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Eyes Accustomed To Seeing The Unseen

On June 22, 2021, in Real Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

A valuable image does not miss the emotions of a sad beginning of a story, rather highlights the testimony of a grandiose existential journey.

I’m in Palas Mall. I look closely at a poster in the foreground of which is a football player, one who does not seem to have anything special compared to other footballers. Honestly, I don’t know why I look at the poster, I don’t know why the ball seems to outrun the footballer, but something attracts me to this image. Not the colors, not the design. I would even say that this image does not convey any message.

But assuming that the player would have something important to show, then I would be curious to find out what features exist in a money-making tool, or rather, in an event promoter. For, a footballer can be anything his image requires him to be, right?

If I had to give a name to this poster, if I were the highlighted player, then I would have a ready-made answer to the philosophers’ questions. At this moment, only one name comes to mind, expressing the allusive meaning of a poem of great beauty and rare delicacy: “I feel alive.”

Yes, I feel that I live for the image that I myself attribute to a man capable of delivering consistent world-class performance over a sufficiently long period of time.

For an image to become memorable it must be seen and felt directly, through the easy mediation of a conditioning process that stimulates differentiation, self-reflection and self-evaluation.

There’s something else. Among the abstract notions that such a footballer acquires, well framed in an image of great suggestive force (internalized as in a traditionalist poetry), there is a notion that deserves special attention. In fact, the footballer does not know the value or duration of a feeling that someone feels when looking at his image. However, it would seem fair to believe that the footballer knows the duration of a feeling only insofar as it reflects on the movement of a body, legs and hands that must be well coordinated in a specific situation.

So, when there are more possibilities to integrate a footballer in an image, and when the image seems to reproduce the feeling of security that animates the athlete during the match, then you are willing to believe that the most sensitive instant, very expressive portrait and, equally close to the reality of his face, is closely linked to the feeling of competence (above masculinity and sex appeal).

It would be a mistake to believe that a footballer is just an image, if I do not take into account the fact that, first of all, he is a man who shows heart, passion and pride for the game. The image could show the professional satisfaction of the individual. Self-conception (that of believing in one’s abilities) and self-confidence (that of acting without excessive fear of the judgment of others).

Leadership: Is your focus on making a leap in quality of life that reduces exposure time to adverse circumstances to achieve a high-impact image?

As soon as you become an image, you begin to integrate into a higher sphere of perception of attractiveness and notoriety that promotes a certain behavior, a certain attitude, a certain reality, determining the interest for change and novelty. And that, just wanting to show how skilled you are at using your image to build a better version of yourself. Therefore, an image with a football player can initiate and maintain self-motivation.

Another way to visualize an image is the unspoken part of what you think when you fail. But just as well an image can control what you think when you have to walk “on stage”.

Next comes the desire to amaze, to create a bazaar of impressions and feelings, to be in the center of attention, a fact that belongs to the very essence of man, to his humble beginnings. That footballer would not have been able to fit perfectly into an image with the role of “sensational advertisement” if he had not known the success that an impressive life story, worthy of an Oscar film, claims.

If we look closely at him, we do not see “the sensational kid who grew up in an orphanage”, we see only the reason why an ordinary man came out of anonymity: he wanted to be SOMEONE, instead of rotting like a fossilized rock.

He who has understood the connection between leadership and image, knows how to judge a man in the light of the last thing that happened, not in the light of the experiences lived at an early age.

This reminds me a bit of the hero Papillon, from the autobiographical novel written by Henri Charrière who, at one point, completely absolved himself before his own trial:

“If I could be thrown on this path of rot, it is because, I must honestly admit, I was a permanent candidate to be sent there one day. Society has the right to defend itself, but not to take revenge. Yes, anything is possible. But a man is never lost. Whatever he may have done, there is always at some point in his life a chance to redeem himself, to become a good man and useful to the community.”

From what can be seen, an image that does not go out of your mind is, first of all, the story of a humble man who did not miss his chance to become a hero. Whoever does not respect all those called to be seen in all their smallness, will not be able to experience that life story that captures the development of the soul, by activating the feeling, by cultivating a vocation at the highest level of refinement. So, a valuable image does not miss the emotions of a sad beginning of a story, but rather highlights the testimony of a grandiose existential journey.

Suppose leadership refers to your image in the mirror of the real world. How do you make your eyes believe that what they see in perspective is the approval of your heart to defend itself from “condemnation to oblivion” before adapting to different performance situations?

The Eyes Accustomed To The Sight Of The Unseen are able to distinguish the difference between a reality that always presents you with a limit, and a desire for infinite greatness that does not know where it comes from, but certainly places you in a favorable light, in living present.


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