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Everything Depends On The Leader

How To Be A True Leader

On December 30, 2008
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Leadership XS-Analytics by Neculai Fantanaru

Watch over the way you fulfill your role, so as not to pay too much tax on your "playing field".

The eternal question: to be or not to be... a leader? I will not try to answer this question in an interesting manner, like a politician would do in front of the people shortly before elections, or in a scientific way like a physicist, a biologist or a chemist. In this article, I will try to simplify things as much as possible and help you understand more easily the concept of leadership.

Alive curiosity combined with trust and seriousness, determined me a long time ago to search at any cost the answer to this question: "What is a leader?" . A friend to whom you can appeal in any circumstance is not exactly the right answer or the right definition of a leader because there were leaders who didn't allow the presence of too many people around them.

In fact, if I think well, I don't believe I can offer an exact, unique and complete definition of the term "leader". However, I will try to give you an answer as simple to understand about what it is leadership; respectively what it is a leader, from my point of view.

Leadership: Do you put to the test the potential of being closer to that "plus one" that molds on what is a consumption model, thinking in terms of the idea of "profit"?

You will understand more easily the concept of leadership if you think in terms of the idea of "profit". Let's say that an entrepreneur wants to develop his business and to obtain a bigger profit from the sale of umbrellas. He employs many young people without much experience in sales to convince customers of quality, importance and benefits of these umbrellas, and to invest seriously in this market. However, for everything to go well, the entrepreneur must first send his employees on training courses in negociation and sales. Then, he has to offer them a good salary that is commensurate with the volume of work and profits, so they would be motivated to work on his company.

A skilled entrepreneur knows very well a great truth - the only way of developing his business, namely to increase profits by selling umbrellas, is to obtain first the support of his employees, and then to meet any wishes of his clients, so that they would make more and more orders.

By analogy, I can say that leadership can be "measured" through the profit that the entrepreneur obtains, but also his employees and clients. Each has something to gain, only if the entrepreneur who starts a business has the necessary experience in coordinating a team, if he is a professional in carrying out all activities and, especially, if he has ideas, and he knows how to make the best of his opportunities. Therefore, the entrepreneur is the one who sets the tone and gets things moving. He is the leader in this case because everything starts from him, and because of him depends largely on how things will move.

The consumption model is the thing that has to benefit your features and value, according to what people are looking for, and helping ensure a new partnership. And to put to the test your potential to be closer to that "plus one" that molds on what a consumption model is, means to increase the chances of recovering your investment value by raising the level of performance in the area of the image and that of negotiation.

Just like in soccer, you must prepare a playing field that must have at least 5 "players": a trustworthy premise, a premise of abundancy or of increase of value, a premise of creating winning conditions, a premise of covering a high area of impact and the premise from which starts the presentation of the context of a durable development. Watch over the way you fulfill your leadership role, so as to not pay too much tax on "your playing field".

Tax is the contribution made to the relationship between investment and winning that is established between the responsibility to rise to the level of consumers expectations and the commitment to deliver that "Performance with a Message" that will differentiate you from the competition. People benefit from a custom cost when buying a product depending on your profile of entrepreneur.

Leadership: Can you find the right moment to be present in any circumstance of great significance, refusing any request from others that contradict the terms of your own Access Code to a new direction to follow?

Following you, will people manage to rise above themselves? The famous writer, Stefan Zweig pointed out: "The one who sees a storm approaching, knows that only one thing can save the ship and the crew: the captain's strong will to stand himself at the helm and, above all, to hold it by himself in his hands."

As the overall pace of change accelerates, the leader's duty, to guide people in the right direction, becomes much harder. Guiding people is by no means the cherry on the cake, which you eat licking with pleasure your lips, but rather an endless drudgery.

The terms of your own Access Code to a new direction to follow are of value, visual, moralizing, and revealing order, depending on how far you are willing to go to create the ultimate moment of your journey in which you have to share with others what you have learned from life and what has changed along with these lessons.

Few are those who have the talent to take the lead and impose themselves in front of people, gaining their respect and admiration. As being a leader means having a strong will to struggle into a hostile environment, to take the initiative when no one seems interested or has the courage to do it. It also means to restore other's people confidence and convince them that, following you, they will be able to excel themselves and fulfill their life.

The leader's role is therefore, very important. He should be near people in difficult moments, to motivate them to be better, and more focused on results, to watch over how they perform their duties, and to guide them in the right direction, being aware that the people's failure or success depends on him. And the same as the entrepreneur I talked about at the beginning of this article, the leader must do everything he can for everyone to come out in favor.

Leadership is the benefit you get from an approach that is considered “of great significance” that integrates pragmatism into the space of a life full of teachings from which you do not reject even a single minute, but rather remain faithful (as a true entrepreneur) to the heed “Here I go again” !

Being A True Leader is a goal for people who want to surpass themselves by turning the surrounding reality into their own confession of faith in a specific capacity or talent, and especially in a general sense of success – valid not only in business, but also in everyday life.

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