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A Winning Way

On January 10, 2009
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Orient yourself to your leadership strengths, without ignoring the positive side of your being.

Sun Tzu advised us: "Avoid the enemy's strong points and attacking his weak points." A skillful leader does not rush into a battle where there are no high chances of success, but only if he finds a way of getting out victorious. And one of the best ways to create a real advantage, a sort of a protective shield, is to recruit people from the opposing camp.

In "Cheops and the Great Pyramid" Guy Rachet, tells us about the Cheops’ expedition to Phoenicia and about the diabolical conspiracy that has been instigated against him.

When returning from Byblos, Cheops was met by his trusted officer Ineke, together with other two soldiers. He did not suspect in no way that they sought to kill him. However, even before the three of them act, Kerset, the daughter of Reyen - one of the richest men in Byblos, jumped to his help and killed two of his attackers, injuring the third in his leg with two arrows just before to run. Cheops escaped unharmed, without a scratch, and now he had to find out the truth at all costs from the wounded attacker.

Normally, after finding out who was actually hiding behind the conspiracy, Cheops was supposed to kill this attacker who wanted to take his life. But what do you think he decided?

There seems hard to believe, but he left him alive. Moreover, together with Kerset, they bandaged his feet and properly took care of him. His gesture was by no means reckless, but on the contrary, it was a noble and a well-thought one. For in this way, the attacker, through a moral duty commandment, would be grateful to him, and could help him unmask the impostors. Even if Cheops’ decision was not an easy one, he resorted to this solution thinking about his future benefits.

Leadership: Do you extend your maneuvering space around an image that represents you with a superior quality that you so far ignored on your character?

All people make mistakes. The chargeable consciousness, the careful observation of moral duties, as well as the compliance of a right behavior, determine them to admit their mistakes, to learn from them, and to strive to correct them.

Intuition, along with the capacity to exhibit a ponderate behavior, dictated to Cheops the decision that he took, helping him to easier anticipate other hazards. Leadership is based on these two qualities that can change your attitude in times of difficulty. They reflect the "cap" of your own potential, being the guidance system that does not let you deviate from the right path. They amplify your leadership potential through a positive outlook on own capacities.

A quality of your character that you may have ignored so many times is the ability to be active in a new initiative in an impetuous way of repositioning regarding immediate external challenges.

To convince yourself of the leading power that lies within you is to respect the boundaries between "form and substance", in accordance with the values that you assume in such a way that you do not regret it later. The shape is given by unexpected events, the basis is given by the way you treat them without doubting yourself.

Therefore, your first concern, as a leader, is to always keep in touch with these two benchmarks that frequently interact and complement each other, frequently checking how your area of expertise progresses.

The image that represents you through a superior quality of your own nature is given by the added credibility and celebrity status that you must skillfully exploit by an honorable gesture.

Making an abstraction of the inner voice, which whispers exactly how to act and what road to take, it is like someone would completely destroy your guiding system, and would take all your guiding intelligence. You get to behave chaotically, without a coherent strategy, with no structure, without logic, without an integrated thinking and a plan that would correspond to your skills, and to ensure you a certain safety in your deeds over time.

The guiding system allows you to behave with much care in critical situations and to approach things with a lot of skill. It connects you to your positive side that accentuates your personality, which enhances your smoothness in thinking, and frees your true leadership potential. That point of support that continually reminds you of your moral values, encouraging you to obey them, even when you are surrounded by people who lack these values.

Orient yourself in any situation to your leadership strengths, without ignoring the positive side of your being. How do you reach a high level of performance in leadership?

Leadership: Are you expecting to benefit from a hesitation skillfully provoked through a true strategy of ambiguity, of which the most promising prospect is the recognition of a superiority that has not been determined with certainty?

If you really want to reach your proposed goals, be prepared for many disappointments. Put in the top of the list your self-confidence for the purpose that you follow to reach, and especially in your working partners (business) that you choose. Because, remember very well, no matter how much confidence you have in your own abilities, if you do not find a reliable ally to help you in trouble, you will never succeed to reach your goals.

Just as the craftsmanship is characterized by the production of objects made in the spirit of art, especially of the popular one, even so, a high level of performance in leadership can be achieved by developing trust in other people in the noble spirit of ethical and moral values - which come in support of your assessment of their fair value.

How do you appreciate the people’s confidence? How do they appreciate your confidence?

Recognizing a value of superiority that has not been determined with certainty is an opening to new experiences from which you have to deduce some personality traits that rise above "to know" and above "to understand".

A Winning Way is the adoption of that feature generically called "adaptive process" from which ultimately derives the effect of "positive dominance".

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