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Born For The Second Time

On January 21, 2011, in Leadership That Lasts, by Neculai Fantanaru

Establish a direct relationship between you and the others – a full and peaceful integration in their inner universe.

Time has a deep force, a strange power of appreciation and illustration of all feelings and thoughts that you do about your future. And the time you spend with a dear, cheerful and lively person can provide you an answer to one of your basic questions of your existence: "Who are you?"

The movie « Pretty Woman (1990) ». The multibillionaire Edward Lewis and his "employee", Vivian Ward, during a short chess game that they play more for fun.

At one point he, looking into her eyes, he gently tells her that they need to stop playing because it's late and he has a lot of work to do.

- What if you don't go to work tomorrow ? Why don't you get a day off? Vivian told him with an expression that clearly showed she wanted to spend more time with him.

Taking thought for a moment, as if he was deeply meditating, Edward replies:

- To take a day off? I own the company…

You will be incapable to notice something if your interest towards it isn't aroused by another way of seeing it.

For the first time in his life, Edward Lewis, convinced by Vivian, took a day off. A day that would change his entire inner universe. They went to a picnic, they rode together, they strolled through the city, they laughed, they made jokes – as If they were on vacation. They both felt great. Indeed, it was a truly unforgettable day ! Because, at the end of the movie, after concluding that important business which dragged him to New York, Edward returns to the park, takes his shoes off and walks barefoot on the green grass to live again that feeling of relaxation and freedom. He felt his soul more serene and cheerful.

Giving the art – of being at peace with yourself, beyond the appearances that you show to the world, a new way of expressing yourself means to bring into your configuration a new defense unit that helps you survive in a hostile world. The integration of one’s experience in leadership, connected to the mood that you choose, that you transform in a picture of simple, sheer happiness, where fulfillment comes from smiles, from love towards everything that surround you.

If nature is victorious in the verses of great poets, in the fascinating splendor of all lights and colors, of all its clear voices, then the peace of the soul is victorious when it comes to the development of leadership, because it maintains at a satisfactory level the capacity of your personality to decide what’s good for you, letting aside the restrictions similar to: "I’m afraid to distance myself from everything that connects me to the current time, I’m afraid to expose myself to any kind of lively situations out of which I have the occasion to grow as a person."

Do you measure the integration of self-experience into leadership according to what defines you or what benefits you?

If you register an acute worry connected to the immense role that you professionally play, aware or not of the implications given by an ascension beyond the borders of reality, you have two options: you can accept spirituality in its complexity of shapes, or you can accept the harsh humiliation of giving up what suits you, that doesn’t belong to the essence of what you are, of what it means to be human.

Leadership has in its composition the possibility to define the self image particularities of a person, especially in his harmony, peace and understanding moments. That is when you truly make contact with yourself, and try to assure a valuable future in agreement with your personality training-development needs.

Trust what makes you feel good ! The integration of one’s experience in leadership is measured by the way in which you detach from or approach yourself, the life you’re living, the things happening around you, your capacity to break away from the slavery of a professional position.

What defines you must be closely related to accepting a reference frame for the reality with which your power, performance, or generosity can be compared. Instead, what really benefits you is the status you have when you fight to become someone in the eyes of others or in your eyes, out of which the winner is the quality to transform into a delightful appearance in the tendencies to conceal the ethos.

Leadership: Do you validate every experience you experience through what you are able to build yourself "in a freefall" from a great height?

Do you help others to make things right in their lives? Just as a painter transforms reality, giving the nature that he renders a streak of fondness, of light, of tranquility, so Vivian produced a positive and healthy change in Edward's life, giving him a new meaning, a new understanding, a new horizon, translated through a state of inner peace and harmony.

Vivian caused his total change, bringing him a great inner satisfaction, a feeling of comfort, when not only that he felt better, but he also felt balanced in all respects. Walking again on grass, after years, he felt as a child who, happy that he learned to walk, suddenly becomes more lively, dynamic, vivacious. The bright side of his soul was reawakened to life.

Vivian was his emotional antenna. She helped him understand the deeper meaning of life. Emotions gained more significance in his life and had a direct impact on his actions.

To build something "in a freefall" from a great height means to increase your reference value without prioritizing what is happening to you while you are busy making other plans.

« Born for the second time » is a way of saying that, in order to give value to your leadership, you must determine a major change of attitude and mentality in those who surround you. It means that you must alleviate and to light other's souls, their own existence, to undo the burdensome spell of a life devoid of harmony and balance. For this, you must establish a direct relationship between you and them – a full and peaceful integration in their inner universe. They, believing the positive thoughts you inspire, will manifest a state of joy.

Remember that leadership is a way of nearing and knowing between you and other people. Help them put things in order in their lives, help them find new ways of living their life properly and get rid of a hurtful and deceitful mentality. Help them benefit in this way of the necessary foundation for an effective functioning: the harmony in life. Help them answer the fundamental question of life: "Who am I really?"

It applies to you, as well. Your job and obligations will always put your limits to the test. Therefore, I think it's good and useful for you to find a healthy valve – such as "the change of scenery", for you to break free of any frustration and tension. Don't forget that stress often increases the probability of a conflict with your co-workers or your employees.

Conclusion: Your contribution, as a leader, for the «harmony» in the collective you work is overwhelming. This harmony is sometimes very hard to achieve due to the differences between people in terms of education, culture, etc. By establishing a direct relationship between you and the others, integrating yourself into their inner universe, you can produce positive changes.

Try to relight the flame in the soul of other people !


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