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Get Involved With Passion

On January 23, 2009, in Total leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Give the energy of your attitude a harmonious form to emphasize your intense traits of personality, for your leadership to get a full sense.

In “Diary of a Magician”, Paulo Coelho tells us about his encounter with Manolo, the president of the Spanish gallery of fans. There was something that particularly attracted him to this man, because he was getting involved whole-heartedly in supporting his favorite team. He was one of the few who put passion in what they were doing and were totally devoted to a specific activity.

Anxious, Paulo Coelho asked Manolo:

- How do you manage to follow the game, if you are always with the back to the field, directing the gallery?

Manolo, who was totally in love with football and the team he was always encouraging, replied:

- That is my joy: helping the gallery believe in victory.

Leadership: Are your actions maneuvered by a force coming from the “other people’s vibrations addiction” area?

In leadership, your attitude must be consistent with the evolution that you want your team to register. It is about that spontaneous human “combustion”, which should also be as comprehensive as possible, directed to that meaningful connection between people – which ensures unity, coherence and harmony to the team – contaminating it with that dynamism and optimism, which stimulates the spirit of competition.

Absolutely ! But even with this stubbornness to prove your support under the sign of a superior determination that keeps and exploits the relationship between people in the spirit of a conscious attitude and an accepted equity, it seems to me that the defining experience that confirms you as winner is directly connected with the idea of transition towards a new collective conscience that implicitly involves an idealistic trajectory.

On the contrary, this trajectory may constitute a danger because it transformes you in a true fight ally, towards a goal that isn’t fully presented in yourself, that wasn’t, isn’t and won’t ever be yours – but it belongs to an entity that doesn’t guarantee performance in one domain or the other. The solidarity spirit is the best leader for everyone’s actions through a force that’s coming from the “other people’s vibrations addiction” area, from their convictions, intentions and passions.

The actions you are proposing to yourself and going to fulfill the result of your choice to stay firm in the context of a triumph that is done and felt from the outside.

But, as I said before, the strongest relationships come from the same interests and preoccupations spheres, that don’t blame the selection, which involve the moral, social and cultural palette. What kinds of ideas enrich and influence most people? Of course, that doesn’t mean that leadership is better because the “other people’s vibrations addiction” area is more accessible. But up to a point it has a certain authority and good presence, inspiring respect, sharing hope and showing that you’re confident in your strength.

Leadership is a spontaneous and accurate reflection of your inner world in a permanent process of encouragement, correlation and harmonization of objectives with inner resources. This is where we notice, on a very exceptional way, what we call a leader’s attitude and spontaneity.

When your attitude gives the clear impression that is the reflection of a deep reality, directed to certain ideals – it will positively reverberate on your relationship with others and the way they perceive you – and only then, we can call it “authentic”.

Leadership: Are you caught in the middle of an intimate experience of “fabulous triumph” for which the recognition value does not require the obtaining of a higher status?

A fabulous triumph does not necessarily require the obtaining of a superior status, because it is not obtained directly by you, but you can contribute to its representation in the eyes of others. This triumph can lead you to a new career start.

For this reason, recognition of your worth does not come directly from the experience of the one who gets some grand results, but indirectly through the work of the voluntary support of a cause that was never yours, but one which produces a strong sensation of approaching a greater purpose and a higher level of importance.

This is the meaning of leadership in the act of self-knowledge, which clearly reflects only in your attitude. Improving your attitude is like designing a statue in stone; you carve at leisure the peaceful and lasting forms. But for your attitude to earn the right to expression, setting new reference values, you need to give it a concrete, harmonious form, which will emphasize your intense traits of personality that will favor you and your team – and the latter, in turn, will take care of maintaining a high level of influence.

I think Manolo’s statement deserves to be read twice, because it perfectly describes the enthusiasm with which leaders engage in a competitive situation. Leaders do their best to send people a breath of confidence, courage and optimism. Sometimes, they succeed; sometimes, they do not. But their mission will never end. They always support their team with a lot of passion, especially during a competition.

Leadership is the defense of an ideal that does not abandon the right to image, representation, and does not attempt to conceal the struggle to overcome the transition effects from one place on the podium to the title of being the best.

Think a little of Manolo, the head of the Spanish gallery of fans. His interest is to encourage players and keep their spirits high. If his gallery is convincing while supporting, the field players are motivated to become more involved in the game. When supported, the players do not feel alone, they do not feel like they play only for the sake of winning, but also for the pleasure of those who want to see a quality game. At the same time, a gallery without faith in victory can make a football team to lose even when it is close to victory.

If you are the leader of a team and you want to get excellent results, the best thing to do is to follow Manolo’s example. Strive to revive the atmosphere, give people the necessary motivation to control the game, do your best to change the score in favor of your team. Remember that the ultimate goal is victory. So help people believe in victory. Waken the ambition and confidence necessary to succeed. You should always morally support them. Do your best to instill them the necessary courage and strength to win.

Do you passionately get involved in reaching your own objectives and those of your team? Is your attitude “authentic”? Do you give a harmonious "form" to the energy of your attitude?

Leadership must be an engagement experience that affects the course of events and the “the final score of the match”.


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