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Transformational Leadership

On August 09, 2014, in Alpha Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Create new versions of personal transformation, clarifying the hidden meanings of the thoughts and actions born from the effervescence of creation.

Filming is now taking place in an atmosphere of great tension. Filming lasts twelve hours a day and sometimes with five devices running simultaneously in order to save time. The exteriors are done in August 1928 when the crew heads back to Moscow for the studio shoots. In this period of intense work, Eisenstein simultaneously begins his gigantic theoretical activity. He now writes while greatly analyzing his work from a scientific and aesthetic point of view.

The aim of these numerous writings was to find, to clarify the hidden meanings of thoughts and actions born from the effervescence of creation, to prepare for the next steps. *

Leadership: Do you act as a tool to stimulate intellectual creation that underlies the production of an alternative science, referring to the theoretical manner of clarifying the role of a new level of thinking and value priority?

A leader that fights for the conquest of a new competition with himself can find his unity of meaning and potential of performance, but also the mobile of all of his aspirations towards higher peaks, in the process of taking over and constituting a new content of an intellectual "particular", strongly supported scientifically. The particular is a form of measuring the complexity of a project from the perspective of the expansiveness effect of a thrilling subject that is the intrigue of an inspired writing.

He who possesses originality constantly tries to create new versions of personal transformation, clarifying the hidden meanings of thoughts and actions born within the heat of creation. How? By enhancing the capacities of absorption and transmission of knowledge, by enhancing the capacities of analysis and understanding of the impact of his science, updated by the irreproachable quality of the thinking carried out by himself through the means of theoretical activity.

The linear progress of personal value, keeping that property of continuity in the sense of achieving new performances of intellectual order, by implementing the results of scientific research, one doesn’t need to circumvent attentive, systematic and profound study of this component of the work of creation, which I have generically called: "Partialis Creatium."

"Partialis Creatium" is only a fraction of what the whole system of construction of the judgement of the leader represents, based on an assessment of professional activity according to specific criteria of comparison with what it tries to acquire by path of evolution. And it is drawn from a colossal power of research and innovation.

Or, if you put it another way, "Partialis Creatium" is the genuine vector of renewal which is the leader in the art world and in the way it integrates itself into a version of being, related to a new, more pronounced evolution, towards the assimilation of knowledge and the formation of a personality structure with special intellectual abilities.

Leadership: Do you take part in the work of a creative subject that shapes itself according to the usualness of a line of thought that lives only through fixed form?

The artist extracts a few personal impressions from what they’ve seen and heard and says: "behold, this is how it is". And through the future prospects he create, in reality and in the lives of others, as the premises of the means of expression, he extracts this component of optimization of personal evaluation from the source of science accumulated over time, in order to obtain a new change of style. And he says: "behold what I have done, how I did it and this is the result."

Leadership is the result of continuous polishing, by acquiring and optimizing what is the best in the innovator’s thinking, possible to be placed under the sign of exceptionality only when it becomes a tool to stimulate intellectual creation underlying the production of alternative science.

A line of thought that lives only through fixed form is a way of approaching a very interesting topic from the perspective of a single concept of art, science, the world and life, through which the use of means of expression (script, montage, decors, effects) becomes the promise of confirming the identity that separates you from others.

Transformational Leadership refers to finding a version of development and improvement, as qualitative and as advanced as possible, by improving personal standards obtained after a thorough analysis of thoughts and actions arising from the effervescence of creation.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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