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Circle Of Deaf Hearts

On August 11, 2011, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

It doesn’t matter what you show off in front of others, but what you sow in their hearts.

Do you remember the movie "Meet Joe Black (1998)"? At one point, Bill Parrish, founder and president of Parrish Communications Corporation, has addressed to the 14 members of the Steering Committee that gathered in the boardroom, eager to receive the Bill’s confirmation on John Bontecou's generous offer to acquire the company.

- I did enjoy -- or rather I was interested in meeting John, yesterday. And -- impressive, I suppose. But... it did get me to thinking. See, I started in this business because this is what I wanted to do. I knew I wasn't going to write the great American novel, but I also knew there was more to life than buying something for a dollar and selling it for two. I'd hoped to create something, something which could be held to the highest standards. And what I realized was I wanted to give the news to the world, and I wanted to give it unvarnished.

Bill captured the attention of those in the room, so they all listened to him not only with their mind, but also with their heart. However, his thoughts were very different from those of the board members. They, guessing that Bill will not accept Bontecou's proposal does not seem to fully agree with him.

Leadership: Do you shout the words in an empty well?

Here’s an important thing to note. As usually, to tell people about your own ideals is like shouting the words in an empty well. There, at least, echo answers you back. Generally, no one is impressed by what you say if your interests do not correspond to theirs.

In the case of Bill, things were quite different. Finally, almost all members of the Steering Committee welcomed the decision, and have accepted it because he could induce that state of alert based on sound reason and some personal values ​​that mattered greatly for them. Then, they all perfectly understood what it characterizes Bill.

What is part in a somewhat self-justifying force or gratitude towards the best in you is not the vision that links the “salvation” of the world with any random disaster, but rather the subtle taste of spiritual values ​​stimulated by the conception of the personal role in the evolution of a formula of Christian origin: try to generate the feeling you expect to have after you meet your objectives !

But the largest contribution towards the perception of yourself in the relationship with the surrounding world, subjected to certain realities and principles that allow you to step forward on a higher step of wisdom, is maybe that viewing participant in the erasing of borders between presence and conscience.

Presence is what recommends you as a specialist, as a part of a process of constant improvement of performances. And consciousness is what recommends you as a judge of facts on which are based unshakable beliefs resulting in the undertaking of any differentiation of value, gaining catalyzing valences of exteriorization tendencies through the revealing of deep things about you.

To inform people of what is happening before it happens is a promise of success as of yet not fully revealed, meaning, without the help of a revelation of great affective and spiritual load.

Before your values ​​are accepted, like knowing and valorizing the past, you have to project within the conscience of men the conditions and lessons of professional success, the trend of exceptional fulfillments, through the desire of affirmation of the depth that asks you to be super-honest in what you express to others.

People will not encourage you if you will not dress always that spotless robe of your personality that is distinguished by its unique qualities, extraordinary, that they admire in you.

It doesn’t matter what you show off in front of others, it doesn’t matter what lofty ideals you have. It only matters what you sow in their hearts. The proof of your good and strong character is in your ability to resonate with others, of relating to their expectations, to match the model of leadership that they really want. It is not enough to shake to the ground all the doubts and „why's”, you must receive and their approval concerning your transformation into the person that they deem suitable to their ideals.

Capturing people’s attention starts with how you perceive yourself in terms of how you relate to the experiences of the past – that impulse towards the transformation of the attitude to life or to the expansion of consciousness of a spiritual duty.

Circle of deaf hearts symbolizes the consequence of an unconvincing approach of the leader that has not tried, or could not reach the souls and feelings of people. It symbolizes that lack of consensus, or conformability of feelings underlying on rationality, without which sometimes you have no chance of winning.

From the „circle of deaf hearts” enter all those people who do not believe in you, and do not encourage you in your decisions because they do not know you well enough. To convince people to encourage you in the decisions you make, you must first resonate with what they feel.

Just as the "sleep of reason gives birth to monsters"(Francisco de Goya), so the pure rationality cannot exist without feelings.

Strive to reach the depths of the souls that you lead. It's not enough to exhibit a perspective that corresponds with your personal vision and interests, but first it is needed to plant in their soul the faith that you lead them for their special benefit.


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