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A Frozen Heart Scattered In Nothingness

On September 26, 2010, in Leadership Magic, by Neculai Fantanaru

A leader has confidence in other people when he is well enough reflected in them.

Many years ago Mercedes fell in love with an angel. She could not deceive. She knew well the elegant man, with so gentle gestures, creative, energetic, pugnacious, he stood now, after more than 16 years, in front of her. He was an honest man, hardworking, daring, who faced many challenges, troubles and difficulties that may come to have all those riches and all that influence in society.

But Edmond Dantes, aka The Count of Monte Cristo could not remove from his mind the deep thought of revenge, could not break from him the part that deserted him and only listened to his negative side of soul. He could not change that attitude of refusal to any feeling for her. He was uncertain and afraid of losing everything he had; hatred, he did not want to retreat from a won battle, unwilling to self-destruct.

To avoid an embarrassing question, to avoid giving an answer that only the future will give him, Edmond asked Mercedes not to try any method of reconciliation:

- If you ever loved me… don't take my hate. It's all I have.

With the great sense that only have the people touched by a deep sorrow of the heart, with all possible delicacy and elegance, Mercedes, feeling her heart breaking the chest still tried to persuade Edmond to forgive her and to revive their former love:

- I don't know what dark plan lies in you Edmond. I don't know why we were forced to live one without other in all these 16 years. But God has given us a new beginning. . . Don't hit the hand He offered you. . . God is in all. Even in a kiss...

Leadership: Do you trust people only when you see in them "the flicker" that you would like them to find in you?

A new meaning you give to life is a great bet of trust that does not shake at just any task that seems to be difficult – such as making yourself indispensable and irreplaceable in the case of friendship and love.

Love has no end because love was born in that part of us that never dies. I think, this is the message of the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo” directed by Kevin Reynolds in 2002. Mercedes has softened Edmond Dante's soul full of disappointments, replaced his hate with love. She was saving him in a time when he considered himself lost forever, unable to escape from the trap of his humble past, from the trap of his soul became cold due to life's hardships.

A cold heart has been replaced by a warm one. All his feelings of frustration, struggle, disappointment, loneliness, were scattered from all his being forever. The love he carried for Mercedes drove away all his sufferings. His life took a new meaning, long days and nights of waiting have finally ended.

He found again in Mercedes his own youth, own values, all the longings, desires and pleasures, so he forgave her. He saw in her what he lacked in his entire life, he saw in her a person able to take life over again, his own accomplishment, his own being and essence. He was confident that she will ensure that coveted inner peace of any human being.

Leadership: Can the reforming of your own beliefs be done by the convergence of completely disparate events, starting from the spiritual specificity of a world that refuses to take great steps to guide your course of life?

To understand the real dimension of a revelation that can change your whole world, remember this: “An extinguished smile can be lit again when an incandescent one is positioned next to it.”

God is good and always rewards the righteous who forgive and believe in love. The Count replaced hatred with love; he knew in his heart that he wants Mercedes like no longer was desired a woman by a man. Once he forgave her that feeling of emptiness and pain that penetrated deep into his soul is gone. The person, who was most dear, which dwelt in his past, issued him by the huge burden of his soul.

When the heat of leader's life is about to be quenched, he must find new motives or reasons to rekindle it, as Count did. When the heat of his life is extinguished, or is about to be quenched, it is necessary to find new other targets.

The great steps to guide your course of life can be conceived when you can interpolate between the lesson someone has to learn and the person in question, otherwise you risk taking the negative karma of that person and you get to suffer in their stead.

The convergence of completely disparate events creates a huge expectation that culminates with a strong emotion from which you must extract the “existential essence.”

Conclusion: Trust, this gem rare to found is so fragile that it can disappear at any moment, especially when you, as a leader or as a simple man, were betrayed by your best friends who became the most large enemies.

In these circumstances was born, easy to understand, the revenge against all - more or less guilty or even innocent. Personal discernment is very important in these situations. Looking carefully you will notice that in some of them you have not seen in time qualities that you would like to find in you, like the ability to forgive and take everything from the beginning, at which point your frozen heart will dissipate into nothingness.

Let us never forget that “the anger in the righteous people were born on Tuesday and dies on Monday; for smarts it lasts one day (night being a good adviser) for smatterer's reigns for months and for a lifetime at crazies.


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