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On February 24, 2009
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Leadership Plus by Neculai Fantanaru

Save your climate of excellence, revealing those qualities that transmit energy and actions with value for other people.

In the movie "The Mummy (1999)" , the main characters, the two brothers Evelyn and Jonathan wanted to get to the town of the dead Hamunaptra, but unfortunately the map they had, and which they tried so hard to get was almost fully damaged. Their only hope is to find somebody who knows the way, and who can guide them in that direction.

In the Cairo jail, they meet Rick, an ex-commander of troops, who was locked and who was a step away from being hanged. Rick knew that his only ticket of salvation was those two explorers, so he proposed them a deal: "If you want to get to the town of the dead, get me out of here."

Leadership: Does the course of your development gain new meanings by redefining the condition of suffering you find yourself in, as your version of living begins to function as a new reality?

When do you pick an unripe fruit? When it ripens quickly and fully complies with the conditions for obtaining the perfect quality of a food product that sells well. The life of the man caught in the net of a negative choice develops under the conditions in which he is constantly surrounded by new forms of manifestation of the need for freedom in difficult test contexts.

Your version of living begins to function as a new reality in the fact that the spirit of observation and thought centered on the control of events make up the material of combining a new status of a "living legend" with a role of autonomy in initiating a "cause of the soul".

Man can "rebirth" with more fervor if he obeys this intensive need to provide an escape from the dimension of his living space. He can get away from it the activity forms that do not generate any "trampoline effects" in the current reality, ensuring that clarity he needs for knowing what steps to follow as to obtain new achievements.

The problem is that, currently, the leaders’ requirements regarding personal change begin to be less and less high, despite access to many mobilizing inner states. Human suffering or joy are states determined by the conditions of inspiration with which he guides his steps towards the creation of a new destiny, often perceived in different angles and at different degrees of intersection with the syndrome of aspiring to communicate a relentless vision to others.

The course of your evolution can gain the meaning of an "absolute premiere" when your limited thinking, focused only on God’s intervention, begins to be replaced with that manifestation of will that generates the accumulation of a feeling of victory, giving you the possibility to foresee the course of events.

A cause for the soul can be understood as an escape from the tumult of an unsafe life in favor of a personalized request for freedom called "Discover the courage to be authentic" that you consider worthwhile to try.

You raise your hand when you want to change direction? Rick respected his word and led the brothers to the town of the dead. This is the type of approach that a leader should take. If you want to lead people, first of all, offer your guide services. Maybe as Rick, you will have no choice. It might be your only ticket to victory.

You will have only to win if you offer volunteer for tasks and extra activities. No matter, how many extra efforts and sacrifices would be necessary, you have to honor the new task; you get it and bring it to a good end. Your career depends on the manner you get involved and the manner you treat the new task which has been given to you.

Just as a whole game of football requires, first, organization, so your leadership must presume, first of all, a deep change of your own person, of your own world - to transform yourself from a passive man into an active one, from an old man, into a newly one, to overcome that line that blocks and separates you from that person you want to be.

Always look for new ways of offering your services, do not hesitate to give your help to those who need it. Be convinced that there are few who are offering quality professional services, who accomplish their duties fast and in an excellent manner. Raise your hand; make yourself known in the crowd. Remember what I was saying in another article, if you want to advance on a higher position, you have to move faster than the others. And one of the ways you can do this is to be the first who offers his services and his help for the benefit of others.

Save your climate of excellence, revealing those qualities that transmit energy and actions with value for other people.

Leadership is initiated by establishing a context of revelation and trust that pushes man towards the exclusive valorization of a certain type of decision, called: IRREVOCALBE, from which everyone has something to gain !

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