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From What Truths Comes The Whisper?

On May 09, 2012, in Top Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Acknowledge steadily and consequently the limits of your leadership for the impact with the reality do not affect the essence of your being.

A real misfortune descended upon the great businessman Bill Parrish, who was struck by pain. His heart seemed to break his chest. And the whisper, relentless, persistent, continued to be heard with the fullest clarity: "Yes ... Yes ... Yes ..." - issued by an invisible entity, endowed with the implacable force of a Mephistopheles, who magically senses, by the immeasurable power of the thoughts and emotions, the human soul secrets.

The sufferer tries to assign an explanation to this whisper that made its way throughout his life, to this calm voice, but with a force of an overwhelming assertion. Where does it come from? Who emits it? But cannot glimpse the truth, cannot assign any meaning. Because it derives all his manifestations; like an invisible flood engulfs his whole being, weakens in him any reaction of opposition, guiding his senses, feelings, behavior, and suppressing any response, affecting his health and drowsing his physique. The whisper seemed to cancel out any possibility of compromise.

Leadership: Can you commit yourself to staying loyal to yourself, in the face of a fact that overcomes you by the impossibility of understanding it?

- I have not put any question ! Bill still manages to slur, through an effort of will. Damn it, what happens? Tell me who you are ! - Remembering like with fear about the last words that the Countess Vaninka has addressed to Captain Fedor, shortly before he died: "Against events you must urge yourself, for the masses are not directing the events, but on the contrary, are dragged by them."

The pain seemed to cease, preventing the heart attack. However, the evil did not leave in a hurry, but appeared again, with renewed force; more frightening, more persistent, more fiercely throws over the helpless. As if, seized by a cruel antipathy to him, heatedly, would have sought an opportunity of derision to torture him:

- You give me orders? resound the whisper in the air. I think you know the answer, Bill. And now you try to solve the situation, but that's the situation you know that you will never be able to solve.

Bill felt that somebody despises him, hates him. Why? The pain was growing more and more, as if the entity behind the whispers would be challenged the hardness of his heart, beating like with a hammer in it; as if he had a heart of stone and someone was trying to test its resistance. He wanted to attack, to strike back, but how? With what weapons could he face the hell? How could he change, immobilized by pain, surrounded by fear of death, the authoritative attitude of a demon?

Leadership: Do you respond with respect to any form of transmission of your ideals by summing the command impulses coming from a force that exceeds you?

I might assume that the succes in the art of leadership will be placed in that direction decided by the inner world of man, which supports his essence, directing his manifestations according to his previous experiences, shaping him after the factors that affect him the most strongly.

The man who brings his contribution to the development of his individuality and who gives a new form to his creative vision, placing himself in front of a new reality, is the one who understands that not everything that can be grasped with sight can be grasped with the mind.

Just as primitive people never investigated the disease that hurt them, but rather sought God, so it is in your case; you are in vain trying to bring a new perspective to your reason if you do not investigate events (which you come across) through the perspective of the truth that you can only embrace through the notion of a God, of a force that overcomes you and pulls you to it.

God is man’s opening to new realities that can reveal the truth of life. And according to Romanian writer, Cornel Ailincăi, the unperceived fact, to which we offer our whole attention, being almost forced to submit to it, is an act of symbolical conversion in a double meaning: it enriches the perceived content with an imagined content and highlights the hidden, intrinsic voice of formal means.

When you come across something you do not know and you feel that you are commanded to listen to it, given the circumstances you are going through, whose supernatural content implicitly refers to an act of transcendence, of symbolism expressed by means of figuration more or less illusory, only then you are beginning to struggle in the darkness of your own closed doors.

At the same time, inversely proportionate with fear, is born the courage to truly experience what you yourself are in a dialogue with something greater than you, a fact which changes your perception related to your value in relation to a meaning of life that includes both spirituality and mysticism.

Leadership: Can you fully accept a truth, from the multitude of situational variables born from the interaction of undefined events that circumvent the pre-determined rigorous solutions?

A unique and undivided reality has strengthened. The opinion of the great businessman Bill Parrish (from the movie "Meet Joe Black") about himself, about the world, has changed at the end of the "meeting" with the whisper. At that moment, he ceased to exist as an omniscient leader, as a very important person, as it was believed. For only then, he could better highlight who he really was, and to accept the truth: that he was only a mortal, and like any other mortal he could whenever be "interrupted" from the "On-Off" button by the superior forces.

Only then, he realized how small and insignificant he was. And, he accepted with submission that each man lives almost mechanically, like a puppet, as being influenced by an "intangible" entity, which develops and adjusts things after an order that is still unknown.

Just as a writer confers his characters more intensity and expression, and lifts them up to the symbol, conferring them a certain rounding of soul - and so you, in order to understand and complete your development, you must place your existence under the sign of your ego that defines you, and that can modify the "hardness" at the impact with another reality, a sudden or an unexpected one.

Confer a certain rounding to your leadership by the addition of moderation, balance and modesty, of the temperance of any pride and selfishness. By adopting some measures to stop and prevent all forms of erosion of your protective character, noble, well-defined, of which you should give evidence.

When you try to define something that you do not know, being contradicted by something opposed to the natural, without having the power of foresee the chain of events, you begin to shape up the idea that a supernatural content can be altered depending on the meaning you give to the emotions that want to control your life.

Your reactions to the events of the day depends on how you think the next steps according to these emotions !

From what truths comes the whisper designates the reaction of the subconscious to your attitude, towards your own evolution, after you are confronted face to face with the unexpected reality, and to realize that your leadership has not taken the form that you originally wanted.

Listen to your conscience, analyze your past and present, and you will know at least a part of your future. Analyze your pathway from point zero, see whether you are away from your ideals and goals. And find your current coordinates by making the appropriate corrections. Only then you will escape of the "whisperings" nightmare dictated by the entity called ... consciousness.

Acknowledge steadily and consequently the limits of your leadership for the impact with the reality do not affect the essence of your being.


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