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Captive Between Duty And God

On February 12, 2018
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Leadership sX-Experience by Neculai Fantanaru

Test the measure of your faith, imposing upon your existence that trajectory towards a new way of manifesting your potential.

Seeing the abbot, Ville fort held his hand to his forehead. The past came to mind, as one of the waves whose wrath raises more foam than normal ones.

- You, sir, here? Ville fort asked. I see that you only show up to accompany Death.

- I came here to tell you that you’ve paid your debt sufficiently and that, from now on, I shall ask God to be pleased, as myself, with this vengeance.

- God ! Ville fort said, pulling back in fear. This voice is not of the abbot Busoni !

The abbot pulled off his false wig, shook his head, and his long black hair, no longer tied up, fell to his shoulders, framing his manly face.

- Oh, no ! It is the face of the Count of Monte-Cristo ! Ville fort cried, his eyes moving wildly.

Leadership: Did your life become a form of manifestation of a kind of power reflected in a picture that matters more than reality?

- You haven’t guessed it, Mr. Attorney General. Look better and farther.

- That voice ! That voice ! Where did I hear it first? Are not you Busoni? Are you not Monte Cristo? God, you are that hidden, unshakable, killing enemy ! Did I do you any harm in Marseilles? Unfortunate me ! What did I do to you? Cried Ville fort, whose mind floated to the limit where judgment and madness overlapped, in the mist that was neither dream nor awakening. What did I do to you? Say it ! Speak !

- You have condemned me to a slow and terrible death, you killed my father, you kidnapped my love along with my freedom and luck !

- Who are you? Who are you? God !

- I am the specter of a wretch you buried in the cells of the D’lf castle. Upon this specter’s cheeks, finally risen from his grave, God had placed a mask and made him Count of Monte Cristo, adorning him with jewels and gold so that only on this day you may recognize him ! I am a shelter of moral ! I am that Edmond Dantes, whose youth was shattered by the selfishness, indifference, and cunning of your being, the one who only God Himself could offer the incommensurable ability of using the highest knowledge as a tool of His most severe judgment in order to carry out quietly, hidden, the promise of revenge for those who are good.

Leadership: Do you consider the variant of negating the attachment to your previous version, or do you accept the image that arises from the enigmatic association of two incompatible realities?

At a spiritual level, we are responsible for the reality we perceive on the background of states of consciousness in which manifest the powers of a thinking centered on research of the past and valuing it in new horizons of interpreting and understanding the universal creation called: God.

In terms of our existence in the world, the strange game of associations between the divine and the empirical allows us to access a reality we prefer to hide from, for it seems to us impossibly harsh even on the silver screen, in various forms of the desire to go beyond the boundaries of ordinary consciousness.

This secondary reality is called: Interdiction. We are forbidden to accept another nuance of the truths in which we believe, inherent in a self-image that derives only from the fact that the elements of life in relationship, even taken separately, reach a common denominator, an equivalent of the cause and effect transposed in the acceptance of a moralizing conception of a miraculous intervention.

Your victory over destiny is in line with the image you have formed about God and the beliefs you have regarding the reality of this image after you go through various trials.

Therefore, we are dealing with two realities: that of the man who believes in the hazard and the great happening, along with the one of the man who believes only in what is repeatable and demonstrable through experimentation. They are incompatible with the fact that the first reality depends on the variation of an unknown parameter that is generally in a reverse relation with the intensity of personal beliefs. And the other depends on certain visible consequences that concern the basis for accepting any limitations.

The image resulting from the combination of these two realities represents the set of reflections of material or immaterial nature, with rational or emotional content, of phenomena that you can experience, but cannot fully control.

And the studying of this image is a stage of exploiting a cause that, even if you never get to fully understand, at least gives you an idea vis-à-vis how ready you are to face a certainty you can always doubt.

The negation of your attachment to your previous version, when you had not yet taken into account the intervention of a mysterious force that forced your obedience and compulsion in the midst of events that have led you to a particular situation, is an operation of challenging your own limits, usually followed by an increase in faith.

Faith is a reflection of your nature under the action of reaction forces directed towards all events and phenomena that can strengthen your protagonist position of a new reality.

Captive Between Duty And God is the man who has no choice when faced with life rather than to submit to a higher plan, determined before he fulfills the role of an implacable judge.

* Note: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo , Youth Publishing House, 1957.

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