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Harmonic Resonators

On October 07, 2014, in Leadership Fusion, by Neculai Fantanaru

Use every opportunity to verify your ideas of updating leadership, amplifying the meaning of its content by means of symbols of creation.

Arrived in Paris, director Sergei Eisenstein simply begins to devour the city, inhaling voluptuously its atmosphere, studying its every corner with an eagerness natural for any man passionate and willing for so long to know the metropolis he knew from back home in great detail. He wanders the streets constantly. He examines the antique dealers on the docks of Seine one by one, the cellars of the Rue Bonaparte looking for paintings. He crosses the Saint-Germain, then visits Fontainebleau, Compiegne, Versailles, returns to the city and explores the Foire aux Puces. He walks around through stores. In the shops of religious objects from the Saint-Suplice neighborhood he detects a few pieces that prove his deformation in the superstition of religion. He wanders the streets of Montmartre, frequents the popular balls from dance places, stays up late in the cafes crowded with young artists, and wanders even into the elegant lounges where he is walked around as a celebrity.

All these roads become an occasion to verify his ideas about the art of filmmaking. They are not just leisurely strolls, but just as many opportunities for confronting ideas and enriching them. Everything is a symbol: the gaze is a symbol, the gesture is a symbol, and the attitudes… and the décor. And as all these (this emotions and general impression) are exclusively relative to the content of his work, you can see with what emotional richness it’s amplified immediately.

Behold how a filmic image should be interpreted, behold what the reasoning that determines me to communicate them plastically is, behold the purpose: to amplify the meaning of the content with all harmonic resonators, with all symbols contained in the particular form through which the "giving of the image" is presented to our eyes. *

Leadership: What does your creation lack in order to free itself from the limitations and temporary constraints of the information chewing routine so that you can amplify the meaning of the content of ideas you communicate?

Leadership amplifies its value through creation, establishing itself on the line of the reasoning of looking beyond the frame, beyond appearances, beyond the behavioral content of things, hence to the extent that the parallelism and correspondence between what you see and what you believe are obvious. Or to paraphrase actress Nia Long: “Set the boundary between what you see and what you think, what you know and what you believe, and then say, should I accept this thing as it is?”

Everything that can amplify the "Wow !" reaction at a level of angles of perceiving reality, being subject to different interpretations of the novelty aspects proposed for improving accomplishments in terms of creation, produces a certain result, which can be delimited and definable. This result increases the chances of completing what’s missing from creation for it to relieve itself from temporary limitations and constraints.

The constant checking of reality, in the direction of the correct perception of the indices of updating the content of ideas, which helps you implement or eliminate certain determinants from the plane of developing an ample vision, is a condition and a development strategy of research and innovation. The opportunities for confronting ideas and enriching them, ensuring a correct identification of the particularities and meanings of the imaginary and comparative perception (which influence the structure of what you want to achieve), reveal both truths and facts in regards to your visionary thinking.

Leadership: Is the area of orientation allocated to a large field of perception dependent on a special key of understanding that favors the connection between what you express and what you are projecting?

One of the most powerful sets of meanings attributed to things and the relations between them, accepting them not only as a challenge, but as something authentic and defining for articulating a helping vision necessary for the elaboration of your own model of creation, refers to the rules of the language game that you consider to be essential in the development of art.

For example, symbols, decorative elements, reality, help outline a complete picture of the events that the director speculates, but they can be confused unless we assign a meaning based on the use of expressions of manifestation of an attitude to ideas of the type: “I think that…, I feel that I…, I want to”.

The orientation area allocated for a wide field of perception is dependent on that special key of understanding, called "Smart connections" that establishes associations between various experiences and things. Leadership can be for the creators of visions the object of an external analysis, the object of a scientific practice of being aware of the value of the surrounding reality – by assessing the ensemble of experimental indicators: symbols, concepts, special effects.

The man who constantly renews himself puts the benefits of the symbols taken from various sources first, intending to reach the precious core of the experience of creation. He seeks the deeper implications of events and finds a balance in interpreting the most relevant aspects of their lives and from their experience of seeking the new. The object of knowledge becomes the object of a practice scientifically acknowledged of updating the potential for generating ideas.

Leadership is a search for opportunities for confronting ideas and enriching them from any act of sight at a certain stage of amplifying the meaning of content that invokes excitement for an excellent support of the image you transmit about the world and you.

Harmonic Resonators are impact factors, givers of inspiration that directly influence the process of transforming variables with a multitude of meanings (thoughts, facts, experiences, images, appraisals, reflections, insights, sensations) in individualized creations, which outline a well-defined profile of leadership.

By extension, we refer to the leader’s ability of creating something new, but acknowledged as a value by all around him, determining them to act synergistically and concerted to achieve a common ideal.

* Note: Ion Barna - Eisenstein, Youth Publishing House, 1966.


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