the end of life.

Life is a star in the constellation of science. Without science life could not have acquired the brightness of a star.

Every man expresses his satisfaction with his choice.

You rarely meet someone capable of lighting a star in the sky. Even less, to maintain its brightness.

Watch everything very carefully, but pretend you don't notice. Sometimes that means being a man of great character.

Treat art as if you were looking at the fence of a garden full of flowers and imagining yourself surrounded by the walls of a fortress full of soldiers.

Pay attention to what you like about yourself as a way of seeing the world in a way that it doesn't tell you anything. You will find yourself in the middle of an atmosphere of absolute serenity.

Look around and you will understand everything, provided you are aware of your qualities.

In vain you look at everything that happens around you if you do not notice what you are capable of experiencing through the prism of other people's experiences.

He looks around at everything that is going on, without paying attention to anything in particular. It doesn't matter what you see, as long as you are not prepared to reflect on what is happening to you.

You look at the sun in vain if you don't catch a glimpse of its rays in the sea in which you are sinking.

Look at some people, and you will see them so happy that they changed their car. But in the field of science they never changed anything.

Be a universe before you build your life the way you dream.

The world around is just a stone that you can't polish if it can't get up off the ground.

Only he who devoted himself entirely to understanding everything understood everything.

Patience is the indispensable condition for the acquisition of great science. Leave everything and follow your calling. Then you will be free.

If you don't know how to write a story, don't even think you'll ever be able to live one.

An artist's existence can only be grasped by comparison with the stillness of nature, but it can be understood by entering a turbulent world.

To understand that beyond all understanding is just a dream and a star. The sun illuminates them both.

To take science to another, much higher level, that means creating a strong connection with the Universe.

To learn to capture the essence of things before learning to see what is not visible to the naked eye.

We look at ourselves and forget the world. We look at the world and forget ourselves. We forgot what we're looking at.

Stay true to yourself even when you doubt your own faith. Even when your faith is tested, you remain the same wonderful man.

Learn to remain yourself, always the same, in front of a mirror in which everything seems to be something else.

Art is the strength of the one who knows how to defeat himself through a constant affirmation of sensitivity.

Kind of hard to go in two directions at the same time. Feeling like you're somebody doesn't mean you're that somebody.

Mirror yourself in what cannot be seen, in the poetry of looking at an imaginary point.

Artistic creation that invites full admiration includes the possibility of conveying discretion in the culminating reality of "yourself".

To have total control over the Great Science, so that science becomes the embodiment of the unlimited power of a Creator of Worlds.

You must live among such stormy words that you do not allow yourself respite to concern yourself with another world.

The really hard roads are the ones that no one realizes at the right time.

Try to come to an agreement with yourself, seeking the freedom to live intensely every moment of thought addressed to your creation.

Don't try to find out everything until you are ready to really understand yourself.

Do not think of yourself as a small man until you have become a great man.

Be present only where you are, in the plane of a lively representation.

A painter of great talent never abandons his taste for beauty, just as a writer of great expressiveness never finishes his sincere words.

The man who has nothing left to discover, nothing to create, nothing to change in the field of science, is a man left behind.

Every moment of your creations must be due to an enormous effort to master yourself.

Be the art with which an artist lights his way to the fulfillment of countless lives.

Never live more intensely than the creation with which you fuel your ideal world.

Only in the field of art can the soul of God be discerned.

More important than discovering a secret is appreciating the value of simple things.

Nothing is harder than renewing every moment the meaning of simple things.

What a simple thing lacks is belonging to a world similar to yours.

The hardest thing in the world is to be an excellent master of simple things.

Few are those who have discovered the secrets of art, and much fewer are those who have contributed to its understanding and promotion.

Those who demonstrate an ever-improving resistance structure will have a wider perspective on an exceptional destiny.

Those who think too much are totally surpassed by those who don't think much. Look and see what happens.

If you want to really know God, ask yourself how you contributed to the development of art and science.

There are people who think they know everything. Maybe they really do know everything.

Prayer is the representation of a noble image of oneself in the midst of a creation that inspires much power.

Great people are not great for nothing. Great people are those who have nothing, and still manage to have amazing achievements. It is the little people who have everything but fail to do anything extraordinary.

The man who does not always step forward is doomed to fall behind. Some seem to be made for this: to stay behind.

The great strength of art is an act of transcendence of the creator towards what is spiritual in him.

Don't let even a day pass without taking science one step forward. If possible, a step as big as possible.

A man of great faith is a man who devoted himself with great passion to science and art.

The most valuable creation of an artist is the story of an infinity that does not find its denouement.

The highest form of manifestation of the energy of the Universe is produced through the playful character of the act of Creation.

The true artist is a formidable Creator who never finishes his story of Creation.

The whole direction of the art depends on the resounding theme that you consider worthy of all the admiration of the term "yourself" placed in a spiritual perspective.

