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How To Choose A Leadership Training Program

On December 24, 2008, in Basic Leadership, by Neculai Fantanaru

Some tips on how to choose a leadership training program.

A leadership training program, just as a confirmatory test of a medical diagnosis, should be judged according to one infallible criterion: the results. In other words, whether motivates the participant to act or not.

Who should attend?

- all those who want to acquire advanced knowledge of leadership;

Before attending a training program:

- check the location where it will take place the training program. If the training program is held in a recognized institution and with tradition in the field of continuous training, then there are high chances to be a good training program;
- ask about who will lecture the training program. If there are invited leading figures does not necessarily mean that it will also be an attractive training program;
- talk with other people who have been to such a training program. What was their opinion? Have they held discussions on the purpose or just "spared" for time?
- make sure that there is not a very expensive training program. As usually, at a very expensive training program are not told valuable things, but complicated;
- make sure that each module takes not less than three hours. A training program that exceeds this duration becomes very boring;
- make sure it is an interactive course, not just a simple lecture relating to a particular subject;
- make sure that the future training program will be lectured by a person with advanced knowledge in the field;

At a good training program:

- the lecturer will not spare for time, but will make sure that everyone understand all that he presents;
- will involve directly as many participants as possible in the process of the training;
- the participants will not get bored, but will address many questions;
- the lecturer will ask the participants to give a mark to his presentation;

The results:

- If the participants want to participate in the next training held by the same lecturer, then the training was good;
- if the participants put into practice all that were presented to them,  then the training was exceptional;


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