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A Tormenting Adagio Of The Blood

On December 14, 2013, in Leadership Fusion, by Neculai Fantanaru

Discover the algorithm that allows the creation of a better defined profile of your personality, experiencing another dimension of leadership.

Senator Ruth Martin addresses the man who kidnapped her daughter. From within the words so deep and affectionate that only an innocent soul can taste, under the tension of an inner clash of two opposing forces, between David and Goliath, between ability and crash, breaks through that chain of thoughts, emotions, desires, that must challenge at all costs the sick mind of the kidnapper. Of the fierce killer, Buffalo Bill.

The oscillation of internal energy, in the phase of self-transformation, takes place under conditions of stress and anxiety, which can be measured by the heat of the soul that prevails with intensity through the voice that begs for mercy. A part of this gentle being remains silent, shivers, remains hidden behind the peaceful and quiet temperament. While another part of it groans and throws itself into battle with latent understanding, with the unbridled passion of a player unwilling to lose.

But in the prison of thought a thread to thin of hope is built. The woman’s weary heart, this pulsing system that expands and contracts rhythmically to ever higher temperatures, accommodates only deaf and unexplained noises, creating overwhelming whirlwinds. Powerful turbulences that extend based on the law of instability towards another dimension of the self. The discharge frequency of positive stimuli is hard to estimate. Her determinism, the effects of propagation reactions of negative pressure waves, are extremely difficult and costly to investigate experimentally with a psychological instrument of measuring self-esteem.

Leadership: Can you achieve a certain intensity of the performance of being more meaningful, more dependent on the mark of a new position in man’s sphere of knowledge, to produce a new version of the vision of the value of life?

Some crystals, when put into a fire, melt at first and then volatilize. So too does the heart, arduously strained, trembles to its foundations and then shudders until it collapses. The chemical analysis of blood would reveal new degraded compounds that reduce heart rate, high sensitivity semiconductor sensors that slow blood flow. Heart pumped blood enters slower and slower into the arterial system, creating an oscillating tension. Nerves call upon themselves and are transformed into a scattered algorithm that modifies the operating variables, making its approach inefficient.

Sound vibrations must create a mood that offers depth-giving and impulses, re-creating with great sensitivity the heartbreaking image of an unthinkable soul twisting. But the effect is not the desired one, the woman’s approach only causes a great deal of uncertainty and daring at the same time. Buffalo Bill becomes more hidden and more calculated in his decisions, but in no case more temperate.

The echo of the voice is not that far-reaching, stimulating, relevant to the creation of a sphere of positive influence. It cannot form a perfect whole, that stable foundation for the leadership it intends to impose.

The Senator’s vision of the value of her daughter’s life does not reach the heart of the killer precisely because it is symbolic, it is based on the wavelength of her political position, less on the territory of empathy. The vision must first be an opening of the self towards another, then to change the direction of a belief towards the fulfillment of a mission.

Can you complete your leadership position by self-regulation of the soul dimension when you are under the circumstances to experience the pain of your own consciousness?

Both by the temperament of his personality promoted during the qualifying "tournament" in the first echelon of excellence in leadership and by its own methods of analysis with which he is endowed with, the leader can comfortably set his dominant model into an accessible position. He usually functions as an objective mechanism, equipped with levers of self-regulation and self-control so well defined that he won’t dissolve his positive state of being. This state can rotate 90 degrees through a simple exposure in a gloomy frame of a difficulty moment in life and can transform itself into a state of total abandonment.

Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most important writers of the twentieth century, said: "There comes a time in every man’s life when they find out who they are."This self-knowledge is not the result of some miraculous power not understood by anyone, but only the way in which the unconscious recognition of our inner life and the identification with those feelings that can be recognized in ourselves, play an important role in ensuring stability.

The strong and sometimes violent feelings that overwhelm man, often darkening his righteous judgment, take place when experiencing another dimension of leadership. A dimension in which compassion, understanding and love are dominant. But this spiritual amalgam can leave way for weakness, by establishing and applying different approaches, positions and norms.

In chess, the position is seen by both players as perfectly equal and without a chance of entering the device of any of the opposing parties. During the toughest of existential moments, you can complete your position of leadership by auto-regulating the soul dimension, but in doing this you will hamper any logical flowchart of developing a viable strategy. Unfortunately, strong minds are hard to break in the face of ingenuity. So do not seek to discover in ingenuity some considerable forces of influence.

Leadership: How do you assess your ability to cope with a situation at the limit where a second of emotion proves to be stronger than a thousand images?

Inspired permanently by an innovative spirit, permanently giving up on any trends that do not represent a fundamentally psychological attitude and to any type of thinking that does not focus on beliefs and positive emotions, the leader also makes available to his own will and self-constraint certain facilities, ideas, scenarios and convincing means of expression and perception. By experiencing new approaches, behaviors, attitudes and behaviors, he has to prove virtue and morality, offering a basis for authentic quality: to weigh, to judge, to be wise.

An oscillation between two opposite poles does not lead to a "madness", but to an understanding of the existential ineffable. Under the inner tension of a clash between two opposing forces, between David and Goliath, between ability and crash, breaks through that chain of thoughts, emotions, desires, that greatly challenges the character and personality of man. And this represents the only and most difficult way of exploring leadership in tense situations.

At this time, only those who have the courage to turn the focus of attention to themselves will be able to capture the "imperceptible", measured by the heat of the soul that succeeds with intensity from behind its motivations. But in this case, the only noticeable thing is the psychological phenomenon to which leadership assists impotently.

Be careful ! You could end getting stuck in what regards the making of better decisions if the guiding principle of your responsibility is subjected to the feeling of “loss of self” in favor of the emotions that offer a value fundamental to your message regarding the existence of a common nucleus of humanity.

A Tormenting Adagio Of The Blood is a metaphor that expresses the depth of human suffering in its attempts to resolve its spiritual matters. It expresses the inner state of the man aware of his own limitations, trying to extend the power of influence, or at the very least to maintain its leadership position.

* Note: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)


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