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Foray Into The Depths Of Self-Knowledge

On February 22, 2014, in Leadership +50% Extra, by Neculai Fantanaru

Manage your depth resources carefully, so that you can reassess your individuality in the scenario of a reality that you represent under the fascination of an artistic film.

In my struggle with the thirst of broadening my perspective of understanding human nature, in the vast exertions of coordinating a strictly rational lucid curiosity, I have made use of the endless means of expressing my own thoughts and feelings. As time went on, I began to expressing into writing that which I felt. My efforts were directed towards establishing new personality traits and towards profiling a model of approaching the requirements of pure matter that could better stimulate the imagination and reason altogether.

Like a character from a film directed by Hitchcock, I had come to live through revelations, visions and dreams, which helped me relentlessly in better understanding what was happening inside of me, which represents me in contrast with what defines others around me. A man is hunted across the country by spies, who call him a double agent, and by the police, who considers him an assassin. He has to convince the whole world, but especially himself, of a reality different from the one given.

To put into words most convincing, my feelings aroused by an overflowing passion, a moral obligation, a happening less usual or a person trapped into a confused state, assuring me that no one could ignore that which I struggled to present with the utmost of clarity, became a long and stubborn effort that stretched over the years. An adage of content which tremendously fueled the capacities inscribed within the depths of my being.

Leadership: Are you the right person who can benefit from the effects of his own guilty attitude of not keeping track of the “costs” of representing reality, in the belief that things are solved simply by themselves?

A single philosophy remains unstoppable by Hitchcock’s virulence and lucidity: writing is not a sign of fear, but only a feeling of subduing in a game without rules in which the artist contemplates his past existence through the chiaroscuro of a fascinating scenario created for the sake to emphasize a state of mind or an idea.

The cost of representing reality was directly correlated with the emotions I could not express poetically in an enigmatic story that captivates in the same way that it elucidates what seems unclear. In writing, as in the background of a suspense film, everything is simply resolved on its own if you know how to look at reality, if you know how to use your fantasy as a tool to confirm something you cannot explain.

Emotions were also part of the first contact with fiction, when I had to send a suspense message but decisive in favor of the plot meant to trigger a chain reaction. It was as if I had used lasers in order to discover a new form of matter, extracted from a Star Wars film. I had no certainty over that which I wanted to express and transmit, as in the process of creation of new spiritual values would intervene some arbitrary constants integrated into a specific template of style, overly subjective, driven by a wave of doubt.

Whenever I strongly focused over what I wanted to highlight, the creative powers of the subconscious immediately responded to my access request to what the old philosophers called: causa efficiens. A complete summary of the internal psychic phenomena which governed my existence. These proving to have a great impact for reassessing my own individuality in the "industry" of developing leadership that I represented.

Leadership: Can you support the way of suggestion of a non-existent reality with the help of your “authority” to interpret what you feel and perceive through the correct use of the two-sided rationale of truth in the character you are promoting?

The truth that you have to represent in a suspense work has two faces. The first side of truth, which captures the hidden quality of man, must support a showing and reminder of the fact that his safety is fragile in contact with reality. It needs to fill any empty space and make accessible any inner experience of fear and doubt, happiness and pleasure.

The second face of truth, having originated the fantasy of emotional impulses, occurs when man no longer recognizes his own death in eternity, so when he enters a game of desperate and suspenseful survival, a game of appearances with a surprising evolution. For example, when the people of the law caught him, he was hiding behind a ladder, presenting the danger of a form of madness that would be perceived as the extreme point of his character defects.

Apart from the truth of your own judgment, you must be prepared to face the situation in which, focusing on what you want to notice in others, through analysis and deep investigation on "the human specific", you are neglecting exactly the exploitation of your own life experience and your own creative potential.

The personality that honors leadership needs to find the artistic means of suggesting an image that does not exist in reality, but which can equally cause strong emotions as when faced with reality.

The Foray Into The Depths Of Self-Knowledge highlights that profound analysis of your own values and of your own potential for promoting an efficient leadership, based on a personality type adaptable to "the new", but also to "the unexpected", through a different reality. In the vision of a director like Hitchcock, self-knowledge must present the same basic premise from which the script name begins: “The film beats life.”

The structure of the leader's personality includes the activities of being aware of self-values, summarized in the process of self-awareness, which takes on a large scale by supporting creative potential and maximizing it in a different reality.


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