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Beyond The Invisible Man

On November 10, 2009, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Demonstrate your high potential of a leader, without focusing your resources around a force that could jeopardize your integrity.

Great things were accomplished only in the rare moments of inspiration. All the world's great discoveries, all the great important inventions, everything that is essential and unfading were achieved only when people realized the need for change.

Perhaps, nothing that surrounds us and enjoys our eyes it would not have existed, if the scientists had not devoted themselves to advanced knowledge. Perhaps if strong people with strong spirits, explorers and visionaries, adventurers and inquisitive people had not existed, we would have stagnated at a stage of incertitude. Maybe if thinkers and philosophers, artists and artisans had not existed, we would still be in the Stone Age.

It is a fact that some people carry the seed of success, achievement, curiosity and knowledge. Therefore, science and knowledge, by working together, will always move forward. Increasingly faster. In this way, will be reached unknown heights. Other borders will be established beyond any expectations.

Leadership: Do you place your creation in the area of an independent model of testing reality, by extending the experience of using scientific discoveries into an area of deserved recognition of value that you have?

There is no doubt that one of the world's biggest discoveries would be the formula of invisibility. A brilliant scientist who knows every detail about the secrets of transcendental alchemy could puzzle out the indecipherable mystery of invisibility. He could devise a magic potion whose chemical composition would be able to interact with the photons in order to create the invisibility effect. Of course, the diabolical potion would turn him overnight into a very rich and famous man, but his invention probably could not be put up for sale.

Any government would immediately buy the formula and would keep it confidential. Obviously, the possibility when the scientist would want to take his secrets to the grave must also be considered, and his unique formula would remain unknown. However, this possibility is less probable. For, the biggest desire of a discoverer is put his imprint, up to a point, on the future. On the whole planet. On the other hand, all these years of wasted work must somehow be redeemed.

In the light of the current knowledge, finding the solution for invisibility seems utopian. However, tomorrow, who knows…

Leadership: Is the recognition of your merits positioned in a confluence area of several different types of approach areas of a "step forward", in terms of confirming your own value by reference to a condition of impossibility?

The unexpected could occur at any time. What if someone would discover the formula for invisibility and, supposedly, a bottle containing the magical potion would get in the hands of a manager? How would look like a company headed by an invisible man?

He would take the bottle to his mouth and greedily drink it up, becoming invisible. Just like Gyges, the shepherd from the Platon's Republic, used the magical powers of a ring to see the queen naked, the manager could use the magic potion to spy on his employees. To notice if they are really serious and do their work properly, to find out what they are talking about, how they waste their time and, if it is possible, what they are thinking about.

He would enjoy the gift of omnipresence. He would get in with no problems, without leaving any trace in the strangest places and to look out every gesture, listen to every word, to know the most intimate secrets of his employees. Being invisible, his power would be infinitely greater. He would appear and disappear as he pleases, just like wizards, thanks to their magic wand. In this way, he could really have the company at his feet. And if he has the sense of humor, he could really enjoy at his employees' charge.

Th condition of impossibility announced by your discovery is that of not relying on the idea that there exists a miraculous recipe that transforms you into "someone else". For whatever cloth you wear, you will remain captive, more exhausted than immobilized, into a reality that remains indissoluble for man, as long as he does not have God’s immediate consent.

So, keep the limits of decency in any type of content you create and place at the world’s disposal.

Leadership means to allow the display of clear and good quality images at wide angles of visibility, enjoying a decent viewing experience in any type of content.

How blind would be, then, the employees? They would not realize they are being closely watched and they would carry on doing whatever they want. Who could imagine someone would possess the ability to get away from their sight? Even they are serious or not, active or not, good professionals or common people who got the job having the right connections, they will all continue doing what they know best. Some people will hang about, others will work.

Until when? Until the invisible man will become visible again and will sanction those who were caught off-guard. Thus, would weave incessantly, without anyone to suspect the fate of every employee.

For the manager who succeeds in getting to the next level, of science without frontiers, which is intended to be a response to existing laws, everything focuses around it: people, things, actions, habits, places, circumstances. Everything is seen, heard and felt through an abnormal curiosity.

Because the one possessing the formula of a substance enough to be swollen in order to make him become invisible, automatically becomes more and more curious in time. So curious that he would like to find and experience what is on the cards. And to see it all, even the things he already knows, but from another perspective: more profound, more intense, more inspired and more mysterious. He will find himself caught in a continuous and never-ending search process. And once he learns how to use this advantage to his benefit, he could never return to a normal state.

Invisibility is an aggressive force for violating the privacy of individuals, so that jeopardize your integrity. Even so, it is also a drug which causes addiction. It would be really tiresome, even for a manager, to try and learn in such a way absolutely everything concerning his employees. In fact, he is interested in the proper work of the company, the increase of people's efficiency etc.

Mastery in leadership is gained by the courage to design new visions of science without becoming addicted to its reactions.

Do you prove the confirmation of your value by reference to the requirements of science? Are you trying to push its limits to the extreme?

Conclusion: If you work within a company and you notice the manager's constant absence, do not rest on your oars, but try to do your job just as well as on any other day. And, moreover, be careful what you talk. A true manager knows his subordinates very well and knows absolutely everything that happens in his company. From the smallest to the most important thing. Even if you do not see him, be certain that he is, somehow, present, near you. A real manager, more than likely, even if he is not invisible in the proper sense of the word, knows and finds out the most important things that happen around him.

Demonstrate your high potential of a leader, without focusing your resources around a force that could jeopardize your integrity.


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