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Windows of the leadership
On October 10, 2010, in Leadership magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

Leadership is like a window with a direct view into the depths of the one who leads.

One day, while trying to express by drawing the face and features of a fearless character from the cartoon “The Pirates of Dark Water" named Ren, the master decided to sit next to me and, after the way he looked at me, I felt I will find out what I wanted to know for so long time.

I turned my look towards him. He gazed me carefully. The pale face, the slightly quivering of the lips was showing him what happens with me. I was very saddened by the fact that trying to express with as much accuracy and to create to the viewer a vivid mental picture of him, I missed just the essentials which are the feelings that I had to express on his face.

I had made a big mistake. I expressed a character in variegated colors, dull, without balance, without measure, without symmetry, I had not given coherency to the whole; I had not built a compelling space in which forms will fit naturally. Although I enjoyed a lot of affection from the master, I was somehow ashamed of my performance.

- My beloved child – he told me looking in my eyes with an almost paternal love, to make a perfect drawing you must put there not only work, but also the soul and warmth. The drawing is a living art, is part of the artist's mind. The drawing is a window looking directly to the bottom of your heart, Nicu. Never forget this.

Leadership is a "creation" that is part of yourself

Like a painter, an accomplished leader expresses in his “work”, with great expressiveness, the brilliant formula of the essence of his leadership. By his “work”, in which he transposes his ideas, beliefs, aspirations and knowledge, the leader expresses actually his personality, but the character and the value of his “work” reflects the well-found opinion of people about his soul. As what creates the leader is, without question, a part of him.

If the leadership that you produce is not a living art, meant to be seen, to satisfy people's tastes and to change their mood - an art designed to help educate people, being able to transmit, by own artistic means, ideas and feelings of great depth and subtlety, then your role - as the leader - is not as a catalyst in the company's activity.

The one who closes the leadership windows decreases his value

Leadership “windows” are the ways where you can put into practice your ideas and by which you can achieve goals. They must always open outwards, towards the being and the heart of other people, to be suitable for making responsible decisions, mutually agreed. If they open inwards, strictly only towards the vision and policy of the leader, they harm his career and his relationships with other people.

A weak leader, who can only seek his personal interest, which conforms only to his own values, perspectives, criteria and convictions, he is doing nothing but building a lot of mate windows to his own heart, well locked to other people, and this thing cannot provide a decisive transparency because prevents access for all to his space. So his leadership is a window that only transposes to his own universe and not accessible to anyone.

To rise above other people you have to be creative, passionate, to have vision. But if you lack the skills to influence and you lack the patience to get a broad support for your ideas and your principles, any steps you initiate are doomed to failure almost from the start. One of the safer ways to influence people around you is to open wide your “windows” of leadership to them.

Leadership is like a window with a direct view into the depths of the one who leads.

The windows of the leadership are the ways of communication and interaction between you and other people are the ways that you can enhance your ability to drive. They should not be locked or mate, but to allow to those you lead to see to the depths of your soul. Otherwise, you will remain a great unknown and a misunderstood loner who eventually will be left.

Conclusion: To be understood, to be followed and supported in your efforts, you should ensure the access of others to your art.


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