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A Black Thought Against Your Own Ego

On June 16, 2011, in Leadership and Attitude, by Neculai Fantanaru

The way you relate to your own values and beliefs reveals your true leadership capacity.

Yesterday I found on Google an important news about the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident, caused by the earthquake followed by tsunami on March 11.

On May 20, so less than three months after the disaster, president of the company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), Masataka Shimizu, announced that he will resign and will appoint a successor. His decision came after TEPCO announced a net loss amounted to 11 billion euros for the fiscal year ended at March 31, which is a negative record in a Japanese company.

Can you give a positive diagnosis to leadership by adequately investigating your emotional and psychical reality?

What fundaments the reasoning to stop yourself from moving forward, within the limitations of your own identity is the perspective of not being able to make inspired decisions, because you feel morally threatened. More and more frequently we notice the art of renouncing, of losing self-protection, where the beauty of the obligation to guarantee an efficiency performance no longer has a substantial meaning and importance, but a meaning contrary to evolution, which urges us towards moderation and prudence in what you transmit as feeling.

The diagnosis of leadership is given by adequately investigating a certain emotional and psychical reality with a responsible accentuated structure, developed on the background of building identity, in an idealistic space out of which the formula "I’m tempted to carry on, but I don’t know if I’ll succeed" is no longer possible.

In this case, the process of thought maturity and that of emancipating the will to manifest yourself in agreement with your deepest feelings indicate us a permanent shift in the development interests. The interest for the meaning of what has been settled by unfortunate circumstances, gives places to the interest for the "zoom" function of constant effects, in the sense that value is underappreciated when it meets the ridiculous of various aspects that you come across.

Leadership, as a result of the manifestation of human spirit, in its full strength to reveal itself in every situation depends upon the existence of the identity construction and the conscience crises that, in the analysis of successes and failures, don’t come to underlining discontinuities between the two areas of safety, released by the constraints of honesty: the area of extending potential and the area of extending influence.

Leadership: How do you train for the battles that will take place in your inner universe?

Leadership is not a paradise that can be found by following certain maps with clues about steps to be followed. Even if you have navigation tools that can lead you towards your choice (a direction to be useful for you and to match with your ambition and potential) is still one thing you cannot leave it to anyone and sometimes you will come hard to accept it: your inner structure. In particular, your inner strength and consistency, which is reflected in every aspect of your life, in the past, present and your future.

Your personal key to success remains rather in yourself. You can make from leadership your long-dreamed place only if you build it with your own hands, and only if - I repeat - if you train for the battles that will take place in your inner universe. Just as a painter is known by the quality of his works, by the way he renders the reality, by the way he manages to capture the model's personality and through the technique of color – so you will be able to impose your value through a strong character and well-oriented, and by the ways you relate to your beliefs. Your inner potential will raise you on the scale of values, or will get you down in case of failure.

Just as gentleness always accompanies true goodness - so your beliefs and values always accompany your steps towards a brighter future, or rather, darker. The way you respond to your own feelings, values and beliefs reveals your true leadership capacity. People will see what kind of person you are depending on the decisions you make in difficult situations and depending on your way of action. If you consider yourself weak or unsuitable for the position of leadership, then you will quickly give your place to another.

A black thought against your own Ego is that thought that keeps you in suspense when you are in trouble. It is the thought to worry in the hour of the great confrontations with yourself, your values and beliefs. It is that harmful thoughts that torments you and causes you to abandon your ideals and aspirations, in spite of the admirable efforts to cope with courage. It is that thought which pours over your soul an immense sadness and the feeling of a painful end. It is the thought that makes you be ashamed of yourself and that makes you sink in the quagmire of guilt. It is the thought that pushes you to the terrible phase of resignation.

There is much to assimilate in leadership. You have to start from learning how to assume certain risks, how to confront failures and disagreements of others, until having trust in your instincts and do not ever deviate from the tasks you must accomplish with a highly professional and conscientiousness.

Begin to reflect on how you will act when you will be in trouble. This is the biggest step to the true knowledge of the leader in you.


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