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Emphasis Given In Leadership

On December 28, 2008
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Learn to contribute to the creation of an event that gives a broad picture of human evolution, if the course of events would continue to follow rules other than conscious facts.

Allow me to introduce you to a strange invention. You were talking to me about the safety of tomorrow. If someone were to come to you, just you, and they would tell you that he has revealed the mysteries of the future world – I’m not referring to life in heaven, but to the one we experience. And this man would convince you that he is not a carnival charlatan and that the discovery is real, based on a secret study of mathematics, science, astrology, whatever you want. Then he would tell you about the future world, what will happen tomorrow, a month from now, next year, a hundred, a thousand years from now. Everything, as in a story. Tell me – would you take to the streets and tell everyone about it, or would you not say a single word?

- Come on, sir. Since we reached this auspicious moment, didn’t you laugh a few days ago at superstitions? You talk as if fate is against you.

- Chance is not superstition, Lacy.

- Maybe a roll of the dice. But you can throw one more time.

- Can the Rubicon pass twice? *

Leadership: Can you create the condition of an existence to transform into destiny by raising the hazard to the rank of principle of creation?

Leadership means being prepared to stand out in a situation where all other people seem to be at a standstill, related to an experience or vision that they lack and that only you can formulate by raising the hazard to the rank of an irreplaceable principle in the doctrine of the “New Man”. The true masterpiece of which you must be proud is the awareness of a certain power that you are capable of demonstrating, constructively, in a territory that many are not interested in or whose end is not seen.

A horizon of thought poured into the matrix of a new horizon of thought, the easy certainty of a reprehensible victory, a short-term and unexciting success, which sooner or later reaches a dead end. Like a roll of the dice. A fatalistic resignation of wisdom. This is the result of your intervention in the reality of a world that believes in nothing. Do not try to give birth to a theory, an idea, an intrigue, a credible story, if you are not prepared to bear an antipathy, an image of the type: “An empty perspective”.

To create the condition of an existence to transform into destiny means to use your spirit of observation, everything that makes available to you the nature, the circumstances, the situations you are facing, everything that by virtue of chance you had to learn, to create the premises of a “Go Forward” type event that marks the beginning of a new stage of evolution in other people’s consciousness.

And by raising the hazard to the rank of creation is understood that proximity to the “mysteries of the future world”, having as substrate a transformation of the concept of “the surprise of tomorrow”, by which you use the inspiration, the vision, the broadening of the perspective of handling life as on a testimony of the revelation subject to the objectivity that people expect.

Such a revelation on feelings and reason, even being able to extend the concept of the world to the level of “a priori knowledge”, aims at generating a new philosophy of existence, such as: “Everything you invent can become reality, provided you are not hit by reality at a given moment”.

The Emphasis Given In Leadership are seen in the formulation of the purpose born of a vision, by the power to encapsulate the story of an existence that reaches a single justification: it is not the events that matter, but only what triggers them.

So, two highlights attract our attention: the way you relate to the situations you go through and the perception you have of them.

* Note: Fowles, John - The Maggot , Bucharest Univers Publishing Housei, 1995.

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