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T.N.T. For The Brain

On May 28, 2017, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to communicate with the genes of Infinite Intelligence, positioning yourself in the situation of an alchemist who imitates nature and penetrates his destiny with it.

I was programmed by a foreign force to go one way, bewildered by the constraints of a rich and similar knowledge, like mathematics, chemistry or physics, seen as a truth from which the well-deserved art of an endless beginning from which are extracted the essences of an unmatched music.

From everywhere, could be heard the sounds of suffering, the noises of a creation from which the divine spirit was born, showing a life of mournfulness, the pulse, stirring under the reign of a new spiritual nature, of a version of existential energy other than the one I had previously predicted. If there’s no pain / Rules are still the same.

Whoever finds inspiration in the truths of a revelation drawn from the grandeur of cosmic music, without experiencing the obsession of the beginnings of the story – deaf as a faint imitation of fake, will succeed in putting it in the orbit of a glowing star in which are written the verses of wisdom over the ages.

Leadership: Does the artistic value of the work you conceive depend on the circumstances of receiving a reality with obvious metaphysical and epistemological characteristics?

Without ever measuring either the sun ray or sunset, as any creation must not be understood mechanically, but through faith in a natural and supernatural revelation, we must light the fuse of a spatiotemporal dynamite, T.N.T. for the brain. Let’s measure its noise and paint it in the magnificence of a fantastic, mysterious, fascinating and provocative experience.

Like an alchemist who extracts the essence of the work from the third world – situated between the macrocosm and the microcosm, I felt detached from a universal judgment, from a background picture where things should have been seen in their irreducible complexity. A complexity directly proportional to the chiaroscuro of my refuge in an imaginary dream, around the unspeakable notion that influenced my entire vision of cosmogony, of the existence seen as a space of dialogue with an infinity of meanings.

A crystal globe revolves before closed doors. They can only be perceived through the optical view of a dangerous and threatening knowledge, but one with spirit, around an unspecified time. You do not see the result until you have experienced an intense audio-visual trip. Where do the illusions come from, all these exaggerations of an expert belief system launched by the "Feel your breath" command? Don’t be scared and have no fear !

The highest leadership could synchronize with the greatness of catching yourself in a world dominated by the complexity of that reality that makes possible to use multiple alternatives to recognize yourself as being a master over ordinary human understanding.

Behind the carefully locked doors in an absolute darkness, sometimes penetrated by a gleam of light, a darkness other than the one Stephen King’s heroes had won over, the scene of an ongoing performance was taking place. A spectacle of masks, without reaching the real faces, without which we are afraid to live and behind which we cannot live, in an accumulation of moving clocks that show the time of a radical transformation of the nature of man. I’m with you, just lead me. I’m ready to play !

The emerald sacred fire is permitted the exceptionalism of an unrepeatable singularity: What you feel is insane ! The brilliance of crystal drops, in which is reflected the voice and the image of a reality detached from the determined way of self-identity, complements the sensual dance of the shadows, as in a Chinese theater. I hope I’ll understand some day / What’s the meaning of this crazy game.

The eye of the artist captures, as in an eternal dream, the movement of rotation of elements born of the spirit of an all-encompassing intelligence, as in a spider web springing out of a pure imitation of a natural material with great sensibility, as a symbol of superficial facts. Each determination is made up of precedence, as a synthesis with a high degree of totality.

Leadership: Is the totality of your being stated through the essence of the self-exile in a parallel universe that could represent the neuron of a More Superior Being?

That sublime composer from the novel "Doctor Faustus" by Thomas Mann, without any claim from the norm of sincerity in which was incorporated the hymn of the glory to be the promoter of a lyric defined as an act of recreation of the spirit, gravely implored everyone that, if they couldn’t understand its depth, to at least notice its beauty: "At least behold how beautiful I am ! "

The manner in which his composition soared from the difficulties of measuring depth, from artificial confusion, from the strange kneading of lyrics, in the gracious world of final clamoring and touchingly dissolved within it, he always found it ever more beautiful without making no secret of his increasingly enthusiastic admiration for it.

To communicate with God, with great infinite intelligence, through the depths of a lyric raised from the mystical beginnings of great books and timeless music, where shape, and scorching matter is melted in the crucible magic of imagination, it is not simply the essence of creation, but the debut and finality of the experience of belonging to the universal force.

It means to position yourself in the situation of an alchemist imitating nature and penetrating destiny with it, emphasizing the beauty of its features to reach perfect forms of expression – through art, color, poetry, sound and image, distributed wisely within the mass of the final product.

The art of a universal man is measured by obtaining "resonance" in the act of calling and intervention of a superior being in developing an area of ​​high visibility in the space of thinking.

T.N.T. For The Brain symbolizes the incursion in a parallel universe from which flows the great echo across the centuries, like the light of a star which heralds eternity, because there, in a corner of the universe, shines the soul of a higher consciousness, an infinite intelligence which forged and refined its tools to exercise its unlimited power and potency.

* Note: Enigma - T.N.T. For The Brain


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