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The Devil's Last Command

On June 05, 2010
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Cultivate in you those moral virtues that would match the concept of leadership unanimously accepted by all people, before directing them to a new way.

After more than two thousand years, the Emperor Qin Shi Huang raised from the dead. He appears in front of his soldiers, who counted several thousands; all of them emerged from hell in order to help him carry out his diabolical plan. Aligned in parallel rows, immovable like guards on watch, frightful like hungry wolves, they are all looking at the Antichrist with strained attention.

There is no trait that would betray any weakness of this cold being, petty, only half-human, as if made of steel, with an overwhelming will, and which cannot accept but victory. Behind this machine, prepared for battle, there are feverish, direfully tense nerves thrilling, which frighten and spread nothing but fear and hate.

With a fixed look, with his hand straight in front, and an increasingly visible senselessness, the Emperor addresses to his soldiers on a firm voice:

- Today, I bring you back to a world submerged into chaos and corruption. I'll be the one restoring order. I'll claim what is rightfully mine. I'll destroy all ideas of freedom. I'll kill mercilessly. I'll rob ruthlessly. I'll take you beyond the wall, and after you'll get over it, you'll become invincible. I brought you back to life with only one aim. So that you would make the whole world listen to me and obey me.

- Long live the emperor ! Long live the emperor !

Emperor Han, the main character in the movie „ The Mummy – Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor (2008)" , through his simple but imperative speech, sought nothing but to pass his physical and spiritual force to his soldiers (risen from the grave to help him carry out his demonic mission), the force of an invincible man. And the image he created for himself, the one of a "Messianic savior", brought them hope and unyielding confidence. Keeping his pitiless, dire figure, expressing his speech on a wrathful, aggressive and cold tone, he demonstrated a fervent desire to be among them in the mission of conquering the world.

Leadership: Do you enhance the resonance of that protective shade area that creates cohesion between "the power deficit" and "the depth phenomenon"?

A harsh attitude of the type: "I am against everyone", with the purpose of triggering within a group a penetrating emotion of the type "you will see what I am capable of", can only be directly confronted by the value of an idea with a powerful spiritual and emotional potential, as a justification of an action of moral impact.

You must know that every person feels powerful as long as he is not vulnerable to his own suggestions of fear, confusion and mistrust, where the past proves even more anxious as the present becomes more problematic. A person permanently maintains a margin of indeterminacy: even when he is willing to risk everything to achieve a bold purpose, he is restrained by the fear of repeating the past. Therefore, within certain boundaries, the individual runs away from himself.

Switching from pain to despair towards a dimension with even greater vitality but less affection means going through a labyrinth at the end of which opens another labyrinth that will not turn out to be brighter inside: "Know thy self." In order to create spirit in the combination of supremacy ensuring ideas, the intelligence to know that after the storm comes the sun, but after the sun the clouds appear – the cruel pain of the regret of not knowing who you really are.

Right was the one who said that man’s aversion to the world is firstly the mark of the regret of not having found any trace of satisfaction in the form of manifestation of the collective spirit.

In this case we can see a double evolutionary direction of the concept of a leader model: as an "expression of a deficit of available power" or as "an exponent of a hidden, unseen phenomenon of depth", which is precisely the state of consciousness."

This visible shape of the certainty to live in an authentic sentimental way of superiority, transformed into an overwhelming obsession, can be translated through the tendency of treating others like mini-businesses, calling forth some sort of power addiction, similar with drug or alcohol addiction.

And the extension of power towards the extremities of a continuously addicted axis is not a nonsense that needs to be unmasked and destroyed, but une grave maladie , an overestimation syndrome of your own personality through a behavior that often lacks social value. That behavior betrays a somewhat paranoid thinking similar to: "If you don’t want me, I want you." In this case, one of the consequences would be losing your dignity by limiting your all-powerfulness.

Among the uncertainties and ethical dilemmas, among the grandeur delusions on the screen of imagination that takes pleasure in duplicity and super-egos, among the plausibly unjustified position confirmations, leadership represent a suffering that prolongs, in a slow agony, in the interaction with others – amidst a world full of conflicts, tensions, war and hate.

Leadership: Do you answer with a betraying "YES" to the principles of using power, even when power is disguised behind the image of some vulnerable defense?

Virtues and guiding principles are those that set the tone, which is valid not only for leadership but also for his followers. A leader without the ability to manifest his most precious values, the most magnificent desires in the spirit of the deepest authenticity, and in the spirit of the noblest moral traits, will ultimately fail.

If you watched the movie, you know that the reign of Emperor Qin Shi Huang was short-lived, as a last sunbeam arises before losing in the clouds. He returned to where he came from the dead, once and for all. For nothing can "heal" the one who is sick of the desire of absolute power, except the eternal death.

What are the moral beliefs that underlie your personality? Do you say "yes" to the most despicable sins, to the most immoral interest when in fact you have to conform yourself to the most valuable virtues that are forming a true character? Are you lacking that essential human quality that confirms that you are truly blessed to be loved? Do you consider yourself an invincible leader that may be imposed only by force? Or, you are imposing yourself by the prize list of your qualities that designate yourself as the most empathetic and "human" leader?

Just as good ideas are the key element in solving the problems related to creativity, so the ability of not deviating yourself from the laws and moral norms established by society is the key element in the development of your leadership.

Do your moral virtues match the concept of leadership unanimously accepted by everyone? Faith, justice, solidarity, humanity, are still in "waiting" phase for you?

Your power is disguised behind the image of a vulnerable defense when your version of an individual obsessed with control changes according to the instruction of the type: "wait for the inevitable to happen."

Conclusion: As a leader, It is a great mistake to consider yourself invincible, and to believe that only you hold the absolute truth, but indeed, in order for you to have supporters, you must prove that you are enough strong and intelligent in order to cope with any situation. And an adequate behaviour for collective work will bring you more success than a dictatorial attitude. And especially, you must not make promises in vain: and do not fool your collaborators, otherwise your "reign" will be a short one.

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