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A Symptomatology Of Victory

On December 20, 2016
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to see through the transparency you forge by the means of rendering the creative power, accessing your new status according to the analysis of the impact of a higher degree of knowledge.

I have decked my secret purpose, my entire fortune with a plausible pretext, a liberating form of arranging a disallowed meeting, producer of an image with a unique value: "no one can tell" . It was the answer to a long wait, an appearance of the genius that awaited its interpretation specifically devoted to a striking description of the infinite, in the superlative depths of creative power, in the perimeter of an emotion that even now sculpts fantasies in a mind that expresses itself through the optical effects of mirrors. The light, suffering multiple total reflections, produced a beautiful effect. Be very careful of a pretending that you wanted !

"I seem to be what I’m not you see" in this essence of the means of playing out a lucidity that abandons itself, as in the Myth of Sisyphus, through a sequence of reactions of the type "Stay close until you reach the end", but developed in the light of the law of the periodicity of a reverse phenomenon, such as an inverted image. Here, the creative power I had to show was announced to be a guarantee of perfect vision from the perspective of a physicist who dreams of traveling in the “timeline” of his own life to develop a new system of production and supply of reality.

My victory was in fact a violation of the standards of reality accepted by the preferences and expectations of the century in which I lived. It was the struggle I had to fight against ephemerality, against things done without a soul, such as things related to art and science. Only the writer Marquerite Yourcenar noticed the need for this victory in the fight against ephemerality and neglect. She wrote:

To do your best. To remake. To imperceptibly retouch the retouch itself. “I'm correcting myself, Yeats said, while correcting my works.” He was one of those who had the good will to bother on his own initiative to rectify a mistake, to confirm a detail, to support a hypothesis, to facilitate a new research – facts for which I bring my friendly thanks.

Leadership: Can you live and manage a grandiose self-experience depending on the lucidity with which you encounter a different reality, effectively positioning yourself close to an edifying image?

A spontaneous separation of the two parts of me, by using the Gaussian lens formula, made everything complicated, made it have the nuances of a long evanescence. Two tissues transformed into nerves, two faiths faced with an ambient that denies and defies them, two ideas in an adverse relation. One acting as an active barrier, the other passive to the transporting of matter between the adjacent phases of developing the dynamic of relationships between an image of life past and one of life regained.

Evolution from the state of balance to the state of unbalance was possible, but highly unlikely. I didn’t realize how alone I was, running from the world, retreating in the wilderness of a huge empire, in the delirium of possessing new knowledge neighboring the destruction of old ideas and teachings, proposing new meanings, even of this was not the primary source of my searches. Victory requires feeling and action, both immortalized in an edifying image of what makes me feel free, motivated, creative, more than the eventual satisfaction that would flow from contact with other people’s experience, opinions, and attitudes.

It was an excruciating lucidity that changed self-experience, increased the misleading cheerfulness of the drunkenness of thinking about everything in terms of power, in order to seize absolute freedom, wanting myself leaning against one of those mysteries that give man the invaluable and bitter taste of the absolute. Too real is this feeling of make believe. Victory is the torment of keeping you lucid and creative in a reality that wants you to be someone else.

Leadership: Do you try to represent your fantastic superiority in this world by accessing the state of mind specific to the force of creation that asks: "Lord, make me your equal?"

Here is what Jack Griffin, Wells’ hero, thought while facing the demons of his mind, analyzing the nuances of a liberating mystery:

To achieve such a dream meant that I had to overcome magic ! I had forged a magic vision – one that no doubt would come to disturb – on what this could mean for man. Mystery, power, absolute freedom… I couldn’t glimpse any hindrances. Think for a bit ! I, a man as poor as a church mouse, a vagrant, with limited possibilities, to use the substantial merits of science, its inexhaustible resources, to rise on its highest peaks, in the sphere of truly evolved spirits, I could’ve become an invisible man !

For years I’ve worked. And as soon as I would overcome a mountain of difficulties, from atop of it, I would glimpse another. The multitude of details, trinkets, the claws of matter hidden in the vicinity of causes and effects ! Exasperation ! The outbreak of madness ! I had endured it all, I had clenched my teeth. But in the end, I had succeeded ! I had discovered the secret of invisibility, I had surpassed absolutely all men of science through the virtue of perseverance, by educating will, through the glow of an uncompromising lucidity spewing from the darkness of madness… And it worked… believe me ! I could see through the transparency I had forged. I could be in any place, without anyone sensing my presence. A sort of God. Here is where I started from, and how far I have come.

He who recognizes himself as a cause of a prolonged struggle, full of content, justified through the lens of the desire of being the best, the one who discovers a form of creation that speaks in the name of a certain superiority, will always express ideas, feelings, and the finest of aspirations in the equation of expanding his own supreme self.

A positive fact, because the one who doesn’t correlate the victory of his labors with a favorable evolution, with a series of elements tied to a high degree of knowledge, will not be able to manifest himself as a lucid presence of the rational in favor of the effects of a certain lesson once assumed. And the supreme self, in a universe of infinite possibilities, of fantasy, tends to see the real world through a plurality of the possibilities of engaging in generating added value and innovation through creation.

A leader knows how to see through the transparency he forges. He is an artist who controls the art of transformation acting from a certain status and continuing to access that status according to the analysis of the impact of a high degree of knowledge, from the phase of an extension of his force of creation that asks: "Lord, make me your equal ! "

Such an individual, experiencing the relationships between an image of life past and one of life regained is useful to leadership through the fact that he merges with an immense projection of his actuality, obviously in an optimistic note, in a special and well defined category of the "different". And the different is often the harmonic fusion between creation and perfection, which gives a sense of total fulfillment.

A Symptomatology Of Victory has as a first consideration the basic trait of the genius artist, whose catalyst of differentiation can be at the upper limit of the maximum allowed by the laws of becoming, possible to be formulated as follows: "To achieve such a dream is to exceed magic ! "

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