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On June 01, 2019, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Remember what defines you as an artist in a time which never slows its course.

I admire my roses every day, as a painter admires his painting shortly before finishing it, to make the final touches, trying to distinguish the message transmitted by nature in a context of a “passing event”. It is the clear evidence of a high spiritual force, a testimony of someone more versed on the condition I am pushed towards, that of being a wise and knowledgeable being, one who recognizes the importance of stopping time in a single moment.

Here in my garden, as everywhere in art and life, despite all the secrets of the universe revealed only through a loving being, the impression of returning over time finds its place in a colorful setting, where I recapture my meaning. The composition of my subject, this time as vast as a grain of sand from n hourglass with no way out, meets a prayer, a regret, and a good deed.

I could graphically represent the possibility of reading a narrative given to me daily by the rose, in the colors of a mysterious reality, hidden in the flow of endorphins from a more enigmatic brain that calls for interconnection mechanisms between the earth and the universe.

Through an ever-ascending line, passing through all the achievements and majesty of nature as a metaphor in a groove of time, I could keep with veneration the connection between my life, a field of desires ever wider than planned, and the refined sensitivity of an artist who glorifies the miracle of this world through a resounding AMEN.

Any artist who aspires to immortality takes as a model of inspiration the unique nature of a symbol from an image, half virtual, to extend the distance between suggestion and perception.

I have experienced the durable nature of a rose, part of a grandiose nature, sure of it, never succumbing to the weaknesses of a celebrity who lived for a long time between the backstage and the ramp. I was the symbolic representation of a key character in a complex novel endowed with a history of the human soul, regarded as a form of selfish exploitation of moments of doubtful nobility that would bear the consequences of a possible scenario of belonging to a mysterious sign of the gods, at a time when artificial intelligence was totally rejected.

I have known all the enigmas of the world, all its cunning, all the joys, all its realities. I have lived a lot, but I have met only a few people truly worthy of praise. I was part of the nostalgia of the great emperors, from the science of the great alchemists, from the inspiration of the great artists, but the hardest I was touched by Peter the miner, who sold his heart to the unholy only to find that nothing made him happy anymore. I was, in this case, the field of observation of an existence full of teachings.

“When you have a cold heart, nothing moves you, nothing gives you joy; no painting, no music, no dance. You have no pleasure but food, drink, and sleep. This was the way for this man to travel through the world without purpose, reminding himself only rarely of the time when a poor boy, forced to agonize his living through work, had been happier and more joyful.”

“Watch out. I defeat the pain. I’m alive again”, whispers to me the thread of a thought that feels like an endless prelude to grace and divine forgiveness throughout an immortal life, derived from the proclamation of the imminence of a change of mentality in an evolution of pure consciousness. A kind of spiritual awakening for an immediate awareness of sin not to have experienced what the soul truly wants. The sin of not using all that the Creator has given to men: a return to ourselves.

Leadership: Do you possess the rare quality of combining in a single formula the generous contribution of nature to completing a perspective on what it means to live your life by reference to the essential axes of a vulnerable destiny?

The rose. The whole world in a single image that portrays the destiny of an unfinished work. A life framed by the gentleness of an unrequited love, or the purity of a star flight, or by the finesse with which the artist describes the portrait of a common man who writes his story in the book of immortality. He is the only agent of nature who has the power to remember the details of the past, continuously experimenting with the existence of the character of Wilhelm Hauff’s work.

I was blind and now I see. What if God is not for me? Wonders the man who walks without hesitation into sin, but hits the unbearableness of his own character. Nature hears the heart’s struggle, calms its nerves and gives him a chance for forgiveness in the form of an understanding: “One quality can remove all defects.”

What “the little man of glass” told Peter the miner remains a parable of repentance: “Remorse, springing from the heart’s courage to love, always reconciles things and, if I were convinced that you are regretful of the sinful life you lived, I would try to do something for you.”

When you experience a strong emotion of what has been done in cohesion with everything that is essential in life, in the effort to correct your character, as the rose directs its strain into the wind, especially after the storm, the spirit of your being gains the splendor of deliverance of the fatality links.

And when you are living through the mysteries of a purple rose, as well as the history admired with great emotion, you actually realize the artistic potential of a young director who, by laying out fact after fact, in a cycle of centuries, prepares the soul of the world for the treasure that is reserved for it, giving meaning to a higher mission: to make the work of the Lord known in the smallest deeds.

Leadership: Are you able to understand the voice of nature reinforced by the imperative of a destiny called upon to follow you through similarities that link you to the past in search of a symbol to use in a unique message?

Oh, what a chain of wonderful happenings the rose destined for me. But the heavens always watch over the symbol I want to use in a unique message: “Try to keep in the memory of the world everything you experienced in the moments when you were someone else ! ”

The rose has witnessed an existence that is repeated by the idea behind the story, namely that any experiences seeks the right coat, and any impulse of manifestation of spirituality seeks its access to the word. In the transition from wealth to suffering, and from suffering to joy, Peter the miner used to say: “Better to content yourself with a little than be filthy rich, with a lot of gold and a cold heart.”

In art, as in life, you are condemned to love a reality that immediately immortalized in a memory beyond words, can never be changed by anyone, but only enlivened with a bit of color, with sensitivity, with divine greeting.

Only a brilliant artist succeeds in rendering, as a persistent chronicle of events taken from reality, even if somewhat diluted with meaning, the reading of a line of union of the soul with divinity, the supreme purpose of existence. My only concern comes from the fact that I have exaggerated my understanding, the spiritual impulse that resists time, and this active manifestation of the desire to conceive an aesthetic of fragility, suffering and joy that follows.

Leadership: Is your existence a reality that has begun to be visible with the creation of a character full of contradictions, but one that resists throughout time through the theme it addresses?

From the moment I went back in time, to other lands, I created a different ambience, another variant of myself that lives in a parallel reality. I was the image of a rose that grew in the heart of fairytale character full of contradictions, but inspired by reality, which is equivalent to plunging into a truly fascinating universe where ordinary people suddenly discover new forces designed to transform their lives and themselves into… something else.

At the same time, I take up the fact that the idea of measuring things, order and orientation, in the aesthetics of the joy of living in the memory of a long-forgotten past, in which only the term “holiness” could measure the distance between regret and repentance, between pain and well-being. The present, how different is it in a “Look back” theme check?

To wisely experience a return to other times is not a philosophy of the science of creation and creation, it is not an immortalization of the remnants of obsolete morals, but rather the effect of a thought designed to perpetuate the battlefield of a pain that always sought relief.

Meditation on art begins with the justification of the idea of finitude. I was the purity of a rose located in the foreground of a painting where saturated colors are too cold to be beautiful, but in which imperfection is a virtue and every character, measured with the accuracy of time, is absolutely wonderful the way they are.

The past is gone for good, it’s time to say: Amen !

The power of an artist lies in the correct choice of a symbol meant to represent him outside the theme he addresses from the perspective of time, but of a life lived through successive recharges.

Amen is the scream of an artist who looked around, saw the defects of the world, and chose to say “Farewell” only to return to it in other times, in other places, in other dimensions of being, in order to perfect his work. At last, I believe I will be found…

* Note: Enigma feat. Aquilo - Amen (White Motive Remix)


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