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A Huge Step To Narrow Horizons

On March 18, 2009
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Leadership Y4-Titanium by Neculai Fantanaru

Start looking for the truth about yourself whenever you lose your “coordinates”.

Yesterday, I received on my e-mail “the joke of the day” from a friend:

A sparrow was flying high-speed at ground level. A BMW comes before it… The sparrow flies at full speed towards the BMW, hits the car and falls completely dizzy. The driver stops, takes her from the ground to his home, puts it in a cage and puts some water and bread for it…

The sparrow wakes up at one point and looks confused around it: it sees the water, the bread…

– Oh, my God ! I killed the man with the BMW !

Leadership: Do you have the strength to recognize the weight of the reality you see yourself witnessing, without striving for an improved model of your own person?

For your leadership to get a high score, you should focus on how to approach your self-knowledge and on a more realistic perspective. I think that your priority should be to improve your performance in regard to those issues that you ignore, overlook or don’t notice.

The threshold of entry into your true self is neither underestimation nor to consider yourself the author of the action taken, but the strength to recognize the weight of reality. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. In fact, your actions recognize the existence of the Higher Self and its importance in fulfilling a certain purpose, even if you raise reality on a certain level, or in its entirety, even if you rise above the ambition to assert yourself.

In any case, you have to control your underestimation, so that the truth does not gain too much weight, and at the same time maintain your inner strength to succeed even further in life.

You will be able to ensure the basic elements of your leadership – such as clarity, balance and efficiency, only if you maintain your ability to reason at an optimum and constant level, if you manage to include in your own thinking ingredients, such as coherence and objectivity, which help you achieve your goals and, especially, if you don’t disconnect yourself from reality.

Leadership: Can you integrate into an image that gradually changes into another image as the reality around you grows and evolves faster than your understanding?

Just as developing a business requires a combination of vision in terms of customers and competitors, good business systems and a proper culture, so your personal development requires a combination of reality and truth, meaning to be aware of yourself and the surrounding world. You will never be able to develop your potential if your ideals aren’t found in your values or if your expectations are too high – and you will become unable to control them. In other words, your value will rise only if you always remain convinced of your qualities and if you will never move away from your real self.

Be analytical about yourself before relating yourself to others. Start looking for the truth about yourself whenever you lose your “coordinates”. Rethink your orientation and possibilities to manifest, and then connect yourself to other people. The best leader is the one who knows how to notice that fine line that separates him from his real self, who knows how to distinguish that range of tones that retains the finest details of the original version of reality.

The threshold for entering into your real self is your guarantee for performance. In order to give an impetus to your leadership, you mustn’t stop to that threshold where vulnerabilities interfere in your development.

Overestimation is an image that gradually changes to another image, especially when what you see in you in certain circumstances can culminate in the appearance of a hard border, called: “It’s only in your head ! ”

A Huge Step To Narrow Horizons emphasizes that stage in your personal progress that, instead of maturing your thinking and leadership, it throws you two steps back.

Do you focus your efforts and vision in wrong directions? Are the clear perspective and the right attitude to reality the distinctive elements of your leadership? Do you manage to distinguish the really important issues in your life, your leadership, when a change takes place? How do you react when there is a “change of scenery”? Do you always accept a way of thinking in accordance with who you really are?

Conclusion: Leadership is based on an objective reality, and the leader must be well anchored into reality. By analyzing the past and involving himself into the present, he will be able to throw a glance into the future, drawing aside the curtain of time. For the future depends a lot on the past and the present. A true leader can’t create illusions for himself or sell illusions to others, so it is useless to create utopian visions for himself, because they will not propel him, but on the contrary, after making a step forward, he will make two or more steps back.

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