Before you outline a personal style of making art, settle for the distanced experience that aesthetic participation in an imaginary universe can give you.

Don't try to be an elite performer if you're not ready to take your performance to another level.

Opportunities are everywhere. You don't have to run after them, they surround you. You just have to notice them.

May you only have lucky days and always be lucky, without proposing anything in advance.

The most important theme of the art is the invitation to be yourself in a purely spiritual existence captured in a small and discreet space.

Every great creator has as a correspondent a dose of artistic madness.

Only those who embrace the artistic phenomenon in its entirety can perform in the scientific field.

Art is the firmest foundation in terms of spiritual science.

To leave everything to chance, and chance will do everything for you.

There is a saying in leadership: you must have all the assets. To have all the levers, all the anchors and all the practical means of Creation.

The first rule of leadership: By the time you make up your mind, someone else has already stepped forward.

To live and manifest only through creation, if you want to win the sympathy of the things with which your soul identifies.

Artwork is what unites a creator with a clairvoyant.

To constantly mirror your gaze, with pride and admiration, in the light of eyes that visibly broaden their horizons.
Passion is not everything, your work also needs to be understood.

You have to live a long time between books to understand the speech (of all languages) that they share with you.

Have more confidence in your science than anyone else has in theirs.

To see in a mirror what the mirror has to say.

Whoever immerses himself more in the secrets of art will assimilate the experience gained to the spiritual background - which means progress and evolution.

The deeper the artist penetrates into his inner world, the more a new world will open before him, far superior to the others.

To know how to observe and eliminate confusion from what you observe.

In every field there is someone capable of taking a bigger step forward.

Otherwise humanity would have been hundreds of years ago.

Inspiration manifests itself as a helpful tool for triggering the creativity that man needs to expand the universe with ideas and discoveries.

Where do you find your inspiration? First, why would inspiration need you?

More important than doing what you love is doing something with what you love to do.

The hardest thing in the world is to accept always being the same you. Then follows the characterization of the origin of this interpretation.

Only those who dedicate their entire life to the act of creation will truly master the world of art and its secrets.

If you bring out the sensitive side of the man, the man will try hard to prove that he is a strong man.

To know how to observe and eliminate confusion from what you observe.

Before you change a world, learn to take any field of science to the next level. A whole world evolves only thanks to science.

If you want to have a great impact in the world of science, you must produce a great echo in the course of nature.

Never play with fire, especially when you know that fire has a twin brother named "Lightning".

Lightning and fire are like painting and penson: you have to know how to handle them and what to ask of them.

You just have to get to the point where another point jumps in to help you. Two points coming together create a telling explanation.

When two great forces unite, only then is the "Strength of God in Christ" discovered.

Sincerity is the light of the flames that are extinguished under the pressure of words.

The star of lovers shines only under the luck of unfalsified truth.

The wandering of a moment without love rang only in soapy ears.

Advance as much as possible, as correctly and efficiently as possible. And move forward without considering yourself inferior to your worth placed at the service of the development of science.

You work hard for nothing if your hard work will not be recognized as the work of a brilliant mind.

Some people never change. And the universe thwarts all their plans, as usual.

Perhaps it was the coronavirus that saved the world, or certain people, from a much more serious threat.

The message of the coronavirus is firm: Science has taken power from those who for hundreds of years have fenced it off.

If you are good at something, the world knows about you. If you are the best in a field, everyone knows about you.

The virus. Some it completely silences, others it gives a huge opportunity to assert itself with an irresistible force.

Don't try to be a creator without first being a creative response to the challenges of science.

Only those who create universes are able to understand the fullness of the beauty of the Infinite.

Can a single man have the ability to orient a science in the direction he wants, through the secrets of a legend that has come to life?

You always have something to learn from what's inside you, more than anything else.

What you learn from intense study is nothing compared to what you learn by accident.

From heaven to earth is a distance contained in one lesson about God.

You can't know if you don't understand.

Is it possible that a single man has the ability to steer the Great Science in whatever direction he wants, through the secrets of a lost sacredness?

The longer the crisis lasts, the more productive you are in working from home. It will be a very productive year.

The universe is supported by those who know how to make science a diary from the box of infinity.

It's not enough to be strong to show that you care...

Don't wait for the perfect moment to strike when you want it to. Perfection is not based on your expectations of the right moments.

You need 20 years to understand that you could have understood everything in one year that no other year can experience like the other years.

Writing without giving life to a concept is like moving the steering wheel of a car in all directions without moving in any direction.

What is artistic is always aesthetic, because it depends on the tendency of the eye to admire the wonderful work of nature.

Dream... and never stop dreaming. And the universe will change a whole world, just for you.

Eternity is the art of always remaining the same "Superlative You", in any space and at any time.

The universe happens to be with you... while you read 1001 nights, in the swing, in the sun. Calm, no worries.

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