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A Cat Crosses On The Edge Of The Ice

On August 06, 2016
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Program a test of self-assessment, testing your attitude towards what you can’t yet control on an intuitive level.

The two search. Let’s see… Let’s see… Suddenly: "That’s it ! " On the edge of the ice… a cat is crossing. At the edge, the ice is thin… The ice breaks… under the cat."

As it is uttered, the proposal seems beyond stupid. Again, both of them suddenly remember they’re expected somewhere. And so, the days go by. The story becomes a nightmare. Eisenstein cannot sleep for nights on end, burning in dire hallucinatory insomnias: all around, wooden axes stick into wood and cats stumble on ice. And then the axes break the ice and the cats stick into the wood…

Enraged, Eisenstein reaches out to the bookshelf, thinking of distracting his thoughts. He stumbles upon the Russian collection of anecdotes and the most popular of stories.

He reads and suddenly: "My God ! How could I have forgotten this story that I have always been so fond of?" He jumps out of bed, goes straight to the phone, calls Pavlenko and shouts excitedly: "I found it ! The soldiers sit around the fire. And one of them tells the story with the fox and the hare. The story about how the hare snuck between two birch trees and how the fox, who was running after him, got stuck between the trees."

The two then discuss this at length. The idea take shape, gets completed, details change, until it remains permanently in the script. "If we would have more time to work on it, for a month let’s say, we would find a more complete solution for this film. But there is no time." *

Leadership: Can you find a supportive argument in favor of extending inspiration, between twists and renovations of perspective over assessing your own motivations?

In the exhausting harshness of creative work, in the burdensome condition of the artist who has not yet mastered his talent, faced with a vision too brief to clot, triggering and giving scale to the crisis of inspiration, a bubble type phenomenon takes place. The more air you put into a balloon, the more its stability decreases. The motivation of a director is not to fill the film stock with as much effect as possible, but to strike a balance between story and reality, between fiction and truth, between challenge and aspiration.

Stability in terms of conditioning motivation by talent, culture and competence, is merely an illusion. How is motivation assessed? According to the level of value that the director attributes to the theme and to the creative act. And the motivation to increase the visibility and importance of the creation occurs when the director tries to convey an idea, alluding to his intervention in the plane of reality, or to the complex character of his personality, of his work. Stability is not achieved without fulfilling that condition of localizing your own value in the matrix of the transitive period – from renunciation to hope, from expectation to action, from science to art.

Stability is an excess of the controlled element, quite difficult to accept, being in fact the element of a self-assessment or of a psychological test, which helps you discover your true attitude towards what you cannot yet control at an intuitive or scientific level.

Now, is your attitude to lack of inspiration is a predisposition of a professional weakness, or it is a reaction of revolt before a higher power that you not yet realize you possess?

As you advance towards a higher stage of integrating knowledge into a work of creation, the harder it is to support yourself in the experience of not living up to your own expectations.

One of the great tests of leadership, which determines the value of personality, aims at the power of reacting in various contexts of the type "lack of inspiration", when you don’t succeed in centering yourself in that state in which you feel that nothing can stop you.

Only those who became representative in a certain field lead by the exhortation: "I am unstoppable", because they benefit from an increased efficiency of the resources of inspiration, being excellent administrators of unexpected innovation elements.

Such power, comprising the necessity of achieving the victory over a genuine creation, through a reduction of the complexity and differences that make it up, is an affirmation required by the very structure of hierarchies of your essentiality – from the requirement of allowing yourself to make mistakes, to the demand of giving up what you simply don’t know because of a fear of the unknown.

Always in leadership, where ideas take shape, complete, change in details until they are finalized into an authentic creation, matters the motivation inscribed in the dimension of a limitation of using knowledge that acts inversely with the determination of carrying out the process of innovation to the end. Motivation must be supported through a constant use of as diverse as possible resources.

The knowledge that a creator proves is part of the idea he expresses by appealing to the visual experience with the help of augmented reality, so that the end result rises above his expectations.

A Cat Crosses On The Edge Of The Ice is the critical point from where an idea is induced that doesn’t manage to materialize in creation, which constitutes a self-experience conducted between the manifestation of a professional weakness and the reaction of revolt in the face of a higher power you are yet unaware you possess.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein , Youth Publishing House, 1966.

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