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A Leader With Authority

On March 07, 2009, in Skills and Abilities, by Neculai Fantanaru

The way you create the change determines how far will reach those who will follow you.

If you saw the movie "The Mask of Zorro (1998)", you certainly remember Alejandro. The restless young man who wanted to revenge his brother whatever it takes. He would have not succeeded in achieving his purpose if he hadn't met Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro).

Zorro appeared in Alejandro's life exactly in the right moment and shaped him; taught him how to fight and how to behave in society, how to obtain envy fame and how to be loved by people. Finally, Alejandro replaced Don Diego de la Vega and becomes the people's hero, the new Zorro.

Leadership: Can your attitude towards yourself, your duty to the world, and your patience with a stranger determine the future of the performance of a new way of thinking?

Have you found a person you train in your image and likeness to develop the whole composition of its becoming in a stylish, severe, scientific and spiritual form as a theme of philosophy that treats the "reconciliation of antagonisms"?

I don't think I'm wrong when I say that no one succeeds all by himself to face serious challenges. Once you have a leading job, without a doubt you will have to pass the knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to another person who needs it, so that he, in turn could fulfill his goals and reach a higher level. Your role is to bring this person to the point where he can take your place when you will not be able anymore to "function" at a maximum capacity.

In a word, you will have to become a master who can train the appropriate person and point her in a constructive direction. To bring him to the point when he can replace you and to continue your work. Having the power to make another person better than you, more creative in a domain, more skillful in playing his role as a leader, it's what confers you value and transforms you in a great mentor. You also have the duty to recognize his worth, so he can feel important and to work better.

Leadership by example is a change of attitude toward yourself in the face of steadiness and patience towards someone with narrower views, from which the performance of an original way of thinking has faded.

Leadership: What do you feel and learn from people can become a defining experience for judgment and understanding of explorations of the extremes of human credulity?

Do you cultivate in people that special sense that allows them to complete their potential? Or do you show your perfection in transmitting a certain credulity that appeals to people’s tendency to be led and exploited?

Be mindful of how you lead, credulity has a limit called rebellion. Alejandro was almost always on the verge of resisting the decisions of Don Diego from Vega.

Just as a master in the art of chess prepares his checkmate with a special skill since the beginning of the game, so do you, in the relationship with people you have to focus right from the beginning in observing their peculiarities. And according to their "package "of talent and the quality of their skills, to cultivate in them that special sense that would allow them to improve their potential.

A sense of duty to something above them, to the paths that only the truly virtuous pass, prepared to win the confrontation between a life full of dangers and the full blessing of power.

Leadership: Do you analyze the path you follow from the hypostasis of the person you have become at a point where you are closing your doors to what you dreamed of reaching?

Having authority means to impose, to make yourself heard, to control the situation. You establish the rules and take all the decisions, from you leave everything. But this doesn't mean that you have to abuse. You permanently have to search ways of inspiring trust to the person you wish to follow you and to help him increase his talent.

Keep in mind that when a crisis appears he has to be the right man who can deal the situation, who can find good solutions for you, that's why it's imperative necessary to encourage him to develop the skills he needs so he can solve any situation in any conditions.

Your leadership potential is reflected in the ability to seek at any cost a reconciliation between the point of support of moral satisfaction and those alternations of painful moments in which the aspiration of equity, justice, elegance, fair play, collaboration will begin to express themselves Profoundly in social change, being sometimes facilitated by the "defeated" position.

Someone said: "What sometimes seems hard suddenly becomes easy if you have beside you, a person to guide you and who gives all the interest to make you the best." This is what you should do: to help your apprentice to develop his potential so that things seem much easier to accomplish. Help him become more competent so that he can face with success his new responsibility.

Leadership is the sense of debt you earn when you start to invest from those resources you never knew you had, in terms of the general context of the cause you serve to straighten a path you see as being with no return.

A Leader With Authority is guided by the formula: the way you create the change determines how far will reach those who will follow you.


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