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On November 11, 2017
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Leadership Z3-Extended by Neculai Fantanaru

What helps you to be a completely different person is the result of a small element that can transform the phenomenon called "connect to yourself" in a perpetuum mobile of future actions.

It does not matter what I say, rather what inspires me. The sublime moment of awakening from the heavy sleep of laziness, the unexpected escape from a graceful prison called self- sufficiency, extends infinitely long until I look away from my projection in the mirror and contemplate the horizon. An instinctive creation in which the future is revealed, differentiated between the word of spirit and the color of the pictorial image, refuses a deep analysis, but gains magical valences. It frees me from the illusions of my own vanity.

The possibilities of integrating myself into a new reality are countless when the force of creation falls decisively, like a bolt from the sky, on the need to rid myself of the passive-reflexive side that hopes for great things, but fears direct action and confrontations. Mysteriously, I feel like I am attending an extraordinary experience, deep in an imaginary otherness. As if I was suddenly released from some thick chains, and the sense of the release of non-random, unexpected, but plausible based on the blueprints of a parallel universe, would trace my life a new task. Fortunately, I don’t know which one. Yet.

My hand writes without me, as the weather changes without any sign, without any warning, I manage to weigh the contents of a world without walls, this is the only way to skim the horizon according to an exhaustive note: "Oye, piensa en tu futuro ! " Everything occurs particularly at night, but I cannot explain if it’s just a match, an addition of a divine or universal matching. Then dance to the rhythm of a music heard only by me.

Leadership: Can you create a relationship of reciprocity between the creation you serve in a sublime moment of catharsis and the transfiguration of a reality that forces you to submit to it?

All through a transfiguration of creative inspiration, revealing the intermittent mystery of matching of rhythms, like loaded springs, ready, ready to explode, reflective of the time in which desire, vision, and divine calling were born, entered in words and the connection between them, I practiced the possibility of being myself.

I reversed the passive role of being a product of creation, to the reason of receiving what was offered to me by the composing laws of the forces of life. Without reflecting on unknown ideas. The reality to which I had to bow respectfully, patiently, with dignity seemed to be drawn from a text by the writer Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa: “He who writes in the universal voice must be purified and cleansed by sacrifice, have strong hope, constant faith, and the mind be lifted up to the high God, and then he will surely obtain divine power.”

It was a sort of reflection of what I think of myself in a revival of vitality programmed and maintained at any cost of spiritual energy, a total refusal to obey, to stop, to ID myself in the face of fixed rules. A clash of arrangements in which winning is self-surpassing. It is an attribute of the physical dynamics of a system that can be derived from the equations of motion of a body in the direction of an intelligent sound that has a Level 10.

Leadership: Can you raise your personal example to the rank of a virtue by valuing the potential of mirroring in a double similar to you, identified by the Supreme Self?

I became somebody else entirely as the intensity of perspiration increased where there was nothing but imagination and courage. For what some call "Adelante", in the tension to a prior intensifying one before it, that quality of being synchronized with the novelty from everywhere just to make it live on the improvised stage of a uniform time, porque la vida es corta , I call the it the Higher Self coming from a divine core of adrenaline.

The necessity to get closer to triggering a chain reaction with unpredictable effects, what I have in mind when I am caught in the game of manifesting the reality I create around the idea of "illusion", most likely comes from the invisible of a mistake or a fault unacknowledged, expressed by the perception of unknown magic: "Yo vivo hoy no miro para atrás".

Operating an internal opening to an unnoticeable outside and yet present, a metaphysical "beyond", a vice bursting with splinters of fire, an implementation of escape from loneliness in the event of stopping suddenly while, for other laws of life, get to go beyond myself and see what is beyond the possibilities encompassing a whole. A world summed up in one word integrates me in the structure of the supreme divine: Intensity.

The beauty of what you see in the mirror is the attraction that does not know any limits to what you experience intensely in the present of a completely different future than can be imagined at the time.

To live in an essential manifestation of will, a form of renewable energy, inexhaustible, of a high vibration, by reducing the unknown to the known, as a promise of an experience that overjoys me greatly: "Que viva la vida ! " , as if amid a predestination that I cannot run away from, it became the expression of the desire to do a work at the subtlest level of my nature. To regain periodically perfection beyond fracture and polarity.

This manifestation is unexpected reaction to rushing to what is born and never dies, enriching the life of spiritual freedom and spirit to continuously increase the amount of content and spirit of creative freedom, now proposed to aesthetic revision. Accompanied by the release of energy equal to the difference between what I feel and what I think under the law of action and reaction.

A life that takes happens on "fast forward" is essentially the power to live every moment to the maximum intensity. In the context of such intensity is traced the accession path towards a deep and lasting reality, able to be reborn in every gesture, action or reaction, fueling the revelation in which the reality formed outside of yourself disappears at one point.

Leadership aims to bring personal Creation to the level of the Supreme Self, so that what you highlight through your intimate confessions bears the stamp of a universal consciousness receptive to the pulsations of an authentic experience.

Adelante suggests the recreation of that intrinsic reality by recreating the intensity and force of suggestion with which you express your thoughts or events involved in shaping a unique, authentic personality.

What helps you be a completely different person is the result of a small element that can transform the phenomenon called "connect to yourself" in a perpetuum mobile of future actions. This little item has as a reference point the valuation of a moment through an intense and revealing experience. The immortalization of this moment creates memories that will last a lifetime.

* Note: Sash ! - Adelante

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