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A Matrix Of The Poetic World

On June 25, 2013, in Leadership Fusion, by Neculai Fantanaru

Build a new horizon of what you are and what you will always be, representing your position towards the world as an ordinary person released from the trap of a marked existence of inertia.

I was thinking about a return in a time I have never known, but I have always imagined it would be grand, incendiary, filled with inspiration. To a certain extent, because of the need to acquire the most useful learnings and the highest knowledge, because I truly owed it to myself to overcome my complexes and weaknesses. But the key to change could reinitialize only after a short suspension of the present, practically contributing to the rebuilding of a bridge above reality.

Accompanied by the electrifying conviction that the sparkle of inspiration trapped inside of me could ignite the most powerful fire, I started to believe more and more in my logic and reasoning. But they were uncrystallized, in a system that exposed reality and could be used for acquiring, deepening and revising the knowledge I needed for my becoming.

And this powerful fire had only one objective: to pierce into the heart of the matter in order to extract, through a painful surgery, the substantial marrow, the color of a new version of reality, so that the window of time could be opened. Fire is a gateway to integration into a recreated imagination, a form of expression through drawing and literature, with emphasis on handwriting, suggesting the intensity and deep color with which burns the fuel called “revelation”.

An incursion into a strange and confusing imaginary, structured according to its own operation laws, would pull me out of the routine I had been used to, awakening the desire to cross that temporary segment of dissatisfaction towards my own unsatisfying results. Altogether, it reintegrated the lively color of time in a single shape, on a single reference surface.

Leadership: How is your personality reflected in the sphere of a reality with deep significance, but does not fulfill you in terms of what you are able to conceive as a credible representation of inner life?

Instead of unlocking the gate of time, I have become its prisoner. I felt I am locked up in a temporary loop, suffocated by a bunch of difficult questions, paradoxes, ambiguities and deviations between meaning and direction. Misunderstandings of causes and effects. Distancing old tendencies, from the existing ones that set apart so much the two regions of the concerned cross-border area. This rose an unjustified fear similar to the question "who could save me?"

I was living with the results of an experiment of accelerating the unusual by absolutizing a browsing experience in a sort of Matrix, in a world of illusion, in a fictional space. Which instead of quickly revolutionizing the way in which I saw the world, it reduced the activation energy of an orientation reaction. What is more, it damaged my possibility to comprise in a positive way, the world’s mysteries between the wires of a viable representation.

The Matrix, as an echo of thoughts, is a reality with great profound significance because it provides the coordinates of a form of manifestation of the Ego: “I am afraid of natural things.” Seeing things from this point of view, that of a man who knows he failed in the attempt to resuscitate an advanced thinking and to carry through a strange idea, I can say that the fire got out of control and burnt a great part of the Ego tensed with desire and hope.

Somehow, my personality seemed to reflect as a mysterious embrace of deceptive psychology, on the condition of immortality in a world that operates according to its own laws, incompatible with those of the real world. In a single moment I understood everything. I have learned that I can cling to illusions, almost as a float through spatial sequences, common among writers and scientists. But I shouldn't have let them use me.

Leadership: Can you make an exposure of a reality that many do not know too much about, without depending on a place that come apart at any point?

Do you truly owe it to yourself to overcome your complexes and weaknesses? Can the key to change be reinitialized only after a short suspension of the present? Instead of unlocking the gate of time, have you become its prisoner? Are you living with the results of an acceleration experiment of the unusual?

To achieve a bridge over reality means to temporarily create another world in which everything is possible and where any desire can be fulfilled. In writing terms, it means experiencing a “fury of transcendental knowledge” and a “fever of creative intelligence”.

Anyone can turn into a block of concentrated creativity energy, a super-hero of experiences of influencing the real, who easily breaks the narrow prejudices and the thinking mechanisms that have no solid truth and authenticity base. But an exceptional man, the creator who knows how to manage his own identity in a complete way, is the one who admits how much he owes it to himself, to his thinking, wisdom and ingenuity (which he must take into account to reconsider his impression, attitude, position on the truths of nature and science).

Or to penetrate the heart of matter in order to extract it, leaving behind a new version of reality by opening the window of time, thus calling total knowledge, inaccessible to ordinary minds, sometimes means to disqualify yourself in front of the ordinary and familiar of a line of thinking. It means to leave the field of knowledge that has been accepted by most, to step away from the standard framed in the key segment of life: the happiness of living the present moment.

How you relate to two worlds, the one created and the familiar one, depends on the metaphor describing the reality that many refuse to accept or cannot understand.

According to the dictionary, the metaphor is a figure of speech through which a common image is replaced with another more expressive one on the basis of a subtle comparison. The metaphor follows both a personal description and a unique interpretation of facts, beliefs, ideas. It generates a positive attitude, inspires a new approach to fiction from the perspectives of possible worlds, and comes in the name of a century of great challenges and visions.

Paulo Coelho metaphorically and accurately expressed a truth: "Look at all the wonders of the world, but never forget the two drops in the teaspoon." Meaning, create a new image for yourself of the area of ​​experience you are living in and look at, but do not depend too much on its “enlightenment”.

The world can be a place of thinking about new ideas and horizons through a prior reconsideration of external reality, but at the same time it can be a place that can come apart at any point if you lose yourself in the infinite variety of experiences of unifying reality and imagination. What guarantees the uniqueness of a scientist, beyond the lines in which he expresses his feelings, is the similarity between the “lower world” and the “upper world”.

Fiction is the weapon of the Universe against which no world military force can resist, but which few can master to change the coordinates of this world.

The writer is the servant of revelation framed in a virtual picture. Basic premises of depth in the landscape of this painting, born from the opposition between form and background, experience-dream, are the following:

- producing a revelation that creates the exit from the normal world of sensation and reason;
- decoding the events that may have different turnouts than anticipated;
- accelerating progress visions marked by a strong emotional commitment;
- providing access to a truth that can become a point of attraction for those who can demonstrate it scientifically;
- the orientation to the explanations of his own experiences through the concept of “deja-vu” or “memories of the future”;

The poetic world is a writer’s leadership lesson that helps us better understand the following finding:

Looking beyond that horizon you have “by default” equates to the unconditional acceptance of a new self-image referring to a supratemporal and supra-material being invested with features beyond any imagination.

A Matrix Of The Poetic World is a sum of visions, miracles, dreams and endless stories, fulfilling the function of “producer” of a wider reality, but one hard to accept for the minds bounded by the provisions of the present “it is never good enough.”


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