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Hocus Pocus Preparatus

On April 19, 2018, in Leadership N6-Celsius, by Neculai Fantanaru

A creator of worlds knows to systematize his knowledge, correlating various attributes of art in order to determine new meanings in the spiritual plane.

From my point of view, attachment can be a great force, an expression of an acceptance of participation in a new model of building reality, as many states of soul vary in consciousness, so that the hue that they give to certain convictions or deductions from the space of thinking seems more vivid. The first impact with attachment is due to a gifted being, and it is an initiation process set up in a single myth: the myth of a straight led from nothingness to a rich significance, preferably one that pleases my taste and temper as an impulsive artist who has produced a tremendous movement in the field of leadership.

Small, insignificant pains can become unbearable if we focus our attention on them, and not on the fruits that we extract from our attachment to the outline of sustained work and vigilance over the possible challenges of consolidating certain concepts and arguments from the ever-enigmatic equation of reality-fiction. I know I had to endure many deviations from the laws of endless joy, insecurity, the suspect, irrational surprise, to penetrate the secret of the chalice that is believed to give immortality.

Attachment, a tremble ready to wreak at any time in a smile capable of complementing the affection for nature, between the disciple and the master, between spirituality and science, is an attempt to support the development of art through the experience of correlating ideas, theories, disparate events in coherent paintings, of a revelatory realism. The accidental of life, fully identifying its own empirical consistency, conditioned on all sides, gains a consciousness of artistry rising above temporary finality, to the extent that I manage to live in the space of a logic that the instincts configure.

A creator of the world knows to systematize his knowledge by correlating various attributes of art in order to determine new meanings in the spiritual plane only if he succeeds in diverting his attention from his great discoveries resulting from the direct exploration of reality.

My emotions are in organic connection with the particular modification of the perception of the objective world and the identification of the self with the universe, hoping that the associations established by experience gain the status of a "protected area", a secret that helped me out of anonymity despite the limitations imposed upon me by the living art of the oppressive present.

Leadership: Does the work you have devoted years of effort to, until it reaches its definitive shape, mirror a painting from an event in your life that could have happened because you were at a place where someone always waited for you?

Behold, in short, the story of my becoming as an artist, in the desire to share with the public the context in which I experienced the first revelation: the existence of a transcendent, supreme, mysterious force dictating the destiny of a creator of worlds with a high level of contact with the nature of the Creator – and then, finally, the second revelation: the end of the road and the attainment of the equivalence of form with that of the Creator.

The Master urged his disciple: "Look at this tree and try to discover something new about it each and every day."

The apprentice spent 11 years looking at that tree, writing 10 hours a day about it, striving to find something new to share. Mistakes, searches, successive corrections. But he who endures to the end will be saved.

Then he became a magician. Then a diligent alchemist. Then a learned scholar. Then a living legend. And then, God’s equal, seen from the perspective of a forger of parallel universes.

Someone expected me to meet him in a certain place, all the time. First was the master, the spiritual connection with someone with whom I was compatible in character and qualities. Then was the tree, the riches that want to grow from the earth, the spirit that contains a kernel of divinity that God has given to every man and through which he can manifest his creative power.

The tree symbolizes the road to the unknown, equal to an escape from the land to the heights, which is the obsession of a living buried in a universe colored with that special green that gives the painting of a painter an intense, vibrant energy impression. Seen from the angle of intimate communication with an erudite, the tree probes the depth specific to a metaphysical spirituality, the place of growth of a being becoming as an image of an eternal dream.

It contributes to the formation of a new consciousness whose series of representations is only a detail of a work that presents a gathering of observations and conclusions, or a manifestation of subjectivity in a landscape beyond any imagination.

Leadership: Can you exist eternally in a realm that speaks of the depths of being, expressing your part of the unknown in an image that feeds an impulse of total devotion to things holy?

The image that feeds an impulse of total devotion to the sacred uses a symbol of the confrontation of human time with cosmic time, a shadowy slope of recollection and descent into the primordial intimacy of the being of the double curvature of infinity. Thus, the tree with its angular deformations, aggravated by the twisting vibrations of the branches, ensures a solution from the collision of ideas, as well as a teaching from the collision of the associations between them, expressing the general character of some truths of faith.

My attachment to "art for art" was the crowning of an incredible spiritual journey, in which I truly understood the Bible saying: "He who endures to the end will be saved." That is, only who is able to sacrifice everything and deepen himself into the fabulous world of things that make you think will be able to gain his perfection. There is no other way. And it is such a small distance from perfection to glory.

The attachment to the artistic creation that enlivens the soul, in accomplishing my perfection and thus in achieving the ultimate goal of my earthly life, concerned two separate entities in which there was a relationship: the eye and the word, the perception and the optimal action, through an uncertain line, imperfect, that has been set up as the thread of thought that patiently alchemies the faith and the idea of "light" in chromatic tones of character and color.

The infinite attained by the conquest of perfection was subtly expressed by Jesus Christ: "Leave it all and follow Me, that is how you will live, you will have a new and eternal life. I am Resurrection and Life."

The tree is infinite. Traveling through the twists of its branches every mysterious path, at the level of the cerebral vessels, you begin to feel a certain excitement like when you are in a difficult life situation that makes you act. Thinking explodes when faced with a figurative fragment when it is likened to a tree branch, with a portrait, or an escape from land to heights.

A real connection to that unbeatable power that governs the universe refers to accepting a new reality from a position of sincere curiosity in seeing who or what is giving wings to a new certainty about the existence of God by configuring a symbol of infinity.

Hocus Pocus Preparatus is the formula of the beginning of magic designed to bring about a greater rapprochement between different notions, a spiritual practice manifested in full accord with a chromaticity of moods mingled between prophetic idealism and prophetic vision that explodes into a new aesthetic expression that can create the basis for an organic understanding of the literary or artistic work.

At the base of magic, the symbolic embellishment of a tree, as the first way of representing a universe oriented to a few cardinal points in which time is defined in relation to an arbitrary origin, must take place.

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