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I Cannot Tell A Lie

On January 18, 2015, in Successful Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Rise to the height of your greatness, by finding the ultimate truth in yourself.

A lie can never be undone. Not even the truth is enough. I am a parent and I know these things. Remember what happened to the father of our country. A cherry cut and then told his father: "I cannot tell a lie." A little later, threw the coin to the other side of the river.

These two stories represent some crucial events in American history. George Washington cut down the tree, and then threw the coin. Do you understand? He said even then an essential truth, namely that money does not grow on trees. That has led our country to be so great, Peter. Now the image of George Washington is on each dollar bill.*

Leadership: Can you discover the greatness of your being, living in the light of reflections on development and evolution?

One of the common experiences of leaders, born of trials and challenges encountered, especially by progressively seeking and acquiring instructions, ideas, truths from the knowledge gained and from every aspect of social networking, is the experience of "I am", which, in turn, is followed by the life balance experience.

"I am", above the essential significance of the reality in which you form, in a continuous replay that adequately reflects the ups and downs which you can only see with the eyes of the soul, see them, understand them, is highlighted through the truth from which the pride of being part of a larger plan flows.

The training process is a scenario endorsed at the highest level of your transition to a new approach to the relationship between "remembering" and the judgments you make.

It is possible that all these promulgators of evolution in the socio-professional field be aware of the real meaning of their own authenticity and resist the opacity of others, feeling an enormous difference. This is a self-picture with an enormous impact on the world, but also the image of a complex reality which takes shape of an individual wherefore difference is more important than similarity.

Here leadership aims at the essential report between what you do and what you are, which contains findings of integrity inserted in the act of development and becoming. Integrity, as an element of value, means thinking less in terms of a target imposed by expectations of your own reason, experiences or social place, but rather in terms of your own understanding of what you are and what you are worth.

The manifestation of "I am" is what passes the test of the experience of turning new life lessons into new horizons of formation and development.

If you would be allowed to have more power to control reality (where reflections, ideas and life experiences intersect), without taking into account the size of the limiting consequences of individual exploitation, then you easily managed to impose yourself as a progress factor. But as factor of reason fulfillment, which aims at holding timeless truths.

A leader is led by the reason of creating a new world, by discovering the laws and principles that act closely on his own self-valorization.

Self-consciousness helps you differentiate with respect to others to manifest your individuality. It also helps you exert authority during transition to a higher level of accomplishment: the greatness that remains printed in the minds of others. Let us remember what the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said: "What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal".

I cannot tell a lie highlights that greatness element of the man who is constantly changing under the pressure of originality and life experiences. A man of great character, who has delicacy in thought, assigns precise meaning to these experiences, sorts them, organizes them and exploits them by forwarding them to those who want to follow his example.

* Note: Paul Auster - New York Trilogyi, Publishing House Univers, 2007.


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