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A Place Where Space Doesn't Exist (I)

On February 25, 2015, in Real Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Develop your power of imagination specific to the Creator, focusing on the idea of being complete even outside the space of rationality admitted by your own consciousness.

My intelligence was only waved by the eagerness with which I tried to create new representations of reality. Slowly, life turned into a permanent game of self-defense against the heavy questions that arised unanswered at every step. Exciting. I seemed to be a part of the romantic dream of a universal spirituality by the progressive coordination of the experience of migration towards an establishment of fiction - with its invisible tentacles wrapped around the reason, which would have proved to be so often poisonous. A fact that allowed me to get some autonomy towards science. However, a relatively limited one.

A sort of exit into the truth of the man who makes a leap full of enthusiasm towards the road that brings himself back to the place he had left. What to be? A mirage? Because a ravaging of the spirit crossed by meanings that escape the distinction between truth and symbols are revealed only by entering a parallel world through a temporary cancellation of the time, forming the core of a vortex able to absorb and dismantle it.

The only thing that remained after investigating the analogies between things, phenomena and sensations, between theories and practical applications, was my own story, lived directly into a different framework - among moving windmills, one self-induced by the brain in which were twitching all the fibers and searching for a release, brutally accelerating the activity of neurons almost up to the impossible. I was fixed into A place where space doesn’t exist.

Leadership: Do you care about your interest in deepening a reality beyond your appreciation to gaining a new means of expressing an inner truth that only an artist goes through in the rise of his creation?

Still finding me among the meanings in the increasing hearing of the horrid longing for life, I suddenly found myself locked into an absolute of nothingness, swept into a soul of an immaterial world – which has become a memory that insinuated wherever I passed. Just like a treasure hunter who engages in a risky, but challenging road, and finally comes to integrate into a dream that does not exist anymore.

Somehow, I was fascinated by the same beautiful chimera that filled the visions of Cyrano de Bergerac about the other worlds, such that besides the soul and the spirit would be the third intellectual substance, having its own functions and organs. But to breathe a gram of this substance I had to let myself guided by the nature of the perceptive experience. And to accommodate myself with the power of suggestibility.

The most important inner truth that an artist goes through in the ascension of his creation is the following: what you are experiencing on the search for answers to the transformation of the world you want to understand and where you want to be understood depends on how you react to the eventual correcting of a limp or unfinished creation.

This creation is called representative “Obscure Limited”, because in an attempt to test your mind’s limits, as well as the deepest fears about adopting new perspectives on reality, asking questions about the role of the imaginary in shaping it, it seems to you that you are going through a narrow territory of action where you have little chance of changing something, a law or some principle.

The easiest, the expression of inner truths can be accomplished by experiencing the ecstasy in front of everything that exists without putting anything in place, through the imagination that truly filters the spectacular, novelty and plasticity of memorable images.

Leadership: Is the décor you want to integrate yourself in wonderfully created in such a way that you can shape the existence of a unique model of showing a theme of reflection on the relationship between “Original and Copy”?

Your transition towards a full stage of knowledge begins with a sacrifice. By an exit from the self and within the ordinary. Even if this may equate to a wandering. The comparison with this wandering can be complemented by hypotheses and special considerations on the experimental reality embodied in a framework of analysis of the philosophy of the mind, with the possibility of extending the understanding of the world or certain unknown phenomena but not obstructing fantasy and action.

As regards leadership, represented by the psychology and the vision of a private person, the essential is not to walk on the footsteps of other predecessors who drowned on shore searching for answers that could help them in understanding the evolution and knowledge of the world. But you have to walk on your own tracks and to avoid the paths of others. That means being original.

The décor in which you must wonderfully integrate yourself to succeed in developing a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the world you are creating and experiencing must be the result of accumulation, intelligence searches and answers. And every element added in addition to pure thought must be an ideal of truth that transcends everything by going to absolute.

Leadership folds perfectly with what you are trying to achieve in your full freedom of being where no one has reached, in terms of discovering a truth that changes something in the world.

Your power of a creator is notable by the fact that you generate a balance between what you want and what you can, between the real and ideal, by substantiating judgments of value through which derive new knowledge from old knowledge. The power of imagination specific to the Creator lies in the transformation of an ideal from reality into fiction, so that the space created from this new perspective takes on proportions and expands, even if in the end it seems that you are dealing only with an illusion.

The man who has the conscience of the originality of the idea and of the conception of change, swinging his intelligence by the fervor with which he seeks to give rise to new representations of the world, of the reality and of the hypothetical, always forwards on a path paved with new perspectives of interpreting daily experiences and emotions.

Being original it means to give up being right in as regards the limits that marks the transition from one reality to another. It means to identify an alternative framework of representing the world and the reality through which to redefine yourself. But not being a copyist, a blind follower of some patterns of thought, perception and action, you will be forced to go beyond the known path for crossing unexplored roads.

The link between originality and diversity is given by the vision you create about a reality where the truths are not only questionable, but it also provokes disputes, by analogy with a world that imposes certain rules that you are not allowed to put under the question mark and must undertake.

A Place Where Space Doesn't Exist designates that exit of the natural course of development, the virile risk assumption to get lost into the mysterious labyrinth of meanings that can enhance the resonance of what it means to be a visionary.


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