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Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil (II)

On October 06, 2015, in Leadership N6-Celsius, by Neculai Fantanaru

Cherish everything you represent in the great equation of science, by activating the ability of conforming to a "before" that has never existed.

Sublime, rose from the interior towards the exterior the question from amidst the magic: "Where do you turn back to in order to make great strides forward?"

Faced with this preferential question, pushed to an extreme point, I had divided my opinions in half. On the one, hand life took on the shape of a large semi-circle, containing its ascension until encountering death. On the other hand, death came about as a result of extending life. Therefore, the alteration could be distinguished from the horizon of a consciousness that had to be spread through the intervention of inherently contrary impulses: "Of course I know everything / But you don’t know my thinking."

It felt as if I was present on the stage of an Alter Ego that almost replaced my whole being by bringing in my life a story far more sober than I expected, a particular deviation from the simplicity with which reality must be approached. As in a journey to the world of Dante, where you wouldn’t recognize anything or anyone, in which you can only see your shadow in a dispute with its reputation.

Akin to purgatory, this ambiguous space, a true core of peculiarities of "Cache" memory explained through the model of the phenomenon of intersecting two distinct planes, in this compulsory passage on the path of producing absolute knowledge, I was conditioned by only one rule: "Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil."

Leadership: Does the meaning you give to the formation of a self-concept appropriate to reality make you wonder if the life of a single person can be so thrilling during a “revelation of a hidden world” type of experience?

A self-concept appropriate to reality is formed from the perspective of a life experience that is confronted with the experiences of an event that takes place within the sphere of the action of the will to create a lucid consciousness in the face of the absurdity of the world that it encloses. A world that can change its coordinates at any time, being able to degenerate into a contemplation of deep dreaming.

Here was an early insight, as a strong light guiding me towards a new intensity. An increased power of awareness of a hidden world, in which I appeared as a reality after which you can’t place a period. Was I the double of a man trapped in the double of a reality other than the one I knew?

What power narrowed me in this game subjected to the geography of alteration? It was as if I had reached the end of a wide staircase, with steps separated equally. I would’ve hugged the tireless momentum of alienation from everything that is not useful to me, from the fact that I cannot find my place in the sum of all knowledge. So that later I could climb down the marble steps of mysticism, all the way down, in the most distant emptiness. Something within me refused to take in this fantastic as being reality. "One thing is clear, the atmosphere is thin and it’s cold."

Allow me a moment to integrate myself in the novel "Perpetuum Mobile". I admit that I was at the limit of the oneiric, thinking of the type of conceptual evolution from the prose of Artur Silvestri: if they started from the line of surrealism, of a magic realism, in which it was hard to decipher the thin border through which you cross from the real to the unreal or the imaginary, from the possible towards something else, the same happens with the oneiric dimension of my prose.

Leadership: Where do you turn to in order to make giant forward leaps so that you can contribute to adding to an experience of managing science in the process of your development?

Everything you represent in the great equation of science, superimposed with the trajectory of leadership by activating the ability of conforming to a "before" that has never existed, comes into contact with the power of awareness of a separate existence. It is a "before" induced through a thinking fitted to interpretive refinement, strictly oriented towards a certain pattern of redefining the world that you think of as reality.

Through such a self-experience, developed from a set of states that forcefully take you out of the routine of the intellect, you manage to live in a magic universe built with great care. You have to turn to what is hidden within you, to what you once were in a plane of fantasy where the rules are reversed, to decipher the reality beyond the dependence of always being in control, the dependence of power, so to experience a transformation of what seems tangible by referring to a time when the boundaries between possible and impossible blur.

Fiction is what you experience in an environment that opposes the world of modeling influence, which helps to adopt an attitude of disapproval of external manifestations of authority, to extend your vision beyond what you know about yourself and what you would truly want to be. Here, we are dealing with the science of transposing you into a story character who alone makes up his plans for the future, unmoved by any compulsion, without sinuosity and forced stops.

Self-transformation is the science of being someone other than the one you are in reality.

Leadership: Can you decipher the thin border through which you cross from the real into the unreal or imaginary, from the possible towards something else, by making your way through the lines of a story written with a charade technique?

Let us remember the words of the great Romanian writer, Al. Busuioceanu: "From the shadow of the world will always spring this identity and adversity, eternal creator of new identities: Me and all things. For I am the one creating the entire universe."

If you prefer to go back to a world that doesn’t give your own value and experience a measure of the effect produces by the awareness of a new perspective of approaching the phenomenon of diversity, then you will not be able to fit into that probability of manifesting the authenticity you (as of yet) do not know.

A story written with a charade technique is the creation of a brilliant mind that states, in metaphorical form, some specific features of a mysterious being with two lives: one that is required to be experienced through the feeling of omnipotence, omniscience, infallibility, and the other that is required to be experienced through the power of understanding the inner tension (intuited by identifying with an Alter-Ego that becomes autonomous once it seizes the possibilities that have emerged in a subjective framework of existence).

What constitutes a criterion of identifying a step forward towards the heights of science, embracing the tireless momentum of alienation from everything that is useful to you for development, is the very opposite of what you know – the unknown – stemming from a sort of extension of the limits arising from correlations between thoughts, ideas, theories, and real happenings.

The bridge that makes the connection with the great power of the experience of being someone else is permanently crossed by the stringent impulse to go where you have never been.

Just as silence can have an almost equal value with the spoken word, so too can the unknown you tend to can have a value almost equal to knowing – if you manage to penetrate it and value it. Can you decipher the thin border through which you pass from the real to the unreal or the imaginary, from the possible towards something else?

The great art of exploring an authentic self is to be a master of a reality built beyond objective personal experience.

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil is an invitation to discover the dimension of the meeting between the real and imaginary, between the known and unknown, making that awareness of a confrontation with self-imposed limits vibrate in unison which must be overcome to continue to develop.

* Note: Sparks - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

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