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On December 08, 2019, in Leadership Expert, by Neculai Fantanaru

The divine act of Creation is a very fine experience in interpreting a reality full of significance, about the significance of transforming the original image of nature into a “mirror image”.

On many occasions I have noticed that the path that my life has stretched out in front of me passes through a garden full of roses, cared for in the field of Inmariasty consciousness, letting itself be better known through a kind of spirituality, intellectual and elite, that only the most talented artists are able to acquire. Ameno, Ameno, latire, because I am given the privilege of having a golden hand, used as a remedy against the constraints endured by the ruses, such as humanity’s attempt to intervene in the course of nature, in its laws, in its work.

Inmariasty, in complete love and truth, is the prophetic name attributed to a matiro outhisumrelationship between “the light of truth”, “the divine in nature” and “the resort to intervention in the plane of artistic experience”, as the creator ventures to the highest visions of beauty invested with a unique symbolic value. A very exposed term in the sublime act of prophecy, because “Whoever sees my interior, must not look at the external aspect”, creates the impression of something living por medio de una escritura sagrada, so that a series of situations and events that put me in front of myself get the nuances of contemplating the relationship with a Deus Absconditus.

Through the gentle touch of the soft petals, with that ease of a touch of fine brush, but also through the practice of flushing the leaves, one by one, with the help of a handkerchief from the softest velvet, I gained a different focus on life, a parallel way of soul development with resonance in multiple examples of creative initiatives. The rose, without which one cannot conceive the existence of a Latiremnoart (the close union of the believers with the profound meaning of a sacred image), refined in a refined way a kind of return to the purity of forms and to the real nature, apparently hidden behind the figurative. Ciò che è santo è sempre segreto…

The effect of widening a creative vision is given by the sensitivity of a mystical spirituality caught in an image of perfection that only resides in the science of art to find in nature a likeness fitting to your personality.

Often, I was tempted to choose another road in my life, a path that deepened into a thicket of bushes, but I find myself forced to admit that a strange force has chosen me, and better than me, shedding a strong light on the truth about the world in ways that are difficult to accept for the existing framework of knowledge. The success of an artist is a final analysis of the collaboration with God in determining the order of distinct phenomena that facilitate the execution of remarkable compositions. Ameno, dore me!

Everything seems to me painted with the blood of the miracle to exist in total discretion, but also in a circle of impressions of a moment, blooming beautifully around an aesthetic ideal. The roses, making up the breath of the sacred space in which the timeless utterance of the Divine teaching is contemplated, supports me in the subtle refinement of the expressive model of artistic processing of the abstract message, chosen to nourish the spirit of immortality. It is an art to know how to turn sensitive matter into an immortal body, then to withdraw into its light.

The art of enlivening the rose is just the beginning of a mystique that emphasizes the resurrection of our Savior Christ in a sui generissurrealism, mirrored in the consciousness of the world through a partially figurative image.

As for the place where I surrounded myself with the sanctity of a resonant image in the “embrace of baby Jesus”, who knows only an ascending orientation to the autonomy of the artistic language, I can at the same time recognize that manifestation of a state of wonder and admiration which the artist experiences in a gentle, decently, patient way, when it comes to abstract painting, nostalgically recalling the lights of times experienced omoovia-sethys in the spirit of alchemy.

Leadership: Does the art that your Creation retains possess the mystery of the richly ornamented interpretive style, aided by a vision of divine destiny conceived as an eternal archetypal journey of initiation of the self into the mysteries of a figurative composition?

Therefore, the experiences had at every moment of life, within a more rustic drawing style, represented a kind of mentor in the subtle refinement of a lasting language, of a chosen aesthetic taste, of the additional rigor in interpreting the creative themes, of course adapted for contemporaneity. I think that here, too, my thoughts deserve to plunge into a flurry of ancient roses, forever hiding in their meaning a secret that can drive away kitsch propagators: “We are what we see and admire repeatedly.”

Ensuring the correlation between life and art, in relation to a symbol of beauty and positivity, rests on a natural instinct to reproduce living images, of the essential phenomena that adorn the Cychesthea Creation, to plunge into the world of options with sensitive potential, sometimes revealing a tangible reality, sometimes a utopia or idealism fallen into the trap of fantasy. Without being too sweet, romantic or expansive, the rose whispers a secret to me: “Be like me, without forgetting who you are !”

Thought of as a miraculous appearance of a divine messenger, by sharing in the pure image of God, so giving him a very orthodox feeling in the expressive pattern of a childlike, angel-like smile, I tried to describe the rose (for the eternal glorification of the faith) in a transfer of positive traits from un espíritu puro to un espíritu sagrado, in a sublime and supernatural way, truly transforming the grace of the holy into an Argyasantri place (written in a divine name). It was not easy, because it meant to experience the rose as a natural expression of my privacy in correspondence with a figurative elegance.

Leadership: Is it in the nature of the creator within you to cross beyond the Ego to the border with another world, claiming a human vision in a universe of the Imperial Self?

Nothing is easier for a painter, compared to the splendor of an immortalization of life (narrated in a few sequences beautifully described artistically), than to render in an artistic way a situation produced by facilitating the encounter between the immanent and the transcendent. With a single glance given to a unique flower, caught in a very red and yellow image, which seems to be reborn in the hypostasis of a sensitive human being who begins to learn an articulated language madeagis istenantza, the essential image of Creation acquires a marked quality of grace and poetry, but with an increasing weight in the transmission of the solemn message: “What is deep never disappoints.”

If I were to extend this idea in relation to the impact of reality in the world of the rose, I could resort to the supreme point of view of Bishop Ghenadie of Râmnicului: “The idea of ​​our holy religions, preached by the Savior and the Apostles, and introduced into the minds of men could not remain here for a long time only in the form of mental conceptions, for they also needed a body, but they had to be represented by representations borrowed from the field of arts and from the book of nature.”

The Imperial Self used by the artist to create the coordinates of another world, in a miraculous harmony of four roses with totally special smells, gathered together and merged in a perfect synthesis, has as the only correspondent in space and time the following touches: a touch of color, a touch of nobility, a touch of naturalness, a touch of surrealistic bill, a touch of modernity, a touch of stability and a touch of infinity.

I finally understood that being divine means to express artistic effect of rose petals under another sky, another name in pictures or in words, in body and soul. God is the perfect equivalent of the real rose, richly admired and enveloping, forever hiding in its depths a mystery: “to flourish perfectly in an attempt to recreate a possible world, as objective and subjective as any other.”

The idea of ​​the holy faith is the transposition of a form of inner language into an expressive composition with a tribute to Nature and the Creator, with the intention of achieving a likeness to Him under the effect of a power anchor: “I gave you a vision of my divine form for you to be able to recognize me as a miracle of nature within yourself.”

Ameno is the model of cooperation between art and feeling that reveals the unity between man and nature, personified only by a sensitive psychic, a meticulous thought patiently working visually, ideally and conceptually, which often uses divine interventionto reproduce a more vibrant thematic and a reality, more revered and closer to the soul of the believer.

* Note: Era - Ameno


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