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The Essence Of Leadership

On August 23, 2010, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Not everything that is around you can give contour and a bright shade to your leadership.

I will always carry in my soul and in my mind that unique moment that I spent in the company of the master. I carried a great affection for him, as usually reserved for a parent. In turn, the master carried a boundless love for me ever since I was a child.

It was evening. After a frugal dinner, the master has retired in his "sanctuary", the holy shrine – as he liked to name his room of creation. I followed him with a sense of excitement. I knew what was going to happen: a new lesson.

Through his passion, the master painted many paintings – and all reflected his talent, wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience. It seemed to me that only he could give me the inspiration and creativity I needed in order to become a great artist.

The master turned his attention to one of his paintings, remained unmoved for a moment, admiring it with a special sensitivity, as if he wanted to distinguish something strange, or as if some memories suddenly invaded his mind. A moment of silence followed, while he meditated to put his thoughts in order. I was observing his gestures. He seemed calm, and his eyes were clear. Then, smiling with nostalgia, said to me:

- Nicu, the artist is a man who sees, who forwards his vision. He is able to graft in the minds of others the most compelling images transposed on canvas with such finesse and precision that they seem alive. It is impossible to doubt of them.

Leadership: Do you practice enforcing your own leading part in the intrinsic-extrinsic alternation?

Leadership finds support in that complementary option of the creation process whose parameters correspond to the management requirements of own resources, so that the results would be significantly improved. It also finds meaning in the importance you grant to your own leading part, to your soul, and to your mind, with respect to what is beyond of what could be directly seen or experimented.

What you are trying to achieve is a certainty you can’t doubt, a direct manifestation of your own thoughts and inspirations, enhancing the acknowledgement of those sides of you that you neglect, you enhance, or you repress. Parallel sides that you never thought you had, originate at the top of your imaginative thinking, with the gift of modifying some aspects connected to your individual activity in a new context.

Personal and professional evolution achieved as a direct manifestation of a creative individuality, framed by the combinations rational-irrational and objective-subjective, doesn’t focus only on the intent of achieving a broader intellectual autonomy, nor does it constitute an extension of a good practice model. Evolution gives estimation for your approach in a changing reality. And this evolution can be seen as a parameter of the function "value" that never loses its intrinsic or extrinsic determinism, becoming more able to extend through constructive particularities.

Practicing the enforcement of your own leading side in the intrinsic-extrinsic alternation means to see what you achieve with the help of self-conscience. It means connecting to the reality beyond you, namely to everything that you perceive through the power of your creative intention related to the divine, a possibility of communicating with the Intellect of the Creation Spirit.

In these circumstances the leader could be considered the result of a hard self-analyze work, of introspection and finding one’s self, accompanied by a leap towards the future, towards what it means to be an illuminated man, not only a creator. That is a man that manages to venture outside his own interior dimension, towards a superior reason.

The leader does not "paint"what he sees, but what he thinks

Unlike a great painter, who can reproduce an image that he imprinted in his mind with an extraordinary skill, reproducing so accurately the finest details, a leader, although he resembles an artist in many ways, never reproduces in his "work" what he sees, but, above all, what he thinks. A skilled leader knows that all that glitters is not gold; that not everything which is projected it is also attainable. In leadership, you must think, analyze and assess everything very carefully.

A leader cannot get himself caught of what he sees like a painter, because reality can be quite different, can be changing, and that is why it cannot be expressed or captured in a "painting". If the leader does not form a complex picture of everything around him well-grounded into reality, then he could never propose himself any attainable objectives.

Leadership: Is the integrating vision of contents of reality you access adequate for the image of a whole that you cannot control called "destination"?

Do you capture just the landscape? Leaders have the problem of deformation. They do not exactly reproduce in their plans what they see, they sometimes impovise, because everything can change. However, they neither distort reality; otherwise they overlook what is really important.

I remember the statement once made by the motivational author, Stephen Covey: "A leader is the person who climbs the highest tree, he carefully studies the landscape, and screams at the top of his lungs: "This is not our jungle."

This statement reinforces my point of view. Often, the way you perceive things around you separates success from failure. As a leader, if you do not focus your efforts in the right direction, you will not be able to make any progress; moreover, you will fail in any of your endeavors. For your performances to be better, concentrate on what matters the most, not capturing only the "landscape". Because not everything around you can give contour and a bright shade to your leadership.

Do you focus your visions and efforts towards achieving the proposed goals? To whom is favorable your vision? Do people notice and appreciate your vision? Trying to achieve something without moving in the right direction is like making a painting with a magnificent image, but which will never be sold.

The destination to which a leader usually stops is formed when he begins to see everything only in the present through the perspective of the aesthetic, of the beauty he finds in skilled performances. The same happens when he overlooks an important part of what is happening to him because he is largely stuck in a high level of diversity. Or when immersed in a virtual universe trying to "produce" something that has wide search.

In leadership, the vision that has to reflect the image of reality must not be suggestive and according to the destination set by the evolution of your artistic sensibility.

The essence of leadership is much like the essence of art and a painting which impresses through its used technique, imagination and innovative ideas, accessibility and profitability. The same way and in leadership, beginning from an existent background, the plan, the ways and the means for action must „impress", so that they would be accepted and possible to realize with as low investment as possible, and to ensure maximum benefits.


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