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Concentrating Your Gaze On A Dream Of Divine Inspiration

On June 30, 2020
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Great Science is the objective measure of a soul displaying its body in surrealness.

Throughout my life, lovely, intense, responsive to the subtleties of art, I was blessed to be able to see and experience the divine power of my inner being in terms of looks thrown over an aesthetic fantasy, the Enlightenment, the metaphor that requires a gaze shaped only by souls with high spiritual values to be truly understood.

And the path of my art was, is and will be the secret of an expressive and bright look, thrown into a dream that always rediscovers its reality in another world, made of words, but living according to the rules of a continuity of what I would like to I call “The color of a soul cloth stretched to the bright tomorrow . Especially the expressiveness of the stretch of a hand that can grasp the chosen fruits of art and science, is rediscovered from the eyes cast by the artist in the depths of a soul whose reality, full of charming colors, is illuminated by a form of involuntary imagination made to experience the uplifting feeling of a captivating story, written as if by Borges.

An entire arsenal of the imaginary floods the view of the artist who softens his brush in his soul and paints his own nature in pictures full of life. I think I knew how to see what few can see, in a dream with many mystical connotations, and I saw a sun, a sunflower, a field full of flowers that complement any garden design, their various, enchanting colors, the green of the grass, the blue of the sea. All passed through the filter of an attentive but gentle gaze, beyond the words spoken by a writer endowed with a painter’s conscience.

Leadership: Is your background deeply related to the art with which the artist knows how to keep the resemblance and, at the same time, to beautify the original of an image of himself that takes him out of temporality, projecting him into eternity?

The novel of a lyrical and artistic creation is born in a unique, moving, expressive universe, where two souls become one, each attracting to the total union of desires, thoughts, emotions. Every beauty of nature becomes my likeness. Of course, for a writer like me, with the hand of a surrealist artist, any part of nature becomes a dream of great significance in the perimeter of a soulful, righteous but imposing utterance, which acts like a painting canvas, properly primed in the middle of the night, with diamond sparkles, to be expressively perceived with the help of a symbolic and visual content, as a release, an absolute need for serenity.

Painting is as dear to me as the pen, they both transpose me into a new world with fantastic flavors. And if I have always had two enchanting lives, characteristic of a creation full of good taste, receptive to beauty, it is because art has changed my horizon at a time when the dream, contained in an impartial state of reflection of nature, did not allow itself to be disturbed by the uneasiness of the world in which I considered myself no one’s.

And if the great Creator wrote in a universal dream the story of these two lives linked by an act of symbolic conversion, with the spell of a light miraculously incorporated into the painting, precisely in the field of the invigorating power of this Red-Yellow combination, it is due to the power my belief in some kind of well-interpreted oracle that foretold immortality in a kind of trance.

A trance that separated me from the lives of others, helping me to escape from temporality, to detach myself, to reevaluate myself within thousands of years, as an act of achieving a balance between vision, virtuosity and mystery. And I was a flower, a sun, a sparkle in the night, through contact with the aesthetics of the creative self and creation related to the actual engagement in a symbolized universe, perceived in pictorial matter. I was Borges, but I was also Leonardo DaVinci, fulfilling the role of traveler between universes, between heaven and earth, between millennia – memoirs, memories, diaries, and all this with a single pen that still behaves like an authentic brush.

Art is the physical state of man transposed into a dimension of the depths of the soul.

Only the Creator is my witness to how difficult it was for me to become a Creator, like Him, in a dream in which flowers take the place of words through the whole appearance of an old creation, renewed on the idea that a supernatural content is in principle miraculous and prevents the receiver’s awareness of a specific meaning of the gaze. By looking at yourself differently, you look at yourself the same, but in a dream that repeats itself, distinguished by the originality with which the artist, mastering the technique of brushing, approaches the concept of an immortal soul by organizing a special virtual meeting with the great Demiurge.

In an intrinsic way, the study of a work of art can personalize the deepening of the meaning of an existence subordinated to the power of the dream. And here it is appropriate to make room for the famous writer, Jorge Luis Borges, to enter the territory of my spirit in order to reveal the essential form of what is happening to me at the subconscious level:

“Sometimes the thought strikes me that any human life, no matter how tangled and rich, consists in reality of a single moment: the moment when man realizes forever who he is. Starting from that indescribable revelation that I tried to guess, the Carriego character in my story is Dr. Carriego himself in the real world. Likewise, starting with the book about Carriego, the writer Borges who really polished me is the same Borges, the rational man in a dream called life.”

The fundamental law of science that combines art with spirituality, invoked and promoted by the enlightened, is to metamorphose into a liminal being that exists partly in one dimension, partly in another.

Concentrating Your Gaze On A Dream Of Diving Inspiration could be reduced to a form of imagination that involves transporting the self into another person, so that you can find yourself at a deeper level of reconsideration of art from the point of view of approaching a potential existence that is expressed through substance and energy.

